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C17 I'll Pay for It

After taking a sip of tea, Meng Fansheng praised,

"Big Brother Meng, you flatter me. This girl only knows how to be polite. How could you praise her in such a way?"

Lan Erzhuang quickly replied modestly, but he nodded his head in agreement.

"It is not easy for a peasant child to know when to advance and when to retreat, let alone know how to appreciate someone's kindness."

Lan Lingxue lowered her head and pretended to be shy, but Lan Erzhuang felt that his daughter was worth it.

Brother, then I'll be frank with you. The vegetables your daughter sent over yesterday had really shocked my restaurant, and the taste of the dishes are the only ones I've seen in the past twenty years of managing the restaurant. Your cooking skills are truly amazing, I'll ask you to help me out, but from now on, don't sell this dish to anyone else, you just sell it to me, okay?

"I will listen to what big brother says."

Lan Erzhuang patted his chest, expressing his promise.

"Brother, let's return the money to our relatives. We need to settle the score first. I will increase the price of your brother, but I want to double the number of dishes every day. Can you …?

Meng Fansheng looked at Lan Erzhuang expectantly. He was really afraid of saying "No" from this brother of his.

"I can increase the quantity, but Big Brother Meng doesn't need to raise the money. My daughter told me yesterday that you have already doubled the price of the dishes given to others. How can I let you raise the price again? This is already pretty good."

When Lan Lingxue heard her father's words, she couldn't help but secretly pout her lips. She even thought that this was Uncle Lee's shop, which managed a small business, and this Fulu Restaurant was not only called a large restaurant, but a real large restaurant.

Brother, can you not supply the goods to other families? I can't even ask for incense, how can I ask for money for your dishes? I'll be out after selling one more dish.

After Meng Fansheng set the price, Lan Erzhuang felt a bit dizzy. The price had risen again. He looked back at his daughter. She was truly a lucky star and had met her benefactor.

"Come, brother, this is a new agreement. Take a look and see if there's anything wrong with it. If there's nothing wrong with it, then just sign it. We've done the business."

Meng Fansheng handed the rewritten contract to Lan Erzhuang. Lan Erzhuang subconsciously took it and immediately returned it.

"Big Brother Meng, I trust you. You'll be sure to take a good look. Give me some dirt, and I'll press the palm print."

Meng Fansheng had been in business for many years and had always dealt with people, so even if he didn't have sharp eyes, he could tell that Lan Erzhuang didn't know how to read or write. However, to be able to be trusted by others and being able to meet someone for the first time showed that he had succeeded as a person. Meng Fansheng's heart was filled with pride, and he suppressed the joy in his heart.

"Girl, although your dad can trust Uncle Meng, Uncle Meng still has to be honest. Your dad is too lazy to look, so just take a look. If there's nothing wrong with it, then help your dad sign it."

Lan Lingxue obviously understood Meng Fansheng's intentions, but she also believed in his character. She took the contract and gave Meng Fansheng a sweet smile.

"Thank you, Uncle Meng!"

Lan Lingxue lowered her head and carefully read through the contract letter in her hand. Seeing that the side of the restaurant actually had to pay the deposit of fifty silver taels first, Lan Lingxue was very surprised. Then, she thought about it, this restaurant was not afraid that her family would not fulfill the contract, and was just a small household that was farming in their own house.

"Uncle Meng, we don't need the fifty silver this time. We settle accounts every day in cash, so why would we need to pay the deposit?"

How can I let your family take the risk? It's not easy for you guys to cultivate the fields, but this is the money exchanged with beads of sweat. It's not something I can deny your conscience about, for example, if our restaurant was delayed for a few days and didn't open for business, what would you do with the food? We have already made a contract, you can't sell your family's dishes to anyone else, can you still wait for your dishes to rot at home? So, this is a responsibility that needs to be shouldered by both sides, Miss Lan, don't reject it, you can't let me take advantage of you, right? "

That's right, Lan Lingxue couldn't help but blame herself. Why didn't she think of this? As expected, this business isn't something that anyone could do. Uncle Meng is definitely an old ginger!

