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C12 Split Home(4)

Qin Mian and Lei Tia carried their sickles and went out, coincidentally the neighbors from the east side also came out from the courtyard door, and their eyes met.

Qin Mian was extremely embarrassed, he admired the good temper of this family. The Madam Du scolded him every day in such a way that half of the village could hear him. The neighbors suffered the most, so why didn't anyone protest?

"Let's go out." The big man opened his mouth and smiled. His expression was very warm and there was no disdain in his eyes.

Qin Mian smiled and nodded, "Uncle, good morning. "Let's go mow the grass."

The big guy laughed, "What uncle? His name is Elder Jiang. "

"Elder Jiang." Qin Mian was the kind and gentle one, he reckoned that this person was of a high rank. There were many villagers who were related to family and friends. This was how seniority was arranged.

"Go ahead." With his hands behind his back, Elder Jiang sauntered in another direction.

Qin Mian followed Lei Tia all the way to the foot of the mountain and continued to walk.

"You want to enter the mountain?" Qin Mian asked.

Lei Tia nodded.

The two of them made seven turns and eight turns in the forest, climbing up the mountain for about ten minutes before finally stopping.

"You stay here."

Lei Tia bent his waist and cut the grass, his big hands grabbing a handful of grass. He placed the sickle in his right hand on the grass and pulled it towards him.

Qin Mian just realised that he was only holding a sickle, he didn't have any tools to help, so he wanted to walk around to see if he could dig up some wild herbs or find some wild fruits.

"Don't wander around, there are snakes."

Qin Mian could only stand there obediently. Not far away, there was a rock that was moved over and sat down, watched as Lei Tia cut bundles after bundles of rock, and then moved them into a small cove that wasn't easily discovered. There were several bundles of thatch already stored in that little cove.

Qin Mian did not understand, "Place it here?"

Lei Tia said: "I want to build a room."

Qin Mian suddenly realized. So it turned out that Lei Tia had not cut all this grass for his Lei Family, but to build a house. It seemed like he had indeed been planning to split his forces from Lei Family since a long time ago.

Qin Mian said: "I will cut it together with you in the afternoon."

Lei Tia did not say anything, and Qin Mian thought that he agreed.

On the way home, Lei Tia had only picked up two bundles of grass to make his report. When the grass is dried, it is also firewood.

In the afternoon, Qin Mian brought a cloth along with him and went up the mountain. When he was cutting the grass, he used the cloth to wrap his hands. It wasn't that he was delicate. He was young now, with delicate skin, and could easily have his hands cut by thatch. The backward ancient lack of medicine, less injury is safer.

When the two of them returned home in the evening, there was a young and elegant youth sitting in the courtyard. He was wearing a clean and tidy white robe, and was currently reading a book with his head lowered.

Qin Mian immediately guessed who this person was. It was his youngest son, Lei Xiangzhi. Lei Xiangzhi was the only one other than Lei Tia that didn't look like a peasant child, and he was also the only one other than Lei Tia, who was dressed in white.

Hearing footsteps, Lei Xiangzhi raised his head and stood up. He revealed a faint smile and bowed slightly, revealing his scholarly aura.

Lei Tia replied indifferently, "Fifth Brother."

Qin Mian smiled and nodded to Lei Xiangzhi, not calling him Fifth Brother. In the bottom of his heart, he did not recognize the identity of Lei Family 'eldest wife. Moreover, he was currently a year younger than Lei Xiangzhi, so he was called "Fifth Brother".

Madam Du came out of the living room with a pot. When she saw Qin Mian, she surprisingly did not scold him, but only glanced at him indifferently and quickly went into the kitchen.

From this, it could be seen how much the Madam Du cared about Lei Xiangzhi.

As expected, Madam Du had not scolded anyone on this day until after dinner. Not only did the people at the dining table treat Lei Xiangzhi warmly, they had also specially instructed Madame Zhao to buy a fish from the family that raised the fish at the village head during breakfast the next day.

All of these had nothing to do with Qin Mian, after eating, he would go to bed. After waking up, they could talk about the matter of the branch family.

The next day, he finished his breakfast. Under the urging of the Madam Du, Mrs Zhao and the Madam Qian got up and tidied up the table. Lei Daqiang also prepared to go out to work.

Lei Tia opened his mouth, "Father, please take a seat. I have something to say. "

Lei Daqiang sat down and casually asked: "What is it?"

Lei Tia said straightforwardly, "I want to live outside."

Everyone was shocked, no one expected that Lei Tia would suddenly say such words, without any warning. Mistress Zhao and Madam Qian, who had already gotten their chopsticks and bowls in their hands, had their expressions change at the same time as they put the plates back on the table and sat back down.

Mrs Zhao secretly frowned. She didn't want Lei Tia to split it up. When Lei Tia left, there would be less work for her to do at home.

The Madam Qian supported separating Lei Tia out. It was really awkward for the two men to be together. Other than that, because all of the family's money was in the hands of the Madam Du, whether or not Lei Tia split it between them didn't have any substantive impact on her. Madam Du would look for Qin Mian every day to quarrel with him. Even if it was for peace and quiet in the future, she hoped that Lei Tia and Qin Mian could move out. In fact, she also wanted to split it. Just because there was no other family apart, the brothers from Lei Family would normally go out to do odd jobs, or the money that the women in the family could earn from embroidering and beating up would all be given to the Madam Du. As such, she did not have much money on her hands, and would not normally be able to buy anything delicious for Xin Xin. That old woman from Madam Du only had her youngest son, her only daughter, and her two grandchildren, not caring about Xin Xin in the slightest. However, she also knew that it was impossible for Lei Xiangyi to split it all himself, unless the Old Master was willing to part with his sons.

Lei Xiangren, Lei Xiangyi, Lei Xianglee, Lei Xiangzhi and Lei Chuntao all had different expressions on their faces.

Lei Xiangren and Lei Xiangyi also wanted to split up. Who wouldn't want to be able to control their own money? Lei Xiangyi didn't have a son. Every time he saw his mother scooping delicious food into Da Bao's and Xiao Bao's bowl and then looking back at Xin Xin's eager look, he would feel a burst of anger. If he had money, he could buy whatever his daughter wanted to eat!

Lei Xianglee and Lei Xiangzhi, on the other hand, were clear that their parents would never agree to splitting up the family.

Lei Chuntao supported Lei Tia's decision from the bottom of her heart. When Lei Tia left home, she was only five years old, so he didn't have a deep impression of the original Lei Tia. After Lei Tia returned, he treated her really well and even gave her a pearl hairpin that was at least four liang in value. But his mother had always tried to bully his brother, and had even intentionally arranged the thatched cottage across from the pigsty. This made her feel both sorry and ashamed, and he felt that he was a head lower than everyone else as he walked around the village. If Big Bro can really split it, that would be a good thing. But even though Madam Du doted on her, as a girl, she did not have much of a say at home. He could only restrain his excitement and wait for her parents to express their feelings.

Without waiting for Lei Daqiang to speak, the Madam Du immediately showed a negative attitude and said coldly: "Boss, what nonsense are you spouting? Your father and I are not dead yet. "

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