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C19 It Truly Is the Best Quality

Lan Lingxue glanced at her grandma. Although she was usually a little mean and stingy, she still had some conscience. It seemed that this marriage was not good. Otherwise, this stingy grandma would definitely agree to it just because she was young.

"Gui Qi, if you can come up with the money to treat my second son, I won't say anything."

"Second sister in law, you know our family's progress this year. We just gave you 10 taels of silver a while ago, and now we really can't afford it. Look and see if you can think of something for yourself."

Meow, so he was here for the autumn wind. His son is sick and asking his sister-in-law for money is a rule. It seems like the autumn wind has hit more than one time.

"Gui Qi, you have to be honest. Back then, when our young master was very ill, it was us who helped you out. Your family can't just unload your family's resources and watch our family suffer."

Hearing this, Lan Lingxue understood.

"That's not what I meant. Second sister in law, if I can take it, how can I not take it? Last time you said that the house was short of money, did I hesitate to take it?" "I gave it to you straight away, and last time, my daughter-in-law Xiao Yue said that she wanted to make up for it. She said that she would take my silver taels, and she did not make things difficult for you.

I can use a few taels of silver from your family, and then I'll be petty with my old debts, muttering about how I don't have any money, you have to know, our family originally took out money to save our children's uncle, without that money, how could we have a son like you? I'm afraid that your family will have to sell off your children to save their father, your family will disperse, ah, our family has saved your family's great kindness, Gui Zhi, we can't just forget about that.

Second Uncle was patting his thigh as he spoke of his family's righteousness.

Besides, if you really don't have money, it's not like you have to pay for it. The owner of the money wants to find a child's daughter-in-law to make you happy, but the betrothal gift costs twenty taels of silver, so don't pretend that you can't bear to part with it. Whose daughter is not a girl who wants to marry?

The old lady didn't even give him the chance to reply. She just shouted at his grandmother, asking for money nonstop. She even put on the face of someone who owed her a debt. Was she trying to sell him for money? Even if he changed the money, he would still give it to her family! Lan Lingxue could not help but be impressed. This person was really thick-skinned and incomparable. Indeed, he was of the highest quality.

Lan Lingxue looked at her second uncle's grandmother, whose mouth was full of saliva flying everywhere, then looked at her left and right relatives, thinking who could still stand up and speak up for her. In fact, Lan Lingxue wasn't too worried, she wasn't in a hurry, she just wanted to watch the show, and if she doesn't want to be the last one to succeed, then that's the first thing she has to do, the worst thing she can do is to leave the countryside, this is a land where she has provisions, she won't die of hunger, she's afraid of being called a soldier, but she can still take responsibility for her fate.

However, when Lan Lingxue's gaze swept across her own mother, her heart was more at ease. Her own mother would definitely stand on her side, and she was definitely not a lone soldier fighting alone, moreover, if this honest person was forced into a corner, she would definitely have the fighting strength to do so. Lin Qiutang was currently in such a state, wanting to sell her daughter, that would be stepping on her bottom line.

"A hoe mother …"

Lan Lingxue saw her father walk to her mother's side and tightly hold her hand. He then straightened his back and looked at the crowd.

"Speaking of marrying a daughter, we're not the only ones in this family. We, the second branch, are not interested in selling our daughters …"

Before Lin Qiutang could finish her sentence, someone interrupted her. However, the person who followed up on her words left Lan Lingxue in shock. It was Eldest Aunt.

"Our family's grocery block is still small. If we were talking about her, it wouldn't be her turn no matter what."

Madame Wang retreated a step in fright, and this step left her panicking. She stepped on the foot of the Little Aunt, Lan Xiuting, who was standing behind her, screamed out in pain, and was supported by Third Aunt Zhang, causing Lan Xiuting to cover her mouth instantly. Second Aunt's expression was really scary, and when she was glanced at, it was as if she was being cut by a knife, Lan Xiuting couldn't help but shiver.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I'm not wrong."

Although Lin Qiutang glared at her, when she thought of her daughter, Eldest Aunt Wang straightened her back and became a lot bolder. No matter what, she couldn't let the little vegetable bun jump into the fire pit because that was meat that had fallen from her body.

Second sister in the family, look, your sister-in-law has already said that their daughter is young and only your daughter is suitable, so don't try to make things difficult for them. Little Basket, if you marry her, with the financial resources of the Qian family, if you want to eat or drink, then you will be in a lot of trouble. In the future, you will have to take care of your family.

Lin Qiutang tightened her grip on Lan Erzhuang and raised her other hand that was clenched into a fist. She extended her index finger and pointed it at Second Uncle's grandma who was speaking with great vigor while shaking her head. Because she was angry, her fingers trembled a little.

Second aunt, I remember that the eldest daughter of the eldest cousin brother's family just matured this year, right? Then wouldn't the marriage be just right, I heard that the son of the owner of the money seems to be seventeen years old.

"How could our granddaughter marry that sickly girl? She might not even make it through this year."


With a crisp breaking sound, everyone's gaze turned over. It was Lan Erzhuang who had swept away the teacup on the table.

"If your granddaughter can't marry, our family's daughter will. Second Aunt's plan is to use our daughter's money to fill up your family's hole. You really want to come out!" Do you feel the pit of your heart, too? "

"Oh my god, good intentions are useless, blind people don't recognize good intentions, my heart is given to you, I want to let you enjoy your bliss, you brat, you actually treat me like this, I want to let all my neighbors judge you, you disrespect my elders, I don't care about filial piety, this is defying the heavens, I don't want to live anymore, what my family used to save was a white-eyed wolf, it can't even cover up my burning heart …"

Lan Lingxue watched helplessly as her second uncle's grandma plopped down on the ground, slapping her thigh. Tears and snot flowed down her face. She was truly impressed by the way in which she could turn the tables around so boldly and righteously.

Second uncle and eldest son both bent down to support their grandma, squatting down to help her, unable to persuade her. However, second uncle's grandma's furtive glance from time to time revealed her intentions, as if she wanted to force her grandma to nod her head. Lan Lingxue really wanted to spit on Second uncle and his son's daughter-in-law's fake appearance, so she might as well reach out to help them.

Since you're so willing to cry, then go home and sit on your hot brick bed and cry. The ground is so cold, so don't let me sit you down and have any other ailments. It's all because of our family.

Lan Lingxue's words made the people sitting on the brick bed, let alone those sitting on the floor, even make them stand on the floor.

The woman sitting on the brick bed had a sense of shame and indignation whenever she thought of her own grandpa, who was sitting on the brick bed with her own child filling another's hole, or that it was a bottomless pit. The rest, big or small, looked at Lan Lingxue with a sour expression.

Little Basket, why are you talking to your aunt? "I don't know how to educate this kid, but he doesn't know how to show respect."

The latter half of the sentence was clearly meant for the Liu couple to hear, but Lan Lingxue made a gesture to her parents, telling them to be patient.

I haven't eaten any food from your house, so you really can't pick me. But, are you the niece that even Xiao Yue has to take care of us? You've spent quite a few silver taels in our family and you've already given birth to quite a few children. I don't know what kind of children they've made up for you, but it seems you've made up your mind well, and your brain is full of fat, and you've even fooled your intelligence. "

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