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C12 Delete Video

Su Jiujiu, I'm sorry.

If she hadn't called tonight, Su Jiujiu wouldn't have come over, and this wouldn't have happened. It was all her fault, it was her fault!

Su Jiujiu, who rolled off the stage, saw the pained yet helpless expression on Hee Xiaohui's face.

It had all happened so fast that none of them had expected it.

Xiaohui, I'm sorry.

It was her fault. If it wasn't for her insisting on pulling Xiaohui along, Lee Ann and Wu Xincheng wouldn't have discovered the two of them. They could have just waited for them to leave and then left.

Xiaohui, I hope you won't be so stubborn. Sometimes you need to compromise.

In his mind, there was only the last thing he saw, a smug, evil smile hanging from Lee Ann's lips.

Lee Ann actually had such a vicious heart and wanted her life. If she didn't die this time, she would have definitely repaid it tenfold!

No, she couldn't die! She still had Bei Bei, she still had her grandparents, and she still had many things to take back from Lee Ann. She didn't want to die, she absolutely couldn't die!

Su Jiujiu blacked out and fainted.

Watching Su Jiujiu disappear into the night, Hee Xiaohui stared at Lee Ann with hatred.

It was Lee Ann. Lee Ann suddenly rushed over and knocked Su Jiujiu off her feet. She saw it and was about to grab Su Jiujiu, but was held back by Wu Xincheng.

While she and Su Jiujiu were discussing how to deal with tonight's video, they didn't notice the abnormality at all. They were sure that Lee Ann and Wu Xincheng must have found out about it when the two of them left.

Seeing Su Jiujiu disappear from her sight, Lee Ann turned around and walked to Hee Xiaohui.

When she saw Hee Xiaohui's pair of furious eyes, she smiled and said, "Don't look at me with that kind of expression. You brought this upon yourselves!"

"Let me tell you, if you dare to shout and speak nonsense, Wu Xincheng and I will cut off your tongue and break all your limbs, making you live in pain for the rest of your life, begging for death, begging for death!"

When Wu Xincheng, who imprisoned Hee Xiaohui, saw the vicious Lee Ann, he was extremely frightened. He felt that the Lee Ann at this moment was so unfamiliar to him that it gave birth to a sense of dread in his heart.

Hee Xiaohui knew a little about Lee Ann's family situation, and she also understood that Lee Ann wasn't trying to scare her, but was really capable of doing so.

Lee Ann picked up the video camera that hung in front of Hee Xiaohui and placed it in front of her eyes. She smiled and said, "I'm guessing that there must be a lot of records about Xincheng and me. Let me see what they are."

Seeing Lee Ann's actions, Hee Xiaohui's eyes widened.

"Hmm, this camera is not bad. Foreign countries are really different. The quality is so clear."

Lee Ann exited the playback interface and pressed her thumb on the screen. A line of 'Do you want to delete this video?' appeared on the camera, and Lee Ann clicked on it.

'Deleting 30%... '

'Delete successful '

Upon seeing the final line of words, the corners of his mouth curled up.

"Now that the video is gone, no one will believe you even if you tell them what happened today. Why waste your breath? "I think you're a smart person. You should know what to do. I just want something to happen to Su Jiujiu. I hope you can cherish your life."

It wasn't worth it for her to sacrifice herself against Lee Ann. She still needed to save her life to do more important things.

She swore that in the future, she would definitely expose the crimes that Lee Ann had committed!

Lee Ann put the camera back to its original position and asked Wu Xincheng to let go of Hee Xiaohui. The two of them walked towards the main road.

After taking a few steps, he turned around and added, "Hurry up and call 120 now. Su Jiujiu might still be alive." Then, he left with Wu Xincheng.

After finishing 120, Hee Xiaohui's legs went limp and she fell onto the ground. She held the camera in her hands as she watched the video she had taken out with heartache just like that.

He didn't expect that not only did Lee Ann steal Su Jiujiu's music score, she even wanted to kill Su Jiujiu. How did Su Jiujiu offend Lee Ann? Weren't they best friends?

Lee Ann actually did such a thing. She should have posted the video online earlier and discussed with Su Jiujiu about how to deal with it. A bad woman like Lee Ann, no matter what morals and principles you talk about, you should return the video to her in her own way!

Hee Xiaohui staggered up and ran to the slope. She switched on the flashlight on her phone and supported herself against the wall as she walked. She got more and more nervous as she walked further down, afraid that she would see Su Jiujiu covered in blood or dead.

Luckily, he was still breathing, and there were no bleeding wounds. His body was cut by something on the ground, but it was not a big deal. It was only a superficial wound, which probably caused him some concussion.

Hee Xiaohui waited with Su Jiujiu for the ambulance to arrive.

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