Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C16 Beginner Task World(2)
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Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C16 Beginner Task World(2)
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C16 Beginner Task World(2)

Su Jiujiu recalled.

The female lead originally cared a lot about the opinions of others. After the male lead confessed to her, she told her roommates that the original owner's roommate Zhao Jialing liked Yin Shengzhe a lot and said a lot of sarcastic words to make the original owner feel inferior and afraid to accept the male lead's confession. When the male lead confessed for the second time, the original owner firmly refused. He even said something too excessive that broke the male lead's heart, causing him to never have any relationship with the original owner even after graduation. However, the male owner had never understood why the original owner would hurt him like that while he was sincere towards the original owner.

It wasn't until after the original owner got married that he understood that life was his own life and that he didn't have to care about the opinions of others.

Although he lived a good life afterwards, it was still a pity.

Therefore, the original owner's character should have changed, or else the result would still be the same.

"Mu Ningchen, it should be fine if I just change the original owner's character a little, right?"


They did not ask for it and it was okay in principle.

"That's good!"

Su Jiujiu turned around and picked up the phone on the table to check the time.

"Gu ~ lu lu ~"

It was already ten-thirty. She was so hungry!

The world was vast, and eating was the most important. She would talk about everything after she finished her meal.

Su Jiujiu ate and drank to her heart's content, lazily lying on the blanket with her eyes closed and hand rubbing her stomach. Her expression looked a little uncomfortable.

"Burp ~"

"Burp ~"

"Burp ~"

Sigh, it's all because the food in the cafeteria was too delicious.

She didn't feel like she ate too much, so she just ate a portion of rice, vegetables and meat dishes. Oh, then she added another portion of rice and came back to buy a cup of milk tea.

After rubbing it for a while, her stomach still felt uncomfortable. Su Jiujiu could not take it anymore and got off the bed to rummage through the table.

The original owner's cabinet was really clean. There was no reserve medicine. Could it be that the original owner usually did not get sick? Shouldn't people like him with a cold and fever be regular customers of the body? She was a medicine cabinet full of medicines, colds, antipyretic, cough medicine, gunpowder and so on. It was practically a small pharmacy.

Su Jiujiu recalled seriously, it seemed that the original owner had never gotten sick.

She was feeling really bad right now!

Su Jiujiu lay prone on the table. She raised her weak hand and clicked on her cell phone.

It was almost 11: 30, why wasn't her roommate back yet! She remembered that the original owner's good friend, Lee Qian, had a diet pill.

All of you actually let me suffer in this place. When you come back, I'll put all of you down in the cold palace! Right, I'm not letting you eat yet! Let's watch her eat, let's be envious, hahaha ~

Oh no, someone help me!

If anyone comes first, I will reward them heavily!

She was about to become the first host to fail a quest due to eating too much!

How about she make a phone call to ask someone to come back?

Su Jiujiu thought again: Why don't she go to the hospital and buy some foodstuffs for herself? En, no, the school hospital is so far away, I think she won't have the strength to make it halfway, no, it won't do.

Otherwise, if she went to the bathroom to squat for a while, she might even be pulled out while squatting down.

Su Jiujiu held onto the wall as she slowly walked to the toilet. After squatting for a few minutes, she finally reacted. Her head was filled with black lines. It was as if she could see a flock of crows flying through the sky.

F * ck, her brain must be spinning before she thought of the toilet. How could she finish the meal so quickly? Where did her high IQ go to? It was practically Zizi!

She might as well walk around a bit.

Sigh! Life is a sad thing.

Su Jiujiu cleaned up and came out of the toilet. After walking back and forth in the dorm for about half an hour, her stomach finally stopped feeling bad. At this moment, Lee Qian, who she had been reciting for so long, finally came back.

She had recovered, and now she was back. Was the heavens trying to torture her!

Su Jiujiu silently sat on her stool. Only then did she remember to look at her class schedule. She took out her cell phone and opened it.

The original owner was in his first year of college, and his specialty was chemistry. Sensory chemistry shouldn't be that difficult. She used to have excellent chemistry in junior high school.

There was only one psychological lesson in the afternoon.

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