I finally got back to my dog kennel. It was so tiring to work all day! I opened the door and went in, and the smell of food hit me in the face. I threw my bag on the sofa and flew toward the dishes on the table. Just as I was about to grab a piece of my favorite sweet and sour pork chop, a hand grabbed my hand.

"Go wash your hands before eating, you greedy cat!"

"Alright, I'll be there right away!" I swallowed, looked longingly at my favorite sweet and sour pork ribs, and ran as fast as I could to the bathroom to wash my hands. Then I sat back down at the table and started the dinner for the two of us. There were three dishes and a bowl of soup on the table, along with two bowls of rice.

Eating the sweet and sour ribs, I gave Snow a thumbs up. "Snow, your cooking skills are getting better and better. If I leave you one day, I will definitely miss the dishes you cooked."

"Then you should eat enough now." Snow answered with a mouthful of rice.

We finished our dinner in a whirl, showered, and were ready for bed. I lay in bed, quietly thinking about things, and fell asleep without knowing it. A bolt of lightning suddenly flashed in the silent night sky. With the disappearance of the bolt of lightning, time and space also quietly changed.

"Miss, wake up. It's time to wake up and have breakfast!"

"Oh, snow, I don't need to go to work today. Let me sleep a little longer." I rubbed my sleepy eyes and rolled over to go back to sleep.

Wait a minute, Snow actually called me Miss, what is this situation? I opened my eyes at once and was greeted by a girl in an antique costume. She turned around and looked around. The entire room was decorated in an antique manner.

"Who are you? "What is this place?" I asked, suppressing my surprise.

The girl opened her eyes wide and asked in surprise, "Miss, why don't you recognize this servant? This servant is your servant girl, Liu'er. This is Miss's room."

"Miss? Girl, did you recognize the wrong person? "My name is Lan Xiaoyue, not your young lady." "That's right. Young lady, your maiden name is Lan Xiaoyue. Young lady, are you sick? Why do you ask such a strange question?" The girl who called herself Liu'er was stunned for a moment and said with a bit of worry.

"Eh, I'm not mistaken, what's going on?" Liu'er, right? Let me ask you, what era is it now, and what country is this? "

Liu'er touched my forehead and said, "Miss, are you really alright? "How come you don't even know that?"

I pretended to be very serious and said, "Just tell me, why are you asking so many questions?"

Liu'er was so scared that she didn't dare to ask anymore questions, and so she told him everything she knew.

After listening to Liu'er's story, I finally understood where I was. Originally, I was in a country called Haoyue. This was a time and place that was not recorded in history. In this time and space, there were three nations, Hao Yue, Zi Li, and Xiao Yun, the southeastern Hao Yue Country, with the most extensive territory, abundant resources, and the most powerful nation among the three nations; the western Zi Li Country's territory was second only to Hao Yue Country's, with numerous seas, typical aquatic country where its citizens mostly fished; and the northern Xiao Yun Country was the weakest among the three countries.

The king, Leng Haoxuan, ascended the throne at the age of twenty and thirteen. Under his rule, the people of Hao Yue Country lived and worked happily, and their nation's power was flourishing. The most important thing was that the current emperor was more handsome than Pan An. He was the prince charming to all the young ladies.

My body's owner is called Lan Xiaoyue, 15 years old this year. My father, Lan Jinchen, is a great general of Hao Yue Country, 40 years old, highly regarded by the Emperor, and married only one wife. My wife, Zhao Yalan, 35 years old, is a gentle, gentle, and well-mannered woman.

The second son, Lan Lingyu, had a bold and unrestrained personality. He was seventeen years old and had a good martial arts set, but because Lan Lingyu liked to practice medicine, he began to travel after he turned fifteen. The three daughters, Lan Xiaoyue, were also taught by Madam Lan to be well-mannered and skilled in zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. She was the third most talented girl in the Hao Yue Country, and because she had only a daughter and was the youngest, the Lan family and their two sons doted on her as a precious treasure.

Now I have to accept the cruel reality, which is that I actually transmigrated, actually transmigrated in my sleep, wuwu, I might never see snow again, I might not be able to eat the delicacies cooked by the snow, I don't want to, since I transmigrated while sleeping, I can probably get back through by sleeping, thinking about this I lay back down on the bed and indicated Liu'er to go out first.

Unknowingly, I fell asleep again and had a dream. In my dream I was back to modern times, cooking my favorite dishes and waiting for me. I was about to run over when an invisible barrier blocked my path, and I slammed into it, shouting at the snow on the other side, but no matter how I shouted, the snow didn't respond, as if I hadn't heard it.

The invisible barrier was so strong that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't break through it, but I couldn't feel the pain. Just when I was exhausted and on the verge of despair, I felt someone call out to me in a daze. I slowly opened my eyes, and the moment I opened them, I fell into despair.

"Miss, it's time to wake up and have dinner." Liu'er said to me as she set the dishes she had brought in on the table.

I sat on the bed, silent in my thoughts, and didn't answer Willow.

Liu'er saw that I didn't react for a long time, so she came forward with a worried look and said, "Miss, why are you in a trance today? Are you not feeling well? Would you like Liu'er to call the doctor? "

"Uh, oh, no need. I'm fine. I was just thinking about something just now. Eat." I snapped out of my daze.

"It's good that young miss is fine. This servant will help young miss change." Liu'er helped me put on my clothes.

I sat down by the bronze mirror, Liu'er took a comb and began to help me with my makeup. I looked at the people in the mirror and saw that the person in the mirror was wearing a light blue skirt, with long hair hanging down to his shoulders, tied well with a blue silk cloth. The jade hairpin was lightly pulled up, and the hairpin was as thin as water droplets.

It had a natural freshness to it, especially the grace and elegance at the edge of her brows, it was gentle and amiable, but within the warmth of her expression was a hint of indifference. Although she wasn't a devastatingly beautiful beauty, she was still a rare delicate beauty. I looked at the strange face and thought a thousand times. Now that I'm here, I can only find a way to familiarize myself with the life here as soon as possible.

When I finished dressing, I sat down at the table and started eating dinner. I picked up the bowl and chopsticks, and saw Liu'er still standing there, so I pointed to the seat beside me and said, "Liu'er, what are you still standing there for? Why aren't you sitting down to eat?"

"This servant doesn't dare, this servant is only a servant. I cannot eat at the same table as Miss." Liu'er was obviously stunned for a moment and quickly waved her hand.

It was only when I saw Liu'er's appearance that I remembered that the hierarchy in ancient times was very strict. It was indeed impolite for me to ask her to eat at the same table as me. However, I'm not these inflexible ancients, so I naturally don't care about them.

I decided to tease Liu'er a bit. With a straight face, I said, "Miss, I'll just sit down and eat. Are you not going to take me, a lady, seriously?"

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