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C11 Murder!

Su Jiujiu's interest was piqued by Hee Xiaohui's words. She leaned over to see what was going on, but was stopped by Hee Xiaohui.

"Sigh, Sigh, it's not appropriate for children. It's best if you stop looking so that you don't pollute the flowers of your motherland."

Although she didn't understand those things, after all, she had been in university for four years, so she knew what those words meant.

Su Jiujiu's face instantly turned red.

These two really had no sense of shame. They actually did such a thing in the school forest. She despised them for dirtying the holy university!

What kind of person would do what they did.

Hearing those strange sounds, Su Jiujiu only felt that they were exceptionally ear-piercing!

She had guessed it right. Lee Ann and Wu Xincheng had something that couldn't be seen. However, it wasn't what she thought it was.

"Xiaohui, let's go!"

Su Jiujiu pulled Hee Xiaohui, who didn't want to leave, and left.

Hee Xiaohui didn't dare to struggle, afraid that her voice would attract the attention of the other two. Bowing her body, she whispered, "Jiujiu, I still want to shoot a few more pictures. I'll put this on the website of Lin Xia's campus tomorrow and let the alumni see the lewd side of their goddess."

"Just take these photos. You're not allowed to post them on the school website!"

She hated Lee Ann, but she didn't want to use such a despicable method to get revenge. That was the most intolerable thing she could do!

The innocence of a girl was the most important thing. No matter how bad Lee Ann was, even if she did do such a thing, she would not allow the video to be uploaded online. This was her principle and bottom line.

If a girl's innocence was ruined, it was equivalent to losing her entire life. She would have to bear such a crime for her entire life and be looked down upon by others.

Hee Xiaohui sighed, "Su Jiujiu, you're too kind. Sometimes it might not be a good thing."

"It's not a question of kindness, it's a matter of principle."

"Alright, I can't beat you."

When Hee Xiaohui and Su Jiujiu got up, Lee Ann happened to see them. Lee Ann was so frightened that they immediately went with Wu Xincheng to tidy up their clothes.

Tonight, she really lost her mind and let Wu Xincheng do whatever he wanted. Now that something had happened, she could only think of a way to deal with it.

"What should we do in this case? We must have seen the first two people. What should we do?" If tomorrow's news were to spread out, our reputation would be ruined, we … " Wu Xincheng asked in a flustered manner as he tidied up his clothes.

Wu Xincheng was a useless person. Luckily, Wu Xincheng treated her well and wholeheartedly wanted to be on good terms with her. Otherwise, she would have kicked him.

Lee Ann calmly comforted him, "Don't worry, there's still me. Don't worry, there won't be any negative news tomorrow, because these news will disappear from this world tonight!

She definitely could not allow this matter to spread. Otherwise, if the family found out, they would definitely remove her from the family tree in order to protect her family reputation! Without a family background, she had nothing to rely on. Without resources, without a backer, she would be just like an ordinary person. No matter what, she would not let this happen!

"Wu Xincheng, have you finished tidying your clothes?"

"Okay, okay." Wu Xincheng was so nervous that he was stuttering.

"Light footsteps, follow me."

The closer they got, the clearer the view became. From the back, Lee Ann could tell that it was Hee Xiaohui and Su Jiujiu.

The two people who were discussing how to deal with the cameras didn't notice Wu Xincheng and Lee Ann, who were silently approaching them from behind.

Usually, she would come here with Wu Xincheng as she was the most familiar with the terrain. In front of them was a very steep slope filled with rocks of different sizes, which was quite dangerous. If she fell down, it was unknown whether she would die.

After all, Su Jiujiu was the true owner of the musical manual. It would definitely bring her a lot of trouble in the future, so making her disappear from this world was the safest and safest way. However, she didn't want to kill anyone, nor did she want Su Jiujiu to die just like that. She wanted Su Jiujiu to live, live as long as she could, watch her rise to fame in the music industry, watch her prove that she wasn't worse than her!

She wanted to see Su Jiujiu's helpless expression as she hated her!

Hahahaha ~

Su Jiujiu only felt a huge force crashing into her from behind. She didn't have enough time to react before her body rolled rapidly towards the slope due to the inertia. She recognized Lee Ann's figure and saw Hee Xiaohui, who was grabbed by Wu Xincheng.

Hee Xiaohui shook her head as she struggled to break out of Wu Xincheng's imprisonment. However, as a girl, how could she compete with a boy's strength!

Hee Xiaohui watched helplessly as Su Jiujiu rolled down the slope. She wanted to shout for help over and over again, but she could only let out a whining sound.

Damn it! If something really happened to Su Jiujiu, she would definitely not let them off. She would make sure they were punished by the law!

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