Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C19 Beginner Task World(5)
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Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C19 Beginner Task World(5)
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C19 Beginner Task World(5)

Su Jiujiu lowered her head to copy the experimental report, but the pen in her hand didn't move at all. Her mind was filled with the scene of her and Yin Shengzhe just now.

She had acted out of instinct. From the looks of it, the original owner should be a shy person.

Su Jiujiu lifted her slightly cold hand to touch her face, lowering the temperature slightly.

Well, it was time for her to do her homework.

Su Jiujiu calmed down and began to copy the experimental report.

But why was it that when she copied his face, she remembered Yin Shengzhe's face?

Beautiful miscalculation, beautiful miscalculation!

No wonder the ancients said, 'A beauty is a disaster'. Now she began to understand. The words of the ancients were not without reason. They were all summed up from experience, truly the essence of the world!

Noon of the second day.

Su Jiujiu accompanied Lee Qian to the basketball court.

The school organizes the college basketball game, today is the chemistry and chemical engineering institute and sports academy to play. Lee Qian was a member of the Chemical Industry College basketball team. As a friend and a member of the college, she would definitely go.

Moreover, today was the final match of the finals.

Arriving at the basketball court, Su Jiujiu broke out in a cold sweat when she saw how tall and big the sports academy was, and how the girls over 1.7 meters tall were compared to the girls over here who were around 1.6 meters and 65 meters tall.

"The students of this sports academy have developed sports cells. They're so tall and so sturdy. Tell me, how do you think we should fight this competition?"

"Lee Qian, you can do it! Our match is a team fight, if you try your best, even if you lose, it doesn't matter." Even though they can crush us due to their height, we can still intimidate them based on their aura! "

"Right, the loser cannot lose the battle!"

Yin Shengzhe, who came out from the audience at the side, saw Su Jiujiu as soon as she arrived at the sports field.

Yin Shengzhe silently moved beside Su Jiujiu. At this moment, Su Jiujiu was so focused on Lee Qian that she didn't even notice the change in the people around her.

After a while, the two teams bid farewell to their coach and stood still on the field.

After the referee whistled, the match officially began!

Even as an outsider, she could tell at a glance that a female student from the sports academy held a certain advantage. If she could feel the pressure coming from the sports academy, then the pressure on the team members would definitely be great. Moreover, after all, they were in a sports academy. Physical education was their strong point, and their strength in every aspect was quite strong.

Su Jiujiu cheered for them in her heart as she watched them fall behind by seventy percent at the sports academy.

Yin Shengzhe, who was standing next to Su Jiujiu, was completely focused on her. He looked at Su Jiujiu's smiling face, which was occasionally wrinkled from worry, and then at her face, which was sometimes joyful from the goals scored by the Huayuan college basketball team.

What a rich expression on her face!

After resting for 10 minutes, Su Jiujiu saw Lee Qian walk over and immediately passed a cup of water to her.

Salt was added to the water to replenish the lost water.

Lee Qian's forehead was full of sweat. Her face was completely red. She gulped a few mouthfuls of water and returned home immediately.

Both sides adjusted their strategy and the second half of the match began.

This time, the basketball court chose to take the initiative to attack. It was like a ferocious beast that was about to take action at any moment.

The Huayuan Academy was able to kill their way to the finals. It was clear that they still had a certain level of strength, and they quickly closed the gap between the two sides. Now, only two points remained.

Time passed minute by minute, second by second. The afternoon was somewhat hot, and even the occasional breeze could not disperse the students' excited mood.

In the last ten seconds, Lee Qian's nimble figure shuttled back and forth between the team members, coordinating well with them. She caught the ball as soon as it was thrown. Her teammates opened a hole for her. Lee Qian spun around and avoided the encirclement. She then leaped, the ball, and entered!

In the end, the Huayuan Institute won by a point of the leading body academy!

After the competition ended, Lee Qian and Su Jiujiu were walking out of the sports field when Yin Shengzhe greeted them, "Lee Qian."

He couldn't let go of any opportunity to get along with Su Jiujiu.

"Yes." Do you have anything else? "It's definitely going to be fine. Let's go!"

Yin Shengzhe choked on Lee Qian's words as he stood on the spot and watched the two of them walk further and further away.

He had treated her so well in the past, but now, he didn't even talk to her.

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