Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C8 Impersonate the Contestant
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Transmigration: My 'System' Husband/C8 Impersonate the Contestant
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C8 Impersonate the Contestant

How could Su Jiujiu scold anyone!

Wasn't she a white lotus herself? What right did she have to speak of the case?

Wu Xincheng was also very angry when he heard that. He turned around and saw Lee Ann's angry but reluctant expression. He felt even more sorry for her.

Although he really wanted to hug Lee Ann, this was a public place so he had to pay attention to his image. Lee Ann and Su Jiujiu were best friends, so he and Lee Ann still had to avoid suspicion.

Finally, Wu Xincheng patted on Lee Ann's shoulder to comfort her. Lee Ann raised her head and forced a smile at him.

"It's her fault that you and Su Jiujiu became like this. You don't have to blame yourself or feel guilty."

"En, thank you. Xincheng, you are so nice."

Wu Xincheng was very happy to hear Lee Ann's thanks.

Hmph, since when did Wu Xincheng become so good at comforting others? He never said that when he was with her in the past! From the looks of it, Wu Xincheng was going to be with Lee Ann. If she didn't mention breaking up today, would Wu Xincheng continue lying to her, openly cheating on her, and dating Lee Ann?

Whether it was in response to the phrase 'fire, prevention, and prevention of theft, my best friend', Wu Xincheng, his personality and this name really don't match!

Such a boyfriend, it was fine if he didn't want him!

Su Jiujiu, who had just taken a few steps, now felt a little glad that she could clearly see their faces.

She had very little memory of Wu Xincheng and the two of them. She also had a reason for having such an ending with Wu Xincheng today. She had very little free time, so she didn't have the opportunity to truly understand them.

"Lee Ann!" Not far away, a female student jogged a few steps and stopped in front of Lee Ann.

Zhao Ling, who didn't know what was going on, was about to speak. However, when she looked at Lee Ann's face, she immediately realized that her eyes were red and swollen, as if she had just been crying.

"Eh? Lee Ann, what's wrong with you? "

"Nothing, why are you looking for me?" Lee Ann swept away her previous unhappiness as she asked with a smile.

"Oh right, we've already helped you take the music that you sent to us earlier to participate in the competition. The result is already out, you've successfully passed the first three exams and will be ranked in the top three. In a while, someone will notify you that you are preparing to participate in the second exam. Congratulations. "

Su Jiujiu, who had only taken a few steps, immediately pricked up her ears and stopped in her tracks.

"Thank you, but I've troubled you with your trip. Thank you for your hard work."

"It's nothing. It's what I should have done anyway. I've said everything I needed to say. I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first. "

"Alright, goodbye."

Lee Ann had even done such a despicable thing!

Since her grandfather had been hospitalized a month ago, since she was going home, it would take her two days to go back and forth. Coincidentally, the day after she left, she signed up for the national college student music competition and handed over all her relevant documents to Lee Ann. When she returned, she asked.

She should be the one participating in the competition, the name on the music sheet should be her, the one who was truly innocent was her, Lee Ann was the one who was insulted by everyone!

Su Jiujiu's eyes narrowed, a cold light gradually appearing in them.

She has always kept her promise that if anyone offends me, I will not offend them. If anyone offends me, I will definitely repay them!

Lee Ann, you forced me to do this!

She wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. She didn't want to see those two again, nor did she want to hear their voices. All she wanted now was to find a quiet place to hide.

Su Jiujiu left quickly.

He walked to the small path beside the pond in the center of the garden. As he walked too fast, he bumped into a boy who was walking over from the other side. He hurriedly apologized and left.

Su Jiujiu felt a sense of familiarity when she took a few steps forward.

Su Jiujiu frowned slightly.

She didn't know where she'd seen it, either. She seemed to remember having the same dreams lately.

The dream seemed to be in a courtyard with many people inside. She was talking to a man, and as they walked side by side, the atmosphere between them was relaxed and pleasant.

By the time Su Jiujiu looked back, the person was already gone.

Could it be that she was hallucinating?

Su Jiujiu shook her head and turned to leave.

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