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C3 Life Is so Hard

Lan Lingxueniang held Lan Lingxue's hand and began to cry. Lan Lingxue held her mother's hand and gently stroked the back of her hand with her thumb, but she could not find any words of consolation, she had only suffered some injuries, and was already so sad, if this young woman knew that her daughter was no longer present, would she feel even more sad? Little Basket, since there was nothing else to do, then you can leave peacefully.

Lan Lingxue's father's eyes were also brimming with tears as he watched his wife crying to her daughter.

"Big Brother Tian, what method do you think can treat my daughter's illness? It doesn't matter if the medicine is more expensive, as long as it can treat her, anything is fine."

"Erzhuang, it's not that I don't want to treat her, it's that I can't. Little Basket really broke her head and doesn't remember the people and things. I really don't have any other choice. Take that girl to the city and find a doctor for her."

Before Tian Luanzhong could finish his words, a sharp cry came from behind him, startling him.

"My poor child, how could this be okay! He hit his head just like that, and even the doctor couldn't do anything against him! What should we do? Father, do you think we should let the child take care of him properly, and then let the child work after he recovers?"

Did he not want to be cured? Lan Lingxue looked at the grandma who was crying so hard that her nose was running and tears were coming out. Her acting was really good and she cried like she didn't know what was going on.

"Mother, this child is sick. We have to take a look at him. How can we not see?"

Lan Lingxue's father really couldn't do anything about his mother, so he could only kindly discuss this matter. After all, he had no money on him.

"This doctor is here. Didn't he say that he can't be cured? Why is she wasting that money? That money came from the heavens! There's no money for her to treat even after eating at home."

"Mom, this is my daughter. I have to show her. The doctor said that he can't cure me, so he gave up."

"Are you talking about how ruthless I am as a granny, not caring about this kid's life or death?"

Lan Lingxue started crying as she looked at her grandma patting her thigh.

"You evil son of a b * tch! How could you discredit your own mother like that? This damned girl just can't remember. It's not like she broke her arm or legs, so why don't I care if she's dead or alive?"

"Mother, when did I say that you don't care about Little Basket's life? I only said that I wanted to take her to see a doctor."

Lan Lingxue's father rubbed his hands helplessly. He really couldn't understand his mother, but she was his own mother after all. No matter how angry he was, he had to endure it.

"What kind of doctor are you looking at? This doctor is right here. Tian Lang, tell me, is there no cure for this girl?"

Since they were living in a village, Tian Lang naturally knew the old lady's character. She was unreasonable, and she was able to hold the money in her hands without saying anything. It was obvious that she didn't want to treat the child.

"Auntie, I only said that I can't cure her, but I don't know if other people can."

If you can't cure it, how can you not know? I said number two, this girl only has less memory and doesn't waste time eating or drinking, she doesn't need to work, why must she spend so much money, the doctor has already said that she can't be cured, how can a loser like you be treated as a treasure, knowing that even if she can't cure it, she still has to play along with me.


Lan Lingxue's father stood up straight with a swoosh. He clenched his fists so tightly that the veins on them popped out. The whole room was deathly silent because of Lan Lingxue's father's imposing aura.

"What, you little brat, I still didn't listen to you, you crawled out from my stomach, this is how you treat your mother, you black-hearted boy, I gave birth to you for nothing, I wanted to live or die when I gave birth to you, I even thought I was going to die, if I knew that you were so heartless, I would have strangled you back then, why are you still so angry, you have forgotten my mother, why am I so cruel to you, I wonder why are you so heartless, in your eyes, your eldest daughter is more important, we are all rotten, are we all grass?" "That's fine, but you know our family's background, and we can't let our family die just for a little girl who owes us money. Oh god, open your eyes, pity my family."

Lan Lingxue rolled her eyes in her heart. What a biased person, calling me a money-losing deal. Fine, when I, this money-losing deal, turn over, I'll covet you to death, don't even think of taking advantage of me.

"Dad, don't worry, I'm really fine."

Of course, Lan Lingxue knew that she wasn't really amnesia. Even a Godly Doctor wouldn't be able to treat her.

Other than remembering the past, everything else is fine. I haven't become stupid, I haven't become stupid either. I really don't need to see a doctor, just listen to my milk.

Look, you still don't have a girl who can see everything clearly. Okay, it's settled then, let Little Basket rest for two more days. Second brother of mine, don't keep provoking the second brother to go against me.

"Mother, I did not …"

Lan Lingxueniang's face turned red as tears fell from her eyes.

"Do you even know yourself? Hmph, you can go now. The land is still full of life. Let's go."

Little Hoe climbed onto the brick bed and laid next to his sister. Watching his mother cry in grief, tears also flowed down silently. Lan Lingxue's dad clenched his teeth and kept quiet. Lan Lingxue held her mother's hand tightly.

"Mom, there is no need for us to be sad for people who don't value us. We live our own lives, and as long as we work hard together, we will definitely be able to lead a happy and wonderful life."

Ever since she returned to this house, because she hit her head, she lost her memory and rested for two days in a relaxed manner. Of course, aside from her grandmother, who watched her rest every day and cursed her mother and father for going to work every day before daybreak, even Little Hoe, who was still small, had to go with her to gather pig grass and firewood. The two meals she ate every day were just porridge that could be counted with rice grains, and Lan Lingxue hated this hateful old society, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Before the bag on her head disappeared, Lan Lingxue got up to help do whatever she could, because she really didn't want to hear her mother being scolded by her grandmother. Every day when her father and mother got up and went down to the ground, she would hear her grandmother cursing in the courtyard, scolding her mother for spoiling her children. Lan Lingxue then started to talk about her mother. She didn't work very hard, she always made a fuss about it, told her grandson to stay away from her, told Er'er to get away from her, and so on, until her mother returned to the house with her eyes red. Lan Lingxue hated the scene that she repeated every day, but she couldn't refute it.

In these two days, Lan Lingxue had a detailed understanding of the family's situation. Her father, brother, brother, uncle, and Third Uncle were already married, her eldest uncle had two sons and one daughter, Third Uncle only had two sons, while her fourth uncle was already nineteen years old, and her family was anxious to help him out, just that she was too poor and no girl was willing to marry her. These uncles were all diligent, loyal, without any evil intentions. Everything was under the control of his grandma. His grandfather was an expert at working at home, and would not say a word when he handed over all the important tasks in the house to his wife.

After placing the washed chopsticks back in the cupboard, Lan Lingxue looked around the dirty kitchen and sighed.

'This is my new life! '

Since early morning, she had been working nonstop, beating pigweed, chopping chicken food, and busying herself non-stop. Of course, the children of those families were also helping, and there were no idle people in the homes of the poor people. Lan Lingxue rubbed her slightly slender wrists, because her body was still too skinny, and she only did the morning work, but she felt as if she was going to break.

Lan Lingxue thought there was a pig in the backyard, as well as five or six chickens. This house should not be too poor, as the books in Transcendence all said that starting a family with a pig and a few chickens, once they entered the family, they would know that the pig was raised like a treasure and then killed and sold, that was the living expenses of the family for half a year, they simply couldn't bear to eat it. The other chickens did the same, saving them cheap rations to feed them, and then exchanging their eggs for money to maintain their family's living.

I heard that there are eighteen acres of land in the whole family, which is not considered small at all. Later on, Lan Lingxue found out that the yield of the land is very low, and the grain produced from these lands, excluding the tax payment, doesn't even have enough for one year's worth of food and drinks. Not to mention selling money to buy necessities for a living, life is so difficult.

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