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C6 Full Happiness

Looking at Little Hoe's appearance, Lan Lingxue chuckled twice. She rubbed Little Hoe's small head, turned around and walked forward until she reached a big tree. She carefully looked around and didn't find anyone else. Then, Lan Lingxue entered the space with a relieved heart.

Lan Lingxue did not dare to stay in the space for too long, she was afraid that Little Hoe would be in a hurry, so she went to the vegetable garden to take a look, she was really afraid that the fruits that had already ripened yesterday would fall, because they were too ripe, and that would be such a pity. Lan Lingxue did not dare to stay in the space for too long, afraid that Little Hoe would be too anxious, so she went to the vegetable field to take a look, she was really afraid that the fruits that had already matured yesterday would fall, because they were too ripe.

Lan Lingxue truly did not dare to take it out and give it to her family to eat. She really did not know how to explain the sudden increase in the amount of food, but because of this, Lan Lingxue's mind flashed with inspiration. Right, if she could take it off, it would be as fresh as it was on the plant, then that would be great, right, she would just try it out, although it would be a bit of a waste if she did not, but what about the current quality, it might even be worth it.

Lan Lingxue decided to do some experiments on a plant and looked at a few crops. In the end, she decided to pick the tomato, as it was the least easy crop to store, Lan Lingxue picked all the tomatoes from the tomato plant closest to her and placed them on the cobblestone beside the spring. Looking at the dozens of red tomatoes, Lan Lingxue was a little reluctant, praying that they would not break down.

"Little Hoe, what do you think Sis has in her hand?"

"Sis, you're okay. There's no movement after so long. I'm worried about you."

Little Hoe saw Lan Lingxue walk over and happily threw himself over. However, when he saw the tomato in Lan Lingxue's hand, he was stunned.

"Sis, where did this persimmon come from? It's so red!"

Looking at Little Hoe's happy expression, Lan Lingxue felt that she made the right decision. If having space doesn't make her family happy, then what's the use of this space?

"Then let's hurry up and eat. This red persimmon must be delicious."

Lan Lingxue thought to herself, it's a good thing I didn't say tomato, otherwise, Little Hoe would definitely suspect it. Although I forgot something because I hit my head, I can't just give the plant a name.

"Sis, where did you get this?"

Little Hoe held the persimmon like a treasure in front of his chest.

"It's not far ahead. When I got up, I saw a red thing over there, so I went over to take a look. I didn't expect it to be a persimmon. I was lucky."

Lan Lingxue really felt that her luck was very good. Who would be so lucky as to have space, so she showed off happily.

"Is there anything else?"

These words stunned Lan Lingxue.

"That — I don't know why, but it was only this one. Perhaps it was taken away by someone else, because it was very young then, so it was lucky to grow up after leaving it."

Lan Lingxue felt like she had been wronged by being fooling around with little kids. However, there was nothing she could do about it.


Little Hoe answered without any enthusiasm.

"Why aren't you eating?"

Little Hoe carefully held the persimmon, but he didn't open his mouth to eat it.

I want to take it back to my parents for them to eat, they must have never eaten such a good persimmon before. Although there are persimmon plants growing in our family's garden, they've already sold them for money. It's been a long time since I've eaten a persimmon.

Little Hoe lowered his head and stared at the persimmon in his hand. He swallowed his saliva, but he still held the persimmon tightly with his small hands. Lan Lingxue's eyes instantly became moist.

"Little Hoe, eat it yourself. If you take it back, there will be too many family members, so Mom and Dad won't be able to eat it. Don't worry, I will earn a lot of money."

"Really? Does big sister make a lot of money? "

"Of course, sister is great, she'll earn a lot of money. Then, she'll buy new clothes, wear new shoes, buy meat for Little Hoe and also let him go to school. Would we, Little Hoe, be willing to go to school?"

"Yeah, I want to go, I want to go, Lizheng's little stone went to school, he knows a lot of words, he can even write my name, I want to know a lot of words too, but we don't have money, Sis, can you really make money for me to go to school?"

Little Hoe stared at Lan Lingxue wistfully with his black round eyes. The longing in his eyes made Lan Lingxue feel as if her heart was going to go soft.

"Of course."

