Transmigration: To Be His Man/C11 Make a Lot of Money and Put as Much Oil as You Want
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Transmigration: To Be His Man/C11 Make a Lot of Money and Put as Much Oil as You Want
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C11 Make a Lot of Money and Put as Much Oil as You Want

The first time the chicken cried out, Lei Tia opened his eyes. The faint light and the wind outside squeezed through the gaps of the thatched cottage. He quickly regained consciousness and lowered his head to look at the warm object in his arms. The youth curled up in his arms was sleeping soundly. The boy had squeezed into his arms in the middle of the night, cold and unconscious, his head tucked under his right armpit.

He took off his arms, tucked the boy in, quietly dressed, went to the courtyard to wash his face in the cold well water, then returned to the thatched hut to pack up his prey and bow, and set off in the dim light of dawn. This place was not close to the town. Furthermore, they had to climb a mountain. It would take them more than an hour to walk. It would be the busiest time since they could reach the market earlier. The people who were responsible for purchasing from rich families all chose to come out at this time to sell their prey faster.

Not too far away, a few people from the village who were similarly rushing the market walked over from another direction. Each of them carried a burden and even bent the carrying pole.

"Tia." One of them was Zhang Dashuan.

"Brother Zhang." Lei Tia greeted his without saying a word.

Zhang Dashuan knew his character, so he didn't mind and nodded with a smile.

A man around 30 years old came to Lei Tia's side, "Tia, how does your marriage feel? Is my wife easy to hug? "

"Mountain!" Zhang Dashuan's expression changed slightly as he frowned and looked at him.

"What's wrong with asking?" The other person was younger, and looked to be in his mid-twenties. He smirked as he knocked against Zhang Dashuan's carrying pole, "Brother Zhang, aren't you curious? Big Brother Shan is right, Tia's wife looked at him and felt that it would be hard to touch you, so why do you have to ask. "

Zhang Dashuan angrily stopped him from continuing, "Strong pillar!"

Lei Tia stopped in his tracks, his pair of unwavering black eyes staring straight at Song Qiang. It was as if the temperature of the air had dropped.

Yao Mountain was shocked and a little regretful. Lei Tia was not one to be trifled with, why would he go and provoke him? He was pissed off. It wasn't impossible for him to shoot someone with an arrow.

Song Qiang felt chills down his spine, but he was unwilling to lose face in front of others. He sneered and raised his head, saying, "What's wrong? You dare to marry a man as your wife? I dare to say that! "

Lei Tia retracted the cold light in his eyes, turned around, and said to Zhang Dashuan in a bland voice: "Brother Zhang, let's go first."

"Alright, alright." Zhang Dashuan was afraid that he would argue with the other two and immediately nodded his head.

After Lei Tia's figure had merged into the black figure of Qing Shan, Song Qiang let out a cold snort, "I already said, let's see what you can do to me!"

Zhang Dashuan and Yao Mountain looked at each other, secretly shaking their heads. If he really wasn't afraid, then why didn't he say this in front of Lei Tia?

Zhang Dashuan waved his hand, "Let's go, let's continue on our way."

Qin Mian naturally did not know what had happened to his cheap "husband", and was curled up in bed sleeping soundly. After an unknown period of time, the door was slammed open with a 'peng' sound.

"Why aren't you getting up, everyone? You really became a pig after living with a pig for so long? "

Qin Mian suddenly sat up, looking coldly at Madam Du. The old woman was too wicked. This wasn't just scolding him, it was also scolding her man's eldest son.

"What is it? You're still not convinced? " Madam Du did not even put him in his eyes, and his voice became louder, "Get up!"

Qin Mian took a deep breath and smiled to her, "Mother, I'll get up now. You've worked hard. I'll make breakfast for you today. "

Madam Du's expression softened, "Hurry!"

Qin Mian put on his clothes and went out. The sky wasn't bright yet. It was at most six o'clock in the morning. He washed his face briefly, went into the kitchen, and looked around. Inside the bamboo basket were some sweet potatoes, some autumn eggplants, some green peppers, three potatoes, and two eggs.

The Madam Du followed him in, "In the morning, cook the dishes in the basket. I have already scooped up the brown rice, and when you cook, steam the two eggs on the rice."

When she finished, she did not leave, but waited at the door.

"Got it." Qin Mian knew that she was afraid that he would overcook the rice. So unlike the city dwellers who would have to eat soup and water in the morning, the Zhuang family's food was the same as lunch and dinner. Otherwise, it would be easy for them to get hungry.

Seeing that he did not try to hide anything, the Madam Du left with ease.

As the rice was being cooked, Qin Mian washed the dishes and cut them into pieces. After the rice was cooked, he scooped up the sweet potato brown rice and put it in a basin. He placed it on top of the hot water to keep it warm and then washed the dishes.

The Madam Qian probably had nothing to do, so she came in to help him replenish the firewood.

Qin Mian wished for nothing more. After the wok was boiled dry, he scooped a spoonful of oil and poured it in.

