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C10 Split Home(3)

The two of them did not light their lamps and went to bed in the dark.

Qin Mian touched the old and hard blanket on his body, but he was in a relaxed state of mind — soon to be separated into families. Compared to the branch family, the other grievances were nothing.

"Right, where do we live after the branch families leave?" Qin Mian suddenly thought of the most important thing and asked softly.

Lei Tia paused for a moment in the darkness, "I only have enough money to build a thatched cottage."

Qin Mian did not mind, and laughed, "As long as we can move out from here, even living in a cave is fine." As long as he left here, he would have a way to make money.

Lei Tia hadn't spoken for a long time, and it was unknown if he had fallen asleep.

Qin Mian tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. After struggling for nearly an hour, he finally sat up.

"Where to?"

Lei Tia's voice suddenly resounded.

Qin Mian jumped in shock. Luckily he didn't take out the food from the spatial space hastily. He rubbed his stomach and sighed, "I'm hungry." When he was growing up, how could a chicken leg and an egg be enough for him to eat? Even if there were leftover dinner, she would have kept it locked in the cupboard by the Madam Du, so she was the only one with a key.

Beside him, Lei Tia also stood up. A large amount of moonlight shone in, and it was Lei Tia who soundlessly opened the door.

"Let's go." Lei Tia said softly.

"Where to?" Qin Mian was puzzled, he climbed down the bed and put on his shoes.

Lei Tia opened the courtyard door and lightly closed it after Qin Mian left.

The moonlight was as calm as water. It was late September, the night was rather cold, but it did not make people feel cold. The night wind blew against their faces, making them feel very comfortable.

Lei Tia held onto Qin Mian's wrist, but Qin Mian was unable to break free, he could only let him. The ground was full of holes. If he was not careful, he would step into the pit, and Lei Tia could hold him back.

Walking along the road, Qin Mian was even more confused. We'll be out of the village if we keep walking. Upon arriving at the Cereal Field, Lei Tia stopped in front of a straw mound that was as tall as a person, extended his hand and dug around the top of the mound, three eggs appearing in his hands.

Qin Mian looked at him in surprise. Who would have thought that someone like him would actually steal another person's eggs?

Lei Tia seemed to have seen through his thoughts, "Wild chicken."

Qin Mian thought that it was true too. How could a domesticated chicken come here to lay an egg?

"Wait." Lei Tia pushed three eggs into his hands.

Qin Mian watched his back as it gradually disappeared into the distance. The surrounding was silent and empty, only the grass was in the shadow of the moonlight and the wind was blowing behind him. He felt his hair stand on end, rubbed his hands together, touched by Lei Tia's actions, but also sympathized for the fact that he was born in such a family. Madam Du locking the cupboard wasn't only to guard against him, but also to guard against Lady Zhao and Madam Qian from stealing the secrets. They were originally a family, but for it to reach such a level, how could they not find it hilarious and depressing?

Not long after, Lei Tia returned with a small bundle of firewood, and in his right hand were two corn cobs that had snapped from nowhere. He lit a fire with flint and put the eggs in the fire. Then he roasted the eggs on top of the fire with two thin sticks of bamboo and corn.

Under the flickering light, the man's face was calmer than it was in the daytime. Even though he was seated, his back was still straight and he looked very calm and reliable.

Fire tongue licked the corn, and in a while, Lei Tia would turn the bamboo in his hand around. Qin Mian yawned as he laid on his knees and smelled the fragrance of the corn before he straightened up. When Lei Tia handed the two corn over, he only took one.

"You have one too." He took a bite of the corn. It was soft and fragrant, and a smile appeared in his eyes. Your cooking skills are pretty good, not bad at all. " When Lei Tia was hunting, he did not come back to eat at noon. He needed to solve his problem by himself, this was how he trained his skills.

Lei Tia did not say anything, his face still had no expression, but the cold lines of his face had clearly softened, as he picked up a stick and turned the eggs in the fire.

Even after Qin Mian and Lei Tia had been together for many years, when he thought of the scenes from that night, Qin Mian's heart was still filled with warmth.

"When are you going to mention the branch family? "I'm not trying to hurry you up and get to the bottom of this."

Lei Tia did not eat corn, "Tomorrow night Fifth Brother will go home and rest for one day. We'll talk about it then. "

Qin Mian nodded. He already knew that Lei Tia had his own way of thinking. He probably knew how to split the family, so he didn't need to say anything. Moreover, he always felt that he was an outsider, so he couldn't interfere.

Lei Tia took out the egg and placed it on the wind to cool it down.

After Qin Mian finished chewing on the corn stalks, he touched the eggs. They were no longer hot.

Only then did Lei Tia eat the corn in his hands.

The corncob was thrown into a rice field as high as his knees.

"There will be traces here." Qin Mian pointed to the burnt campfire.

Lei Tia said: "It's not time to use your Cereal Field yet." This meant that no one would be able to find out about it in the next few days. Actually, even if someone found out about it, it wouldn't be a big deal. At most, it would raise some speculations. If it was serious, there would be people gossiping about it.

"Then let's go." In order to express his gratitude to Lei Tia, Qin Mian bent down to carry the excess firewood.

Lei Tia was a step faster than him. He picked up a few firewood and signaled him to follow.

As he passed by his house, he conveniently placed the firewood on the pile. The two of them went back to their room.

There was no sound in the yard. Their departure did not alarm anyone.

His stomach was satisfied, and Qin Mian's sleepiness came as well. He fell asleep very quickly, and felt very cold in the middle of the night. He subconsciously leaned on the heat source beside him and slept soundly.

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