Transmigration: Leisurely In Village/C9 Victory in the First Battle
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Transmigration: Leisurely In Village/C9 Victory in the First Battle
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C9 Victory in the First Battle

"Uncle, my name is Little Basket."

"Oh, your name is Little Basket. Your name sounds smart, so uncle wishes you good luck, Little Basket."

"Thank you, uncle!"

"There's no need to be polite. Go quickly, don't make your mother wait for you."

"Uncle, my name is Little Hoe. Thank you for your help today."

"She's also a good girl. Little Hoe, come and play a lot."

"Yes, goodbye uncle."

Lee Yongtai walked the two children to the door and patted Little Hoe's head. They were really two good kids. They were well-mannered, filial, and smart.

Lan Lingxue was afraid that her mother would worry so she led Little Hoe on a jog. Luckily, the restaurant was easy to find and didn't waste too much time. The restaurant seemed to be very big and Lan Lingxue was very satisfied.

"Sister, are we really going in?"

Looking at the three story building, Little Hoe was a bit scared.

"Of course we did, otherwise what would we have come for? Why, we, Little Hoe, are scared. This won't do. You're a little man, you have to protect your family, so you have to be brave, you know!"

"Yes, you have to be brave. I want to protect my sister."

"I knew that we, Little Hoe, were the bravest. Let's follow up with sister."


Little Hoe nodded fiercely.

"Second brother, I'm busy. Excuse me, is your shopkeeper here?"

When they entered the restaurant, Lan Lingxue saw a waiter arranging tables and chairs. Because of her professionalism, she didn't notice anyone entering. Upon hearing Lan Lingxue's question, the waiter raised his head and saw a young girl standing there with a little boy.

"Little miss, our restaurant hasn't opened yet. Why are you looking for our shopkeeper so early?"

"Yes, I came to find Manager Meng. It was Uncle Lee who brought us here."

Upon hearing that the little girl was able to call the shopkeeper by his surname and that he was an acquaintance of hers, the waiter hurriedly greeted Lan Lingxue and Little Hoe, regardless of whether they were familiar with each other.

"Then please wait here for a moment. Our shopkeeper is washing his face and rinsing his mouth. I'll go call the two of you."

After he had arranged everything for Lan Lingxue and her brother, the waiter turned around and walked through the hall towards the backyard.

"Who's looking for me?"

Lan Lingxue heard a calm voice and looked up to see a tall and straight middle-aged man opening the indigo door curtain in the hall. He walked in from behind the curtain and his voice sounded eager and warm, but his steps were not messy, Lan Lingxue secretly praised him, just by looking at his steady attitude and steady steps, it was obvious that he was a capable steward, and looking at his righteous face, it seemed like he could take over the business.

"Manager Meng, my little girl, Lan Lingxue, greets you, shopkeeper."

When she thought about how she had been called Lan Lingxue for the first time, Lan Lingxue secretly smiled. Look, this was fate. The name was so similar, no wonder so many people didn't wear it, and she had to wear it on this little girl.

"You're looking for me?"

Seeing that it was a little girl, Meng Fansheng could not help but be a little confused. He turned his head to look at the waiter beside him.

"Manager, the little girl said that Uncle Lee introduced you."

Before Manager Meng could ask which Uncle Lee, Lan Lingxue, oh, it should be Lilly, Lili had taken the initiative to tell him her name,

"Manager Meng, I was introduced to you by Boss Li from a food store on the market street. Do you still remember him?"

"Oh, Boss Li, I remember."

Listening to Manager Meng's polite speech, Lan Lingxue knew that although Uncle Lee was the boss, his identity was nothing compared to the shopkeeper's.

"Since the shopkeeper remembers Uncle Lee, how about I call you Uncle Meng as well?"

Although the little girl's clothes were a bit shabby, they were still clean and tidy. And this kind of intelligence made Manager Meng have a whole new level of respect for her.

"Of course. Excuse me, what business does Miss Lan have with me today?"

"I have a batch of high-quality vegetables. Uncle Lee knows about it, so let me ask Uncle Meng first. Uncle Lee said Uncle Meng is a good shopkeeper, and if you have anything good, you must come first."

Little Hoe looked at his sister at the side. He couldn't hide the envy in his eyes, but he was a bit worried as he didn't know where his sister's best vegetables were.

"Can you let me take a look at the dishes first? Since Boss Li recommended them, I have to give you a chance. However, Boss Li should have already told you that our restaurant has fixed farmers. If the dishes are not good, I won't accept them."

Lan Lingxue, on the other hand, felt a little guilty. With such a big restaurant owner, how could he not have some real ability? It was impossible for him to trick the boss into doing something so simple. Don't let others think that he was a clever man, but instead, he had failed.

