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She was completely uninterested in what kind of existence this place was. What she was more concerned about was another question.

"So, I can't go back now?" Knowing this news, Su Jiujiu's mood was extremely complicated.

She still had her grandparents to take care of her, and Beibei also needed to take back what was hers. Everything was in vain now?

Su Jiujiu was a little conflicted, a little reluctant, and a little concerned.

"No, you have a chance to go back."

"Hmm?" Su Jiujiu looked at Mu Ningchen in anticipation.

"You have already been bound by the system. You need to go to a different world and help those people fulfill their last wishes. Once the mission is completed, you will have the chance to live once more and return to the world you live in once more."

Su Jiujiu found it unbelievable that there were so many parallel worlds in addition to the one she was in, but they were completely unexplainable with science.

This so-called system could give a person a second life, but it had to complete the quest. What kind of existence was this? New technology? This was too amazing!

"Is there any other way to go back?"

"I can't tell you for now."

"Well, I'm supposed to be helping girls, right?"


"Then you must have boys like me here?"


"You guys should have a lot of watches like this. I'm just curious if you guys are a big organization."

Mu Ningchen replied seriously, "Those are all secrets. You don't have the right to know now. Don't ask what you shouldn't ask in the future, knowing too much won't benefit you at all."

Seeing Mu Ningchen in such a state, Su Jiujiu's heart skipped a beat. She replied, "Alright, I understand. Thank you for your reminder."

The room suddenly quieted down.

After a while, Su Jiujiu remembered her body.

Previously, she had heard something about a Soul Fusion of 98%, so the system definitely had to find a matching soul to be able to complete the quest. Furthermore, to be able to reach such a high level, there shouldn't be many people in the world.

"Mu Ningchen, I want to ask, is there only one person in your system that can be found?"

"Yes." Mu Ningchen's watch let out a sound.

So the watch was an artificial intelligence with a sound. Since it was one, it would be easy to solve the problem.

"Since I can still go back, at least you can guarantee that my body won't be damaged!"


Su Jiujiu began to complain and threaten.

Sigh, there was no other way. It was all for a better life.

"Then my only family is grandpa and grandma. They are old and can only support themselves. I don't have much money, so the medical fees …" "If I don't have the money to pay for the medical treatment, the hospital won't treat me because if I don't get treatment, my body will turn bad. If my body dies, then there's no point in completing the mission."

Mu Ningchen already knew what she was going to do from the moment Su Jiujiu opened her mouth.

This girl was quite smart. She was able to quickly clarify the situation and prevent herself from being in a passive position. She knew how to fight for the best benefits for herself.

"Don't worry, I know what's going on between you and Lee Ann, and I also know your family's situation. I'll make sure you're safe!"

"That's good, thank you!"

Su Jiujiu was in a good mood after receiving the answer she wanted. Her eyes were sparkling with a smile, and two adorable dimples appeared on her lips.

She was very lively when she was in a good mood; when she was in a bad mood, she would know later.

"I hope that we can cooperate happily."

Su Jiujiu was holding a chubby little hand. She had originally thought it was a serious matter, but when she saw the cute Mu Ningchen opposite her, she felt that it was funny. The main reason was because Mu Ningchen's appearance and what he said didn't suit each other at all.

She really wanted to hug Mu Ningchen, but when she thought that Mu Ningchen was an adult, she gave up that idea.

"I would like to ask, how many tasks do I need to complete?"

Mu Ningchen raised his hand and tapped on his watch for a while. Then, a screen appeared on his watch.

"Look, there are a total of five levels, with each level having five worlds, a total of 25 levels. There will be rewards for every mission completed, and level five missions are the hardest!

Su Jiujiu began to consider a question. When could she go back?

"How long does it take to complete this?"

"Without a fixed time, the completion speed is fast and the time is short. On the contrary, there is a long time. It depends on you. "

"Alright, I understand."

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