Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C1 Performance Review Is a Fast-forward Task
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Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C1 Performance Review Is a Fast-forward Task
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C1 Performance Review Is a Fast-forward Task

The City of One Thought.

The sky was white, and the city was surrounded by a faint mist. Standing on the first floor, one could only see a vast expanse of white.

This place emitted a peaceful and auspicious aura, making people unable to help but slow down their steps. They abandoned their restless hearts to admire this beautiful world.

At the far end of the floor, on the top of a palace, there was a flickering purple light that seemed especially mysterious. It was the only color other than white in this space, becoming a unique existence.

It was said that that was the City Lord's Palace, and only a few people had been there so far!

Inside the palace, Fu Wenxi was on the balcony on the second floor. He was leaning on his hands as he stared at the distant building with a profound gaze.

Su Jiujiu, I have kept my promise, I hope that you are well!

A'Chen, you've always been living for others. Now, it's time for you to live for yourself, for her.

In the building opposite Fu Wenxi, an elevator was descending.

"Clink ~ ~ ~"

The elevator door opened and a mild-mannered man walked out.

The back of the person wearing a black suit appeared to be tall and straight. His body exuded an air of indifference and elegance as he leisurely walked towards the Technology Department.

This time, the higher-ups wanted him to become the master of the system, and also wanted him to find a host that could successfully match his soul. To be more accurate, he had accompanied the host through different worlds to fulfill the wishes of those women.

If he didn't want to reject, there were other subjects in the performance evaluation.

After staying here for nearly five years, his life was rather dull. Occasionally, he would want to try something new. Otherwise, wouldn't it be too boring?

The corner of Mu Ningchen's mouth twitched. He seemed to be in a very good mood. He was curious about something that he had never come into contact with before.

After entering the technology department, the employees that were walking towards him all greeted him.

"Good morning, Director Mu!"

"Director Mu!"

A director of the technical department was already waiting at the door. He came forward and said with a smile: "Director Mu, I'll bring you there now."

Mu Ningchen nodded and said, "Thank you."

Mu Ningchen followed Yu Hu through the office and into the experience area.

There were hundreds of rooms in the experience area, and each room had a corresponding number. From the top hundred rooms, each room corresponded to a fast-forward system.

Yu Hu stopped in front of room 180 with his hand on the doorknob. He turned his head and said, "Director Mu, this is the room."

Mu Ningchen followed Yu Hu into the room and looked around.

The room was rather large. There was a black sofa in the room, and a wooden desk in the middle. There was a glass coffee table not far from the desk. It was very simple.

It was very fitting for him.

"Director Mu, I'll take you to see the cubicle."

Yu Hu brought Mu Ningchen to the small door on the left as he explained, "Considering the system's owner and host, if you both want to rest here, there's a room inside to avoid unnecessary trouble."

Opening the door, Mu Ningchen saw a relatively spacious bed and a bedside table.

After visiting the room, Mu Ningchen sat on the desk chair. Yu Hu stood in front of the desk and took out a black metal watch from his pocket. He placed it in front of Mu Ningchen with his hands folded in front of him.

"This is the system's number 180."

Mu Ningchen raised his arm and saw a pair of slender fingers and red, neat nails pick up the watch on the table and play with it.

At this moment, Yu Hu's voice rang out, "I believe someone had already sent you the system's usage, performance, and other related information. I won't say anymore. I wish you every success."

Mu Ningchen raised his head to look at Yu Hu and chuckled: "Thank you for your blessings."

"If there are no other questions, I'll head out first."


Hearing the door behind him close, Mu Ningchen lowered his head and pressed the start button on his watch. Immediately, a virtual screen appeared on the watch and a male voice came out of it.

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