Transmigration: To Be His Man/C1 Once a Court Passes Through Another Person's Wife
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Transmigration: To Be His Man/C1 Once a Court Passes Through Another Person's Wife
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C1 Once a Court Passes Through Another Person's Wife

When Qin Mian opened his eyes, he was horrified to find himself lying in a leaking thatched hut. The problem was that he was still in his villa earlier. What was even more horrifying was that there was another man lying under the blanket next to his legs!

"You, you, who are you?"

The man silently sat up, exposing his bare upper body. He stared at him for a moment, then took a broken bowl from the table by the bed. He said in a muffled voice, "Wife, drink this water."

Qin Mian rolled his eyes as he fainted.

Qin Mian had a dream. He dreamt that he had become a woman. Under the sound of the firecrackers, he was forced into a bridal sedan to marry a man.

He broke out in a cold sweat before waking up. He tore off his clothes and looked at his flat chest. He breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, was amused by himself. "scaring myself, it's just a dream …"

Suddenly, he felt that something was wrong. Why were his clothes so tattered? And how could he be so dark, so thin, like a child of eleven or twelve?

He looked up quickly and realized that he was indeed in a thatched hut. He jumped off the bed and onto the floor. The thatched hut was only about seven or eight square meters wide. Two of the walls were made of earth, and on the walls hung a large bow. The other two walls were made of only wood, hay, and old cloth. There was nothing in the room but a wooden bed, a low table by the head of the bed, and two wooden boxes. Oh, and there was a red paper clipping on the wall. He couldn't even find a mirror, but looking at his own arms and legs, Qin Mian was sure that this body wasn't his.

A wave of horror crawled up his back. What was going on? He clearly remembered that he was in his own villa. That's right, he was pushed by Qin Lian, causing him to roll down the stairs and hit his head. He suddenly had an inconceivable thought. Could it be that he had died and returned the dead's soul to him?

Qin Mian couldn't believe it as he pinched himself hard. The scene in front of him didn't change at all, as if he was laughing at him coldly.

He was completely dumbfounded. After a moment, he looked at his left wrist where his pulse was. There was a small, unremarkable mole there, and with a thought, a familiar mysterious world appeared before his eyes.

He strode toward the door, his feet hurting. He looked down and saw a pair of bony black feet, not wearing shoes. The floor was full of potholes. It would be strange if the feet didn't hurt. Turning around, he saw a pair of straw sandals by the bed. They had been worn for a long time and were already half black. Under the bed were two other pairs of straw shoes, one big and one small, both new. He put on his new sandals without hesitation.

When he opened the door, he found that the thatched cottage was built in a courtyard. At first glance, he could tell that it had been covered up later.

"Humph …" The pig in the pigsty across the street looked up at him, then looked down again, its filthy mouth pawing at the leaves that had fallen in the straw. Beside the two leaves was a large lump of feces.

The corner of Qin Mian's mouth twitched, he walked towards the house that was tightly shut, pushed open the door and shouted loudly. The unfamiliar voice sounded a little hoarse, "Is there anyone here?"

No one answered.

He raised his voice and shouted again. When he did not receive a reply, he could not help but frown. His body was too weak and weak. He could only shout as if he had used up all of his strength. He couldn't help but wonder if this body was sick?

Looking to the right, there was a closed door. The door was nailed with a few pieces of wood, and the light coming through the cracks in the boards was clearly visible.

Qin Mian opened the door and took a few steps to avoid the stench from the pigsty. Waves of wind blew by and the fresh air made him greedily suck in a few breaths.

On the left, there was a high sun. It was unknown whether it was the morning or the evening sun, but the sunlight was shining on the lush green trees, reflecting the light and dancing along with the wind, just like sparkling gold. A few rows of houses on the opposite side of the road had chimneys erected, and smoke was rising steadily into the air. He looked up and saw a large field in the distance, green crops rippling in the wind. In the fields, the peasants were busy as they bent over, while the cows were grazing on the ridges with their tails wagging. Further away was a tall green mountain, covered with layers of green trees. A faint smoke lingered in the middle of the mountain, making it look like a fairyland. The vague sounds of voices, mixed with the cries of cattle and sheep and dogs, resonated in some direction. It only served to accentuate the serenity of the village.

What a pleasant little village.

If it wasn't for the fact that Qin Mian still hadn't figured out his situation, he wouldn't mind taking a good stroll around the village. Having spent so much time in the steel-and-cement forest, such a small village was his favorite.

At that moment, an old woman in her sixties came up from behind a stack of haystacks. On her right arm was a basket containing some wet clothes.

When Qin Mian saw the old woman's bun and ancient attire, his heart skipped a beat.

When he finally saw someone, he wondered if he should go up and test her. Suddenly, the old woman quickened her steps and walked straight towards him. Her expression was also very unfriendly, and her thin lips were tightly pursed, revealing a sense of harshness.

"Since you're awake, why don't you go feed the pigs? Standing here and looking at the scenery? "

Qin Mianxin said. He really did look at the scenery. Seeing that the old woman had indeed entered the courtyard he had just left, he was unsure of his relationship with her. He could only rub his nose and walk in as well, his stomach rumbling like thunder.

He was hungry.

Madam Du was originally planning to dry his clothes on the rope, but when she heard that there was no movement behind him, she twisted her waist, staring at them she roared angrily, "Old master, you are a dead man! Hurry up and feed the pigs! "

"Is it the son of the elder, or is it the son of the elder?" Qin Mian thought. Besides the old woman, he was the only one here. Even if he didn't want to be the one being called by the old woman, he could only sigh and walk over.

Madam Du glanced at him, "Feed the pigs!"

"Nope." Qin Mian smiled gently, "I'll have to trouble you to teach me."

Hearing that, Madam Du's face immediately darkened, she looked around, picked up a rotten broom, and whipped it at Qin Mian, "You don't know? Will you eat? Are you trying to piss me off? "

Qin Mian was shocked, he immediately extended his hand and grabbed the broom, thinking: Is this old lady sick? He didn't say much before he started hitting people. However, he had forgotten that he was only eleven or twelve years old, and his health was very poor. He felt a sharp pain in his hand from the old woman's tug, and his hands loosened as he fell to the ground.

"You still dare to fight back? "It's the opposite of you." Madam Du raised her broom and used all her strength to sweep at him again.

Qin Mian's face turned cold, but he did not have the strength to dodge, he thought to himself that it was terrible, he would probably be struck. The old woman looked old, but his body was sturdy.

Madam Du's expression was ugly as she frowned and looked behind Qin Mian.

Qin Mian turned his head to look back, and saw a tall and big man holding a broom. He seemed to have seen this man somewhere before.

"Mom, he's my wife."

Qin Mian started to cough violently. No wonder he felt that he had seen him before. Wasn't the person who passed him water in the middle of the night calling him "wife" this person!?

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