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C13 Bound by System

The mechanical voice of the system beeped in Mu Ningchen's mind not too far away. 'Detected a strong desire to survive, Master, please proceed forward immediately'

'Scanning start, 98% soul fusion with master, binding beginning.'

'Beep... Host successfully bound! '

Su Jiujiu, who had fainted after tumbling down the slope, opened her eyes again and found herself in a completely unfamiliar place.

Seeing the cute little boy standing next to her looking at her, Su Jiujiu immediately sat up in surprise. Seeing that there was only a desk, a coffee table and the little boy next to her, she felt relieved.

Su Jiujiu suddenly recalled how it used to always appear on variety shows. A person's face was blank and his eyes listless. The subtitle would then appear 'Who am I, where am I, what am I going to do?' These words.

Su Jiujiu pushed the image out of her mind and looked down at the boy.

She felt that this little boy who sounded cute shouldn't be a bad person. No, she couldn't just look at the surface, like Lee Ann. She seemed to look at a good person, but her thoughts turned out to be so malicious.

Su Jiujiu's eyes were serene as she recalled the score that Lee Ann snatched from her. She even tossed it back and forth in front of so many people, then finally smashed her down the slope, wanting her dead!

Whenever she thought of Lee Ann, her heart would be filled with rage and hatred.

"Are you alright?" Mu Ningchen waved his hand in front of Su Jiujiu's eyes.

Su Jiujiu snapped out of her daze.

Yes, she should know by now.

Su Jiujiu bent down and asked Mu Ningchen, "Little brother, sister is asking you, is sister dead?"

Mu Ningchen shook his head and laughed.

Little brother? This girl actually called him little brother. That's right, no wonder the girl would call him little brother with his current appearance.

"I'm much older than you. Don't call me little brother in the future!"

He had to be clear about the issue of age.

Hearing such a mature tone, Su Jiujiu was confused. "Then why do you look like a child?"

"This …" Mu Ningchen raised his chubby arm and pointed at the watch on his wrist.

"After I was bound by it, this is how the program works."

"Oh. So in your body is the soul of an adult. My name is Su Jiujiu, what's your name? "

Ever since she was young, her grandmother had told her that if she wanted to ask for someone else's name, she had to tell them her name first. Therefore, she was still very polite.

Other than the two of them, there was no one else here. They had arrived at a strange place and had to find someone who was familiar with this place for support. Only then would their future path be easy.

"Mu Ningchen."

"Alright, I understand. "Mu — Ning — Chen."

Mu Ningchen could tell that Su Jiujiu's neck was hurting because she kept talking to him. He walked with his short legs to the sofa and wanted to climb up.

Su Jiujiu, who was about to open her mouth, saw Mu Ningchen's strenuous actions and subconsciously wrapped her arms around Mu Ningchen to protect him. Su Jiujiu, who was about to speak, saw Mu Ningchen's strenuous actions, she subconsciously wrapped her arms around Mu Ningchen to protect him.

Looking at Su Jiujiu's hand, Mu Ningchen thought to himself: Is this her subconscious action, or is she really trying to protect him? Regardless of which it was, he still had to thank Su Jiujiu.

He had always been the one to protect others, and she was the first to protect him. All these years, he had forgotten what it felt like to be protected by others. Should he thank the person who allowed him to experience this body again?

Mu Ningchen climbed up and sat in front of Su Jiujiu.

Su Jiujiu had already withdrawn her hand when Mu Ningchen climbed onto the sofa.

"Right, you still haven't answered my question. Am I dead?"

"No. When you were rolling down the slope, your brain was struck and you lost consciousness. "Because of your strong desire to survive, I found you. You are already a vegetable lying in a sickbed in that world."

"Then where am I now?"

"This is the City of One Thought in Space. It has existed since humans began. Every person's soul will enter this place through a special method after death."

"Is it like hell on TV?"

"To be exact, it's a mixture of the Heavenly Court and the Infernal Realm. Gu Yun: "A single thought of heaven, a single thought of hell. For some people, this place is heaven, but for some people, it's hell!"

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