"Uncle Meng, my family's dishes are really good. My dad is very good at farming, I'll show them to you right now and not make things difficult for you. If the dishes really don't work, I'll immediately turn around and leave."

Lan Lingxue said with a sincere face. Meng Fansheng looked at the little girl and nodded in his heart. He understood what he meant so quickly. He would definitely be a great genius in the future, but unfortunately, he was still a girl.

"Then Uncle Meng, can you get this Second Bro to help me? The place where I put the food is a little far from here. Can you get him to help me get it?" "I came here on someone else's oxcart, so you have to lend me a few baskets. Thank you, Uncle Meng."

Lan Lingxue said sweetly, yet her heart was blushing for her family's poverty. They didn't even have any extra baskets, so after selling the money this time, they would definitely have to prepare a few baskets in space.

"Sure, Little Pillar, go and do me a favor."

"Thank you, uncle."

Before Lan Lingxue could even express her gratitude, Little Hoe had already rushed over and thanked her. He even affectionately pulled Little Pillar's hand.

"Brother Pillar, thank you."

"This kid, no need to thank me."

Embarrassed by Little Hoe's behavior, Little Pillar went to the backyard to get a basket and walked outside with Little Hoe by the hand.

When they reached Hu Tong, who was a block away, Lan Lingxue asked Little Hoe to wait outside with Brother Pillar.

"Brother Pillar, I'm sorry, wait here for a moment. Sister-in-law who brought the dishes for me isn't a person that can be seen by outsiders. I came to call you after I'd finished cooking."

Although Little Pillar felt that this farm's wife had a lot of troubles, he still nodded in agreement. Lan Lingxue carried her basket to the deeper parts of the alley, and after seeing that there was no one around, she quickly took out all the vegetables from her space and filled four baskets.

"Brother Pillar, come in and get it."

Lan Lingxue shouted at Hu Tong. Little Hoe, who was listening attentively to the commotion, ran in first.

"Sis, I'm here."

Little Pillar followed them into the restaurant. When he saw the vegetables in the basket, he couldn't help but to open his eyes wide. This was indeed a top-quality vegetable.

When Meng Fansheng saw these vegetables, he couldn't help but squint his eyes. He raised his head and looked at the little girl seriously before turning his gaze towards those baskets of vegetables.

"Miss Lan, I'll keep these few baskets of vegetables. Take a look and see how much is appropriate."

The persimmon was red as a fire, without the green tail of any other persimmon. It was completely red, round and big; the cabbage was green as jade, with ripples of white, white as goat fat, and crystal clear; the eggplant was purple as if it was about to soak the air, and the cucumber was straight and long; the pepper was green to the point of transparency; the red radish was so full that Meng Fansheng couldn't help sighing. He really didn't know how much he should pay for this kind of dish.

Uncle Meng, just tell me, I trust you. However, I believe that using the dishes made from my family's products will ensure your restaurant's prosperity and prosperity.

Lan Lingxue continued to stir up trouble and took out a persimmon for Brother Pillar to wash. She didn't dare to go to the kitchen by herself since it was an important place and no one was allowed to enter.

"How is it, Uncle Meng? Is the taste different?"

Seeing Meng Fansheng take a bite out of the persimmon, Lan Lingxue was so nervous that her heart jumped to her throat. Success or failure would be decided in a single move, and if it wasn't good, it would be a one-hit deal. If good, then they could cooperate for a long time.

"Is this really planted by your family?"

Lan Lingxue's heart beat faster upon hearing his question.

"Yes, my father did."

Lan Lingxue's hands were almost entwined together. Meng Fansheng couldn't help but feel funny when he saw how nervous the little girl looked. In the end, she was still a child.

"This taste is really good. The appearance is also quite good."

Meng Fansheng nodded with satisfaction. Lan Lingxue finally felt relieved.

"Then, Uncle Meng, how much do you think we can pay?"

Lan Lingxue asked carefully. This was the crux of the trip.

"I'll pay you double the price of ordinary vegetables. However, you have to sign an agreement with me. Is it feasible for you to deliver all your dishes to me?"

"Sure, of course. Thank you, Uncle Meng."

Lili could not help but feel excited. She bowed deeply towards Meng Fansheng and secretly clenched her fists.

With one hand holding Little Hoe's hand and the other touching her chest from time to time, Lan Lingxue really didn't expect that the vegetables would sell for one or two silver coins, which was definitely a huge sum of money in the dynasty, where the grains were only sold for three to five silver coins. Of course, the surprise was not only this.

"Sis, don't always touch the money. It will be discovered by others."

Seeing that his sister was always secretly touching the silver taels, her mouth was like a blooming flower, Little Hoe couldn't help but worry. He pulled his sister lower and whispered into her ear.

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