Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C17 Beginner Task World(3)
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Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C17 Beginner Task World(3)
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C17 Beginner Task World(3)

By the way, she still doesn't know what she looks like.

Su Jiujiu picked up the mirror on the table and examined it closely.

A pair of small eyes, with a drooping nose, a sweet little mouth, a little flesh on her small face, and a little yellow skin.

He was slightly disappointed. Compared to her original appearance, she couldn't even compare to a fifth of the way she looked.

Speaking of which, what about this mission? The problem was that this was her first time. She didn't have any experience, so she didn't know what to do.

Yin Shengzhe would confess to the original owner on Saturday. There were still four days left, so she just needed to wait.

Well, she was so clever!

2: 20 PM.

Classroom 302.

Su Jiujiu and the host's best friend, Lee Qian, were sitting in the third row of the classroom.

The moment the teacher entered the classroom, he immediately drew Su Jiujiu's attention.

Yo, this teacher is a young beauty.

Everyone loved beauty. Who doesn't like to see beautiful things!

Lee Qian turned her head and saw Su Jiujiu's bright eyes. She felt very strange. "It's not like this is your first time seeing teacher. Why are your eyes so lustful?"

"Of course not!" Su Jiujiu, who had been caught by Lee Qian, instantly blushed.

"I just found out that my teacher is really pretty today, and I've never really looked at it before. "Alright, stop it, let's go to class."

With that, Su Jiujiu stared at the teacher with a serious expression.

"Good morning students," the teacher greeted with a smile.

"Old — teacher — good!"

"Students, you should remember that every time we have a part to discuss before class, so please invite the fifth group representatives of the Chemistry Class to come up and share the results of their group discussion with us. Everyone, please give us a round of applause!"


When Su Jiujiu saw this, she was somewhat stupefied. After thinking for a while, she finally remembered.

She was in the fifth group, so last night they had a discussion and recorded a little video.

After looking for a while, Su Jiujiu suddenly reminded Lee Qian, "Lee Qian, the next one is me."


"Look, it's about to be my turn!"

"Got it!"

"Hello everyone, I am the fifth member of the Chemistry Class, Su Jiujiu."

Su Jiujiu opened her eyes wide, unable to believe that the person in the video was herself.

"From the point of view of 'there are no students who can't be taught well, only teachers who can't be taught well', let's talk about our own views. I think... "


Her heart was struck.

When she opened her mouth to speak, she felt that her voice was alright. She never expected that the voice broadcast in the video would be so sweet and cute. It was simply unbearable!

Su Jiujiu raised a hand to cover her flushed face. "Lee Qian, I can't stand my voice anymore. It's actually like this …"

"What's wrong? You talk pretty well too?"

"Aiya, that's not it. I'm about to lose my face!"

"Your voice is very special. It's okay. "I think it's very nice."

"But, I …"

Lee Qian patted Su Jiujiu's arm comfortingly. "Alright, alright. It's fine, ah …"

"Wu wu, Lee Qian!"

Beside Su Jiujiu, Yin Shengzhe was doing his homework. His heart trembled when he heard the voice. He stopped writing and looked up at the projector.

So it was her!

This girl, usually had a soothing smile on her face when she was with her roommates.

Su, Jiu, Jiu.

When Yin Shengzhe looked back, he saw Su Jiujiu, who was covering her face on the right side.

Hehe, so it turns out that she's so shy.

While Su Jiujiu was watching her video, she covered her face and didn't notice Yin Shengzhe, who was staring at her.

"Beep, affability level increased by 10. Current 50 points."

Why is there a affability level? What is this?

Su Jiujiu directly asked, "Mu Ningchen, what's the affability level?"

"The affability level is used to evaluate the progress of your mission. "Only when it reaches a hundred, which is when the male lead truly falls in love with you, will it represent the completion of the mission."

There was such a thing. Therefore, she still had to go to the male lead to get a feel for him. How do I get this affability level?

Su Jiujiu felt a headache coming on.

If he wanted Yin Shengzhe to increase his affability level, he would have to do something he liked. However, Yin Shengzhe hadn't confessed to her yet, so what could she do?

She had thought that it would be fine as long as the wish of the female lead was fulfilled, but to think that she would have such a good impression. She felt that it was a little difficult.

"You have to remember, only by exchanging your sincerity can you exchange it for your sincerity!"

With Su Jiujiu's intelligence, she definitely understood what he meant.

"Thank you, I understand."

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