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C4 Fructus Orchidis

and went out of the kitchen and called the other kids in the house,

"Let's go up the mountain to pick up firewood. This season's firewood is not even as dry as it should be. We have to dry it to avoid smoking while cooking."

"Alright, let's tell Grandma and then we'll go."

The eldest uncle's second son, Mu Dun, echoed Lan Lingxue as he shouted towards the main house.

"Milk, we went up the mountain to pick up firewood. We'll be back soon."

"Oh, go on, go and come back quickly. Don't go anywhere else, and don't go into the mountains. See some small ones."

Seeing the children take the initiative to work, the old lady was still quite happy and didn't stop them. Lan Lingxue thought to herself, "Yea!" She didn't just want to go up the mountain to pick up firewood, she also wanted to go up the mountain to see if there was anything edible or worth changing into silver coins. She wanted to improve her family's life a bit before looking at the next step.

Lan Lingxue asked Mu Dun to lead the dishes in her house, which was her eldest uncle's family's younger sister. Lan Lingxue, on the other hand, led her family's Little Hoe and the Wu family's small bench, carried their small baskets on her back, and set off up the mountain. Lan Lingxue, on the other hand, was quite speechless about the names of the children in her family: the eldest uncle's three children were called Shi Dun, the eldest son was named Shi Dun, and the second son was called Mu Dun, who was twelve years old and the little girl was eight years old.

It seemed that if Third Uncle had a son, it would be called a small table. Thinking about it, it would be a cola, but the children's ages weren't too different, and they were all fine, not too disobedient and picky, which made Lan Lingxue very satisfied. At first, she was afraid of a whole family, but now, it seemed that only her grandmother had a bit of a leftover temperament, a bit of a picky hand, and a bit of a sharp tongue.

Besides, if they could get rich together, then they would feel more accomplished and cohesive, and if they really wanted to live better in the future, then the first thing they needed was manpower. Lan Lingxue didn't want to just eat, she wanted to go even further, at least she wanted her family to stop wearing patched up clothes and living in that old house, to stop being warm and happy, to enjoy their lives, and to let her brothers study, so that they could have more potential, more work, and not just live in a small village and be simple farmers.

"Sis, hurry up. Brother Piao and the rest have already left."

Lan Lingxue, who was immersed in her own thoughts, was woken up by Little Hoe. She then realized that she was greatly left behind by the wooden block and the vegetable block.

"Let's hurry up and chase them, we can't let your big brother Mu Dun and the others catch up."

"He's also your big brother Mu Dun."

As Little Hoe trotted, he did not forget to retort.

"You stinking brat, your reaction is quite fast."

Lan Lingxue lightly squeezed the small hands in her palms, thinking, at least I'm a leftover girl, calling a twelve-year-old child big brother, really can't say it.

"There's firewood here, don't go into the mountains anymore. The mountains are dangerous."

After walking about 20 to 30 meters into the mountain, the wooden block stopped moving forward.

"Got it, Brother Pioneer. We will be careful. Don't go too far."

The small appearance of these children made Lan Lingxue's heart ache. It was said that the children of poor families would be the ones to take charge early, these words were not bad, they couldn't even eat poor food, so how could they have the mood to act so coquettishly. Children in modern times lived under great living conditions, which was why they were so perverted and willful.

"Little Hoe, the two of you, don't pick up too many small stools. If you carry them too heavily, you won't be able to hold them down for long."

Afraid that the two little girls would try to be brave, Lan Lingxue's heart ached. She could only try to scare them like she was coaxing a child.

"Got it, Sis."

There were still some mushrooms scattered in the grass. Although it wasn't much, it should be enough to improve the food supply.

"Little vegetable block, don't pick up the branches. Let your brother, wooden block, pick them first. Look, there are mushrooms here. Come and pick mushrooms with me. You can rest after picking mushrooms, I'll go and pick firewood."

"Alright, Sis."

Lan Lingxue looked at the three boys and saw that they were not far away, she then bent down in relief and picked up the mushrooms.

Lan Lingxue walked over to Lan Lingxue, but before she could grab it in her hand, tears had already started falling. It was a relic from her mother from her previous life, a necklace with a jade pendant embedded in it, it was just a small orchid pendant, but Lan Lingxue held it tightly in her hand, holding it close to her chest. She thought that she would never have anything to do with the past after passing through it.

Lan Lingxue carefully hung the orchid pendant around her neck, tightened and tightened the rope of the dark green silk thread, still worried, and pulled it down with her hand to make sure it wouldn't fall off. Then she put it into her clothes, and pressed it with her hand again, and the feeling of intimacy made Lan Lingxue's heart feel warm. Although she was forced to calm down, but there was still fear and unease in this foreign world, and as she put on the necklace, Lan Lingxue felt completely at ease.

After calming herself down, Lan Lingxue patted her chest with her hand. After confirming that the orchid pendant was still hanging in front of her chest, she picked up the basket and was about to go meet up with the children, only then did she realize that she had gone a little too far. Afraid that the children were anxious and wanted to go back, she looked around subconsciously before she left. Reaching out her hand to touch the tree, Lan Lingxue felt a sharp pain on her palm from the abrasion of the rough bark. Lan Lingxue let out a long breath of impure air, and took a deep breath of the fresh air in the forest. Lan Lingxue knew that she would never be able to go back!

Since time had brought her here, then this would be her battlefield. Like her parents who had left in the past, Lan Lingxue did not hesitate to face it head-on, since she had no other choice, then let's welcome it with her most sincere heart and start anew from here. Lan Lingxue clenched her fist, waved it at the air, and shouted loudly.

"Oh, I'm here..."

"Sis, Sis, what's wrong?" Where are you? "

Little Hoe probably heard Lan Lingxue's roar and rushed over. The other children also ran over as well.

"Little Basket, where are you?"

This was the sound of a wooden block.

"Big Sister Basket, we're here to see you."

This is the cry of the little bench,

"All of you, don't come over here. If you fall, I'm going back."

The feeling of being cared for is really good. It has been more than ten years since someone has been so concerned about me. Even though it is only the childishness of a few children, it is already extremely precious. Children, I will repay you with ten times the sincerity of today's little love.

However, Lan Lingxue still felt a little regretful, as she didn't find anything that could be exchanged for money, such as herbs, ginseng, or a wild rabbit that suddenly popped out. In the novels, this was how it went, but after thinking about it, when the herbs and ginseng appeared in front of her, she estimated that she didn't recognize them, and didn't know how those who passed through the first, how she ended up defeated in the city, ah, this wasn't a success, but Lan Lingxue didn't feel dejected, looking at her back, she finally decided to take her time to take a look. I have time.

Lili did not know why there were so many things to do in the house, but at least she got to bed early. Although she knew that she could not bear to let go of the oil lamp, Lili was still very happy, or else she would not be able to get up tomorrow. She simply washed up, climbed onto the brick bed, and stretched her tired body, this brick bed was really hard, with only a thin mattress and a hard and thin blanket, and the beautiful and soft princess bed she had in her previous life was not lacking at all.

Lan Lingxue felt incredibly embarrassed as she lay on the brick bed, thinking about how she had slept here the first day and how all four of them had lied down together. Lan Lingxue felt awkward as she was sleeping on the same brick bed with her father, even though there was a gap between her mother and Little Hoe. It was a test of Lan Lingxue's endurance.

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