If it really was a real farmer's house, they would definitely suffer a loss and die in such a situation. If it was really a real farmer's house, then they would have to suffer a loss and die in such a situation, it was all because of Uncle Meng's reminder.

Uncle Meng, don't worry. Even if something unexpected really happened, our family wouldn't sell our food to other families even if the dishes were left in the house. Since we already signed the contract, we have to keep our word.

"Miss Lan is smart. It suits me. Doing business with a well-informed person would save her a lot of worries."

Ye Zichen looked at Lan Erzhuang, who was sitting obediently at the side.

"Brother Lan, this daughter of yours is an intelligent and open-minded girl, but she has a pure heart. You must guard her well. This is your family's treasure, you must not be fooled by her."

"I will remember your words, brother. I will definitely protect my daughter well."

Neither of them had expected that, in just a short while, bad things would happen. It truly wasn't an easy task to protect their daughter well.

"Uncle Meng, in this agreement, we only said that we would collect vegetables in the spring, summer, and autumn. Then, if there are vegetables in my house in the winter, would you accept them?"

They even specifically marked that there were fewer varieties of vegetables in the spring and there would be fewer supplies. As such, it could be seen that in this place, winter should be rather cold and there would be no food available, so now, Lan Lingxue knew that she was living in the north. If it was in the south, then winter could also produce some vegetables, but if it was in the north, then her family would need money.

"Little girl, are you saying that vegetables can also be found in your house during the winter?"

Hearing Lan Lingxue's question, Meng Fansheng suddenly stood up, so excited that he didn't even notice the change in how he addressed Lan Lingxue. Lan Erzhuang also nervously stared at his daughter, not knowing what kind of medicine she was selling, even if he knew that the production of food in his daughter's space could be done regardless of whether it was spring, autumn, or winter, but if he brought out vegetables in the middle of winter, it would be too heaven-defying.

Last winter, my father nailed a huge wooden box and tried to grow vegetables in my house. You don't have to say, it was a success, last winter my house ate this green vegetable, but no matter how big the box is, it can't grow many vegetables. When I saw that you were going to pay a deposit of 50 silver, I thought of taking this silver and going back and telling my father to build a warm house in the garden.

Before Lan Lingxue finished her sentence, Meng Fansheng had already rushed to Lan Erzhuang's side.

"That's good. Brother Lan, if your family can really grow vegetables in the winter, then I want as many as I can."

"Uncle Meng, don't worry, I'm not done yet."

"As long as the dishes can be served, money is not a problem."

Meng Fansheng hurriedly said, and even patted Lan Erzhuang's shoulder to show that he was serious.

"Uncle Meng, you have a lot to say. Do we still have a problem with money?"

Seeing Meng Fansheng turn his head, Lan Lingxue chuckled and continued.

No one has tried planting vegetables this winter, and I don't know if it will work. Last year, my dad only tried growing vegetables in his house, but he did have some gains, so he had to build a warm house to grow vegetables. He had to try it first to know, don't be too concerned about it, Uncle Meng.

"How could my big brother not come?"

Meng Fansheng was full of confidence when he saw the vegetables sent by the two of them. However, if one were to talk about proper business, it seemed that the little girl was able to make the decision.

Miss Lan, when you and your father go back, don't worry about the money. When we leave the restaurant, hmm, we'll give you a hundred silver taels, don't worry, we'll build the house first and then we'll start preparing whatever we need to prepare: seeds, quilts, charcoal, whatever. In short, we'll buy whatever we need.

After hearing Meng Fansheng say a few things that should be prepared, Lan Lingxue's admiration for him went up a level. This person's brain really wasn't given to her for nothing. She just said that she needed to grow vegetables in the winter and he came up with these things that should be used.

"Uncle Meng, how can I let you pay? I don't know if that will work."

This person that his family would have to rely on for a long time in the future would definitely not break this relationship just for a small price. The hundred and eighty taels of silver might sound like a lot now, but in the near future, it would definitely be like a drizzle to him.

"Regardless of whether it's good or not, I don't need you to pay for it. This small amount of silver is nothing for me. Miss Lan, don't save it for me, just spend it. Raising the vegetables is important. Uncle is looking forward to the results, hehe …"

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