Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C15 Beginner Task World(1)
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Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C15 Beginner Task World(1)
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C15 Beginner Task World(1)

Mu Ningchen's watch reminded him, "Master, everything is ready. We can begin the novice mission."

"Alright, I understand."

Su Jiujiu looked at Mu Ningchen.

"There is a newbie quest world that allows you to adapt quickly and understand what you need to do."

So that's how it is. It's like playing a game, with beginner's tutorial every single time and simulation exams every time. This was a concept.

"Can you do the task now? If you haven't accepted your current situation, consider delaying it. "

Not bad, Mu Ningchen was quite meticulous and would consider her feelings.

"Let's begin!"

She still had a lot of confidence in herself.

"Let me show you the original owner's Stats Window (100%)."

Su Jiujiu was puzzled. Looking at the virtual screen in front of her, she instantly understood.

"To make it easier to distinguish, the original owner is called the female lead, while the others are called the supporting roles, just like in your TV series."

"Yes, I understand."

Everyone was the protagonist of their world.

Male lead: Yin Shengzhe

Female lead: Su Jiujiu

Female lead: Zhao Yuling

"Name — Su Jiujiu!"

"Height — 153cm"

"Weight – 47kg"

"Appearance – 70"

"Intelligence — 80"

"Endurance – 90"

"Body — 30!"

Seeing this, Su Jiujiu's heart was incomparably shocked.

This body doesn't even pass the mark, how bad is it? I think she's from the B Cup.

"Talent — Brush."

Not bad, you actually know how to write calligraphy. Truly admirable!

"Di — — Do you want to open the novice gift?" These words popped up on the screen.

Su Jiujiu raised her hand to say 'yes', but her hand passed right through the screen.

"Mu Ningchen, what's going on?"

"My watch is in my hand, I'm the only one who can operate it. Just tell me what you want to do. "


On the screen, a novice gift appeared. There were a total of three: a bottle of unknown items, an umbrella, and a jade pendant.

"Mu Ningchen, what are these?"

"You're lucky. As far as I know, these things are like the chances of you winning the lottery. "If you can't use it now, I'll keep it for you." Mu Ningchen slipped and the three gifts went into the warehouse in the lower right corner.

Su Jiujiu waved her hand. "You can!"

"You have 30% of your attribute base points. You can add them to the Stats Window as you wish."

"Why is it grey?"

"The original owner and the rest are unwilling to change their appearances …"

She understood.

The other attributes were not bad, but his stature was the weakest, only 30 points. After adding points, he would at least pass the test.

"Body, 30 +!"

"Di — — Successfully modified"

Mu Ningchen pressed the button on his watch and a mechanical voice sounded beside his ear.

"Di — — Start of Teleportation!"

Su Jiujiu felt her vision darken, and when she opened her eyes again, she found herself sprawled on the table.

Su Jiujiu stood up and looked around, only to find that this was the original university dormitory. She was the only one there.

"Mu Ningchen, are you there?" Su Jiujiu whispered uncertainly to the room.

"I'm in your head, don't be afraid. I can hear the thoughts in your heart. In the future, we will use our minds to communicate. "

Su Jiujiu heard the familiar voice and calmed down. Shut up and silently say 'Mu Ningchen' in your heart.


So it really could.

No, if she let Mu Ningchen know everything in the future, then she would have no privacy at all.

Mu Ningchen explained, "I only know when you are willing to communicate with me."

Oh, then she was relieved.

"Di — Prepare to accept memory!"

After a while, the original owner's memories were mostly digested by Su Jiujiu and transformed into her own memories.

The original owner's wish was: Do not fear the eyes of others, brave and like people together. When Yin Shengzhe confessed to her for the second time, she was able to accept him.




She was completely opposed to campus love. Whenever she mentioned the campus, she would think of that trash, Wu Xincheng!

"Can I say now that I don't want to do a task?"

Mu Ningchen chuckled. "The mission has already started. You can't come back until the mission is completed."

Damn it!

It seemed like she had no choice but to accept it. Although she met a loser like Wu Xincheng, she couldn't just say that all the men in the world were losers like him. Right, as a person, you still have to be open, you can't just kill him with one blow.

In his memory, Yin Shengzhe was quite handsome and a good person.

Hmph, alright, seeing how handsome the male lead was, she decided to do her task properly.

She was a beauty control!

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