Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C18 Beginner Task World(4)
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Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C18 Beginner Task World(4)
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C18 Beginner Task World(4)

In the class selection tonight, the teacher called for him.


"Cao Wenyan has arrived!"

"We're here!"


"Shi Huayue …" The teacher on stage continued to call out names.

Hearing Su Jiujiu, Yin Shengzhe was secretly happy.

It turned out that he and Su Jiujiu were sitting in the same class, and from the sound of it, it sounded like they were right behind him.

They were destined to be together.

Yin Shengzhe immediately took out a black pen from his school bag and switched it to the one he was using. He turned around and saw Su Jiujiu sitting behind him. When he looked down and saw her neat handwriting, the affection in his heart rose.

"Beep — affability level increased by 5. Current level: 55."

Ai? Why did Yin Shengzhe add a good impression to her? She didn't do anything herself.

Could Yin Shengzhe be around her?

Su Jiujiu stopped writing and realized that there was someone ahead of her. She raised her head and was stunned.

This boy was really handsome!

A pair of charming eyes, a high nose bridge, a moderate thickness of lips, so sexy ah, white skin, sharp outline.


Seeing the dumbfounded Su Jiujiu, Yin Shengzhe couldn't help but laugh.

He should thank himself for having Su Jiujiu so fixated on his handsome and handsome air bag. It looked like he had the advantage of looks.

When he smiled, it was so bright and beautiful!

How could there be such a sunny person?

Su Jiujiu, who was engrossed in the game, did not hear the system notification at all.

Yin Shengzhe opened his mouth and pulled Su Jiujiu back to reality.

"Hello, I've used up my pen cap. Can you lend me a pen?"

Ah, she stared at Yin Shengzhe for such a long time, it's so embarrassing!

Su Jiujiu looked at Yin Shengzhe's smiling eyes and felt ashamed. He immediately lowered his head, and his face suddenly felt as if it were boiling.

"But, you can …" Su Jiujiu stuttered as she raised her hand to take out a neutral pen from the stationery box and gave it to Yin Shengzhe.

Su Jiujiu's small hand and Yin Shengzhe's big hand formed a sharp contrast.

She's so small.

"Thank you!"

"No, you're welcome!"

"I just heard the teacher call you out. So we're in the same class, what a coincidence!"

"Ah, seems to be the case."

"What are you doing?"

"Experimental report."

"Sigh, I'm writing the experimental report too."

Yin Shengzhe's roommate glanced at her, then glanced at Su Jiujiu, who was behind her.

I was just quietly watching you open your eyes and tell lies.

He was curious. He sat next to Yin Shengzhe. He did not ask for a pen, but rather asked for a pen from the girls at the back.

Don't worry, I understand what you mean, and will definitely not expose you. No, brother must help you. Let the little girl know how you feel about her. Look at you, brother, I'm worried about your happiness for the rest of your life.

"Hey, Yin Shengzhe, have you finished your materialization homework, and taught me how to finish it?"

Yin Shengzhe's face instantly stiffened. He smiled awkwardly at Su Jiujiu. "I suddenly remember that I just finished writing the experiment report."

"Oh!" Su Jiujiu didn't know what to say.

"About that, thank you for your pen." Yin Shengzhe waved the pen in his hand.

Su Jiujiu nodded at him.

Yin Shengzhe turned his head and looked fiercely at his roommate, who was laughing beside him. He asked in a low voice, "Hee Ling, what did you just say?"

"I know what you're going to say, don't thank me too much."

Yin Shengzhe smiled brilliantly, revealing a mouthful of white teeth. However, he spat out words that were very cruel to Hee Ling.

"I want to thank you very much. You can't eat — I — — tonight."

Hee Ling screamed as he laid on the table in the shape of a corpse.

This was simply ten times the torture for a glutton like him!

"Waa, Yin Shengzhe, I helped you out of good intentions, yet you actually repay this kindness with hatred."

"What do you mean?"

"I want to show you my innocence. Do you like that little girl? "


"That's right. You didn't write the lab report, but you said the same thing as her, which means you were trying to strike up a conversation, and she would understand what you were thinking about her. "Shouldn't you thank me?"

Yin Shengzhe turned his head and sat back down, ignoring Hee Ling.

Hee Ling lied on the table listlessly with a bitter face.

He now understood that he would never speak carelessly again!

Yin Shengzhe was in a surprisingly good mood as he used Su Jiujiu's pen.

Su Jiujiu smiled after a while.

Yin Shengzhe had just created so many coincidences to find a topic to talk to her. However, he didn't expect his roommate to see through it.

Such pure love is great!

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