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C9 Meet up

After Su Jiujiu left, Mu Ningchen, who stopped by the forest, looked in the direction she left in.

This person seemed to have seen him somewhere before, giving him a sense of familiarity.

For a long time, Mu Ningchen did not have any impression of him.

He might as well find the person he was looking for that possessed a strong desire to survive.

If there was fate, they would meet again. If there was no fate, they would brush their shoulders and not recognize it. They would probably meet again.

Mu Ningchen left.

8 PM.

Su Jiujiu's phone vibrated in her jacket pocket. She took it out and saw that it was her roommate, Hee Xiaohui.


"Jiujiu, I heard about the matter between you and Lee Ann today. Don't worry, I believe you …"

Su Jiujiu's heart warmed when she heard those words. A light flickered in her eyes.

After experiencing it, only then did he understand that a word of comfort from a friend was extremely rare and precious in such a difficult time.

"Thank you!"

On the other side of the phone, Hee Xiaohui covered her mouth and whispered, "Hai, it's nothing. Usually, when I get along with Lee Ann, I feel that she's not a good person and I don't like her." Oh, I almost forgot what I was doing when I started talking to you. Let me tell you, when I came out of the study room, I bumped into Lee Ann and Wu Xincheng. I heard that they seemed to be discussing some music and even mentioned your name. I think I can definitely find out some useful information. This person will easily reveal his secrets in some places where he's relaxed. Maybe Lee Ann will reveal the truth about the music after revealing it to me. I won't talk to you for now. Bye bye, wait for me to go back first. "

"Du." Du. "Du." Su Jiujiu put her cell phone back in her pocket, took the keys and closed the door, then went downstairs.

Lee Ann and Wu Xincheng going to the woods at such a late hour was definitely something shameful, so she had to go and take a look.

Xiaohui had just said that they would walk on a remote road with a small forest in front of them. It must be the one on the west side of the dormitory. Besides, if Xiaohui really ran into their secret and was discovered by them, they might do something to hurt Xiaohui. Besides, Lee Ann's family had some power, so the chances were much higher.

Furthermore, if what Xiaohui said was true, and Lee Ann told the truth herself and happened to be heard by the two of them, then it would save her the trouble of looking for evidence everywhere. However, she felt that the possibility wasn't high. Lee Ann was quite smart and probably wouldn't fall into their trap. However, it was always good to have a bit of hope in your heart.

I don't know if I'll be able to run into them now.

Actually, Xiaohui shouldn't have followed them. She was the one who wanted to go, but Xiaohui hung up the phone in a hurry when she thought of Xiaohui's return.

After Su Jiujiu got off from her dormitory, she sprinted all the way. Originally, the ten minutes' journey should have been four minutes.

When Su Jiujiu saw a figure standing beside a thick tree not far away, she approached and recognized Hee Xiaohui. She then walked over and whispered, "Xiaohui."

Hearing the familiar voice beside her, Hee Xiaohui lifted her head to look at the person beside her. Surprised, she pulled Su Jiujiu down and the two of them whispered into each other's ears.

"Jiujiu, why are you here?"

"I'm not at ease with you. Besides, how could I not come when I meet the both of them? What did they talk about? "Why is he still here after so long?"

"The two of them are lovers now. Other than those sweet words, there's nothing else. Jiujiu, look, I have this imported camera around my neck every day. Today is the time for it to realize its greatest value. "

Su Jiujiu followed the direction of the camera and saw the faces of Lee Ann and Wu Xincheng in night vision mode. The location Xiaohui found was too good. She could hide and hear their conversation.

Although eavesdropping wasn't a good idea, the situation now was different. Facing Lee Ann and Wu Xincheng, there was no need to think about righteousness.

"Jiujiu, if you feel bad seeing Lee Ann and Wu Xincheng together, you can leave first. I'm here."

"No, they and I have been strangers since morning."

"Then I'm relieved. From the looks of it, you are in quite a good state right now. You can still hold on after what happened."

"My mental fortitude isn't that bad."

"Then I am relieved."

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