Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C3 Music Spectrum Change
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Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C3 Music Spectrum Change
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C3 Music Spectrum Change

The real world.

It was bustling with activity in a certain teaching building in Linxia University.

Su Jiujiu headed to the office with a nervous heart.

What kind of scene would she face later? How could she explain this matter to her teacher? How could she explain it clearly? What if she's nervous and can't talk? Would the teacher scold her?

She clearly remembered to put them on her desk. She had searched through all the places where she had found them, not missing out on anything larger than sesame seeds, especially things related to paper. She couldn't find any trace of them, no matter how hard she tried to find them.


Why did it fall at such a crucial moment!

Su Jiujiu, ah, Su Jiujiu, have you forgotten where you left it? Now that they were already on fire, quickly think about it, quickly think about it. Where exactly did they put it?

The most important thing was that she was going to give it to Bei Bei as a birthday present. She had promised him that she wouldn't believe him if she didn't find it now. She would not believe him in the future!

Su Jiujiu scratched her head in annoyance.

She really couldn't remember!

As she approached the teacher's office, Su Jiujiu finally accepted the fact that she couldn't find her graduation work.

Su Jiujiu took a deep breath to calm herself down.

It didn't matter. At most, he could just extend his graduation by a year!

Su Jiujiu was just about to knock on the door when the door suddenly opened from the inside. A male teacher in his forties revealed his face.

"Hai, fellow student, who are you looking for?"

Su Jiujiu was so scared that she did not even think twice before blurting out, "Hello teacher, I'm here to hand in my homework."

"Oh, come in."

"Thank you, teacher."

The male teacher opened the door completely and stood by the side. Su Jiujiu walked with heavy steps towards Ms Fang's table.

Why did she just say that she was here to hand in her homework? She was in a bad mood and her mouth turned stupid.

Ai? The teacher isn't here.

There was no one in the teacher's office. Su Jiujiu was very glad that her teacher wasn't here, but at this time, her heart calmed down. She turned her head and saw a pile of familiar music on her teacher's desk.

She had searched for a long time, but to think that the work she had found was with her teacher. This was too surprising!

She really wanted to find her teacher and explain the situation to him, but because she didn't submit her graduation work at the set time, she definitely wouldn't be able to successfully graduate and would have to wait for a year. Before she came, she had already prepared for the worst.

But as he looked at the familiar melodies in front of him, he suddenly felt uneasy.

Was that really his? What if those few sentences were more similar and the handwriting was more similar? Was it really someone else's? Besides, she didn't even remember handing in her homework.

Su Jiujiu still mustered the courage to lift her hand and slowly pull out the score from the other assignments. After seeing more and more of it, Su Jiujiu felt more confident.

Yes, this was her score!

Su Jiujiu was so happy that her hand moved even faster. When the paper was completely drawn out, Su Jiujiu looked at the name on the paper with her eyes wide open in shock. She couldn't believe what she had just seen.

'Lee Ann ', her close friend of four years. This name was extremely familiar to her!

She had been in a hurry before, but now she was furious!

Su Jiujiu looked straight ahead. In Nuo's office, she could hear the rustling sound of paper as it tightened its grip.

Despite the answer, she didn't want to believe it.

She hadn't seen it personally, but she had heard it personally. She didn't know the truth of the matter, so she couldn't casually convict others!

She was going to clarify this matter with Lee Ann personally!

Su Jiujiu suppressed the anger in her heart and left quickly, her footsteps moving like the wind, holding the musical score that she had spent half a year writing.

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