The Madam Qian could not stop her in time, "Eldest Sister-in-law, you are letting it go too far.

Qin Mian calmly replied: "Eat the eggplant. Only with more oil will it taste good."

Madam Qian didn't care, she was the one who was scolded, not him. She laughed and praised, "It smells so good. Sister-in-law, you're the one who's brave. "If only you can cook from now on."

Qin Mian smiled indifferently, declining to comment.

Just like that, Qin Mian had fried two plates of eggplant, two plates of sweet potatoes and two plates of green peppers.

Once the dishes were done, he quickly slipped out the door.

Not long after, he heard the loud curses of the Madam Du. His left ear went in and out of his right ear as he walked slowly along the road out of the village.

When he saw a tall figure walking towards him at a leisurely pace, he quickly waved his hand. That was his protective talisman!

Lei Tia looked at the short and frail figure of the young girl in the distance and unconsciously quickened his pace. This was the first time someone had waited for him to return.

When he got closer, his voice sounded normal. "What?"

"I'm fine. I just finished cooking. Mom thinks I put too much oil in it. " Qin Mian told the truth and did not deny that he did this on purpose.

Lei Tia nodded his head, "I can make a lot of money, so when you cook, put as much oil as you want."

Qin Mian's face was a little hot as he changed the topic, "You sold the prey? How much did you sell it for? "

Lei Tia replied: "Two taels of silver."

Qin Mian said. He knew that 1 tael of gold was equivalent to 10 taels of silver, 1 tael of silver was equivalent to 10 taels of silver, and 1 tael of gold was equivalent to 100 taels of gold. However, he didn't know what the concept of 1 coin was, nor did he know how many items he could buy, so he didn't know whether it was too much or too little.

When they got home, the food had just been served.

When Madam Du saw that Qin Mian was about to start cursing, Lei Tia called his mother and pulled Qin Mian over to sit by the side of the table.

When the Madam Du thought about how Lei Tia obtained the money, she suppressed her anger and let Qin Mian go. She said gently: "Boss is back, how is the situation today?"

"Enough for me and Little Jun to wear two sets of clothes."

Qin Mian ignored Madam Du, picked up his bowl of rice, picked up his chopsticks and stuffed the eggplant into the bowl, then picked up the chopsticks and stuffing them into the bowl. Although it was a vegetarian dish, with enough oil, it was much more delicious than the dishes cooked by the Madam Du previously.

Lei Xiangren, Luo Hua City Mistress and the others were eating with relish, their mouths full of oil. Seeing that the food on the plate was getting shallower, Qin Mian quickly picked some food from Lei Tia's bowl.

Lei Tia glanced at him and Qin Mian replied with a smile.

The Madam Du was not satisfied with Lei Tia's answer and asked again, "Must be around two to three taels, right?"

"One or two hundred." After Lei Tia finished speaking, he did not speak anymore and lowered his head to eat.

He did not want to submit anything related to the officials, so Madam Du felt uncomfortable, but just as he was about to speak, Lei Xiangren's voice came out from the kitchen, "Why is there no food in the wok?"

Lei Xiangyi said: You've already eaten two bowls, and you still want to eat?

Madam Du came back to her senses and looked at the table. There were only a few bits of soup left on the three dishes on the table and only a little dish remained in her bowl. Needless to say, it was Lei Chuntao who gave it to her.

In a split-second, a surge of anger and anger rose from her chest and rushed into her brain. She picked up her chopsticks and threw it onto the ground, then shouted towards Madame Zhao and Madam Qian, "You ate so miserably. Did you guys just get released from prison? Even dogs are not as clean as you all! "

Madam Qian quickly finished preparing the rice in the bowl and did not say a word.

Mrs Zhao muttered unwillingly, "His aunt also ate …"

"Second sister!" Lei Chuntao's face was completely red, she glared at Mrs Zhao.

Madam Du was so angry that she staggered.

"Enough!" You can't even stop for a meal! " Lei Daqiang laid his face on the table with a slap. Unknowingly, his face was also a little red.

Madam Du sat down heavily, her gaze turned towards Qin Mian. She looked at him with extreme hatred and coldness, as though she was looking at his enemy.

Qin Mian hid behind Lei Tia and continued to eat.

Madam Du looked at Lei Tia who was blocking her view, "Boss, are you still going to town tomorrow? Get two catties of oil back. "

Lei Tia replied: "I'm not going. I have matters to attend to."

After dinner, Qin Mian took the initiative to say: "Mother, I will go chop firewood."

Madam Du immediately said: "No need for you! You can't even chop two catties of firewood a day! The second brother's family and the third brother's family will go and chop firewood, and the old friend's dishes and clothes! "

Qin Mian rejoiced secretly.

Only, when he saw the pile of clothes by the well, he realized that he had still underestimated Madam Du. Madam Du took out some clean clothes, right?

"Wife, come with me to mow the grass." Lei Tia walked over and pulled Qin Mian away.

Qin Mian reckoned that he was thinking of splitting the branch families, so he did not have to worry too much about Madam Du.

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