Lan Lingxue nodded vigorously. This promise seemed to weigh a thousand pounds.

"Then I'll work hard with my sister and earn a lot of money. Sis, I don't need new clothes, and I don't need any meat to eat. You can just go to my school."

There was no moment when Lan Lingxue wanted money so much. It turned out that money was not only for people to live a better life, but also for people to yearn for a better life. They held Little Hoe tightly in their arms.

"Little Hoe, I will let you go to the academy. I will let you live the best life with your parents."

"Sis, don't hold back on the persimmon."

Little Hoe tried his best to push Lan Lingxue away. Lan Lingxue couldn't help but burst into laughter. All the passion she had just now had vanished into thin air.

"Do you want to go to school?"


"Then you need to be a man."

"I want to be a man, Sis. What kind of man is a man?"

"Then you have to grow taller."

"Alright, I want to grow tall."

"If you want to grow taller, then you have to eat a lot."

"Yes, I want to eat a lot, but big sister, our family doesn't have that much food, we can't eat that much."

"Eat this persimmon first. In the future, Big Sis will find you something delicious to eat every day. Then, you can eat a lot and grow taller."

"But, Sis, I'm a bit reluctant."

"Eat faster, you're so long-winded. Eat faster and grow faster. We, Little Hoe, will grow taller and become a man to protect our parents and sister. We will earn money to support us in the future."


The way down the mountain was not long. Big hand holding small hand, no, small hand holding small hand, holding happiness!

Lan Lingxue was still moved when she saw Little Hoe continuously put the dishes into his mother's and father's bowls. Although it was just some wild vegetables and white vegetables, Lan Lingxue was still moved, this child probably ate a persimmon by himself in the morning, and her heart was filled with guilt, she was really a painful child, and then looking at the whole family's bowls, they were all rice and soup that could almost be seen through to the end. Only the man in the lower class had a grub, Lan Lingxue's heart was not sad at all, this hungry and poor life was not that good, even though she had no family to cherish, she was still not able to eat well.

Lan Lingxue's thin and busy figure made her eyes hurt. She helped her mother pack up the dishes and quietly dragged her mother back to her house. She held her mother's hand and asked,

"Mother, do we have a market here?"

"Of course there is. Tomorrow is the market day, why are you asking this?"

"I want to go to the market to have a look."

"My daughter, you really have forgotten. Every time we go to the gathering, mother always brings you along."

When Lan Lingxueniang thought of her daughter being hit on the head and being so serious that she forgot about the past, she felt extremely upset. She always felt that she had lost her daughter and had not taken good care of her, causing her daughter to suffer so much pain.

"Mom, I'm fine. It's fine, don't be upset."

Lan Lingxue's heart ached for her mother as she wiped away her tears. Her mother truly cared for her child, and although she was pure and kind, her character was weak. It was all thanks to her black-hearted father watching over her, otherwise it would have been difficult for her to start a family.

"Alright, Mom won't cry anymore. Mom knows you're well, but I just feel a little uncomfortable inside."

"It's all over, we have to look ahead, right?"

"Alright, let's listen to our family's Little Basket. It's all in the past now, let's move forward."

Lan Lingxue was already used to being called Little Basket by others, which was rather pleasing to the ears. She raised her hand to wipe away the remaining tears for her mother.

"Mom, then what are we going to gather for? Tell me. Otherwise, I won't be unable to help you guys tomorrow and will cause trouble for you guys again."

"En, alright. Mother will tell you about it."

Lan Lingxueniang pulled Lan Lingxue into her arms and gently rocked her body. Such obvious reluctance and love made Lan Lingxue feel very warm.

We can get to the town market here, a five-day market there, fifteen and thirty is a big fair, and every time we get to the market, you, Eldest Aunt, and Third Aunt will go to the market there, sell the vegetables and eggs our family has accumulated these days, change them into money, and buy some necessities for our lives. Because you and the wooden block are big enough to help out, so Eldest Aunt and I will bring the two of you along.

As she spoke, Lan Lingxueniang's eyes turned red again.

"I haven't forgotten. Mom, I remember. I just forgot some things from the past. I'm not stupid."

Seeing her mother on the verge of tears again, Lan Lingxue hurriedly replied.

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