Transmigration: To Be His Man/C13 Finally It Was Time to Split Up!
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Transmigration: To Be His Man/C13 Finally It Was Time to Split Up!
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C13 Finally It Was Time to Split Up!

Lei Daqiang immediately said: "Boss, I don't agree. Why don't you think about it, kid? If I really give you up, where do you live? In the woods? Alright, let's not bring up this matter anymore. "

With that, he got up to leave.

Lei Tia looked straight into his eyes, and said indifferently: "Ten years ago, I left; ten years later, it's not like I can't walk once more."

Lei Daqiang's face greatly changed, and the hand hanging by his side slightly trembled, "You!"

"Boss!" Madam Du was furious, "Did you not put your father in your eyes in the end? This is unfilial! "

Lei Tia looked at her, "I am unfilial. In the past, no matter how much you beat me up and scold me, I did not retaliate; I am unfilial.

He once again looked at Lei Daqiang, and asked calmly, "Long ago, I wanted to ask, am I your son?"

Even the outsider Qin Mian felt his heart ache and sympathized with Lei Tia.

Lei Daqiang opened his mouth, but was unable to say anything, and did not dare look Lei Tia in the eye.

Lei Chuntao's eyes reddened, and she could not help but cry, "Father! Mother! Just agree! Brother doesn't owe us anything! "

Madam Du was furious, "Shut up! Something with an elbow out! "

Lei Xiangzhi silently sighed, and said with a gentle voice, "Father, let Big Brother split up. Even though they are separated, they are still a family. " Speaking of which, Lei Xiangyi, Lei Xianglee, and Lei Xiangzhi's relationship with Lei Tia was not too bad. Lei Xiangren was the one who rejected Lei Tia the most. When he was very young, the attitude that the Madam Du had towards him and Lei Tia was completely different. The attitude the Madam Du had towards Lei Tia had to a certain extent influenced him, so he did not like Lei Tia in the slightest. From this point of view, he agreed that Lei Tia should split it up. As for Lei Xiangzhi being only five years old back then, what could he possibly understand? After receiving an education, he understood the principle of brotherly respect. Although his relationship with Lei Tia could not be considered thick Qin, he did not want to bully or humiliate him.

"Fifth brother?" Madam Du looked at Lei Xiangzhi in disbelief, but couldn't say a single harsh word to him.

Lei Daqiang fell powerlessly onto the chair, "Forget it, if you want to divide it, I want you to divide it up."

"Old man!" Madam Du glared at him fiercely.

Lei Daqiang ignored her.

Lei Daqiang made up his mind. There was nothing Madam Du could do, so he could only say: "If you want to separate them, that is fine. But there is nothing in the house that you can share. "

Lei Xiangzhi and Lei Chuntao both frowned.

Lei Tia only looked at Lei Daqiang.

Lