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C18 A Relative Arrived

When he thought about how he would be able to see the lush green vegetables on the dining table in the cold winter, and how his boss would not change his expression all the time, he couldn't help but feel a bit more relaxed. Perhaps he could give a surprised expression, but just thinking about it made him feel an indescribable sense of anticipation.

"Miss Lan …"

Meng Fansheng's way of addressing Lan Lingxue was natural. It was obviously an expression of intimacy and Lan Lingxue could naturally hear it.

"Where are the dishes that you and your dad brought? I'll get the pillars to help you guys get them. We'll calculate the money after we pass the scales."

"Oh, it's still in the alley from last time. Can you lend me a flatcar? My dad and I will go and get it."

"I really don't need anyone's help. Don't be polite to uncle."

"I really don't need it. Today, although I specially ate some dishes, it's only twice as much as yesterday. I can pull them over with a flatbed cart."

Meng Fansheng gave Lan Lingxue a thumbs up.

"Not bad at all. The little girl is quite thoughtful. She actually thought of bringing more dishes over in advance. I never thought that uncle wouldn't want this much."

This restaurant of yours, even if you take so much, you can still eat it, it just depends on whether you accept it or not. However, at home, my dad already told me that if you really don't need that much, we will sell it to someone else.

"You damned girl."

He turned around and shouted towards the door.

"Pillar, go to the backyard and give that flatcar to Uncle Lan. Tell him to go and pull the food over."

Meng Fansheng had been waiting for them for a long time. He asked the waiters to carry the baskets into the restaurant, weighed them one by one, and added the deposit and the warm house's money, the total was one hundred and fifty-two taels of silver. Meng Fansheng took a big blue bag and handed it over to Lan Erzhuang.

Big brother, this is one hundred and fifty-five taels of silver. Look at how you're arguing with me over one or two taels of silver, whatever relationship we have here, we'll give it to you. One hundred and fifty taels of silver is the whole amount of silver, and the remaining five taels of silver are all in crushed silver and copper coins.

"As expected of you, big brother."

Unable to win against Meng Fansheng, Lan Erzhuang took the silver and couldn't suppress his heartbeat. This was more than 150 taels of silver, not more than 150 taels of silver. With this money in his hands, he was confident.

"Uncle Meng, I have something that I want to discuss with you."

Lan Erzhuang took the money and thought that everything was fine. He was just saying goodbye to Meng Fansheng when his daughter opened her mouth again. However, Lan Erzhuang had no intention of stopping her. What she said must be very important.

"What is it? Please speak your mind. As long as uncle can do it, I won't hesitate."

Meng Fansheng finally saw it with his eyes. Although Lan Erzhuang wasn't a man without a spine, and could still be considered a man with a sense of responsibility, but with his daughter here, he would be the one listening to the lecture.

"Thank you, uncle. If my dad was busy farming, he wouldn't have time to bring the dishes out, and if he came every day to deliver the dishes, then the time he served in the fields would be less, and I'm afraid of delaying the use of your restaurant. I can see that you have a car here, and it should be used for harnessing horses, then can you send a waiter to our village early every day to pick up the vegetables?" Uncle Uncle Meng, if my dad was busy farming, then he wouldn't have time to send the dishes out, and if I did, then I'm afraid of delaying your service.

Lan Lingxue blinked her big eyes as she looked at Meng Fansheng. Although Meng Fansheng was skinny, skinny and had dry yellow skin, her eyes were really big and beautiful.

"Sure, why not? Let Little Pillar go to your village every morning to pick up vegetables. You guys are familiar with him, it's convenient for you to do this."

With those eyes looking over, what else was there that he couldn't agree to? Meng Fansheng quickly took over the job.

"Do you want him to come to the village entrance to get some food? Or do you want him to go to your house to get some? Is it convenient for you?"

The contract stated that the village that the father and daughter of Lan Family lived in was called Banhe Village, so Meng Fansheng did not ask for their address, but asked if it was convenient for them to go to their home to get dishes.

"It's not that convenient. Uncle, you have thought it through. Please let Brother Pillar wait at the poplar tree about 20 meters away from the village entrance. It would be best if he could come earlier."

Lan Lingxue admired Meng Fansheng's carefulness more and more. In this era, most people lived with their parents and brothers, so it was naturally inconvenient, but who could think so thoroughly? Meng Fansheng was considerate of everything, so what kind of exquisite and clear heart did he have?

"Then that's what we'll say, every morning at 4: 00 am. I told Little Pillar to prepare the dishes there on time, and I told Little Pillar to take the food there every day. I don't need the extra work, I'm paying for it every day."

Lan Lingxue was a bit embarrassed by Meng Fansheng's teasing. Her face turned slightly red, but she still expressed her thanks generously.

"Thank you so much. Uncle Meng, you've really solved our big problem. Then let's do it. Tomorrow, I'll be waiting for Brother Pillar at the village entrance."

"I've caused you trouble again, Big Brother Meng."

Lan Erzhuang grabbed Meng Fansheng's hand and shook it tightly.

"You are always polite with big brother. Then when big brother has a request for little brother, little brother can't refuse."

"Of course, as much as I can."

Lan Lingxue snickered. This father can be too extreme too. All I can do is to be able to do what I can. If I can't do it, then I can't force myself to do it.

When the father and son finally came out of the Fulu Restaurant, the sunlight was already shining brightly, causing them to be unable to open their eyes. The father and son couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief, although both sides were very satisfied with the contract, but it was quite a bit of thought for them to use words like this. Lan Erzhuang patted his daughter's head, his face full of pride.

"My daughter is indeed capable. She can even make such a big restaurant. From now on, I'm going to point my fingers at you."

Dad, I'm from a girl's family, so there will be a lot of inconvenience. This time I met a good person, otherwise how could it be so smooth, dad, you have to train hard, our family will have to point to you guys, and dad, dad, you have to let Little Hoe study in the academy, in the future, our family can only get better and better, this type of writing is very necessary, if you can't read, you dare to print on it, it's very daring, today you might as big as you can, today you might have met Uncle Meng.

"That's right. It's really impossible for me to not be able to read when I'm out of here. Father was gritting his teeth when he said that today as well. I'm very scared."

Thinking about the scene at that time, Lan Erzhuang was really scared. If he really met a liar, he wouldn't even be able to cry.

The father and daughter chatted like this all the way home. However, just as they pushed open the old courtyard door, something flew towards them. Luckily, Lan Lingxue was dragged to the back by her father and was able to escape in time.

"A relative has arrived."

That tone, no matter how you looked at it, didn't seem like it came from a relative.

Lan Lingxue followed behind her father with her small body, afraid that some unknown flying object would fly over. Lan Lingxue thought that with her small physique, she would definitely not be able to withstand a single blow. Lan Lingxue also peeked at the thing that had just flown over.

"Just say whether or not you agree. If you don't agree, then take the money. If you don't have any money, then agree. Choose one of your own."

There was a high-pitched female voice from the house. It sounded quite young.

"Second sister in law, let's figure it out again and see if there's any other way."

This was her grandma's voice. Lan Lingxue glanced at her father. Sure enough …

"Your second uncle's milk."

As she spoke softly, she pulled Lan Lingxue into the main house.

"Oh, isn't this Little Basket coming back? She's getting more and more lively as time goes on."

When an old woman in her fifties saw the two enter the room, she immediately came over and took Lan Lingxue's hand affectionately. Lan Lingxue replied with a smile, but in her heart, she secretly complained that with her appearance, she looked like a refugee from Africa. Her face was so thin that only a pair of eyes remained.

"Second Uncle's milk, you're here."

and the smile was still pretty good,

"Come, come, come and sit next to second uncle's milk."

Lan Lingxue sat down on the edge of the brick bed before she had the chance to observe the people in the room. Other than Lan Lingxue's Second Uncle, there were three other guests, an old man in his fifties, probably the Second Uncle, standing beside the old man was a middle-aged man and woman. They seemed to be slightly older than his father and appeared to be in their thirties, and the remaining people were all from their own families, including his grandma, Eldest Uncle Liu, his mother, his third aunt Third Uncle, and his young aunt.

Little Basket, back then when your aunt was carrying you, you were still a little baby, and now you've grown up too. As the old saying goes, when your daughter grew up, she didn't stay for a long time, but kept her for revenge instead. Second uncle's milk has fallen in love with a good family.

Lan Lingxue raised her head and looked in the direction of her mother. As expected, her mother had an anxious expression on her face. She opened her mouth to say something, but the old lady pulled her back and glared at her.

"I say, Second Bro's family, don't not know what's good for you. This is a good thing. If anyone wants to marry you won't even get a chance."

"Second sister in law, let's think of another way. This child is still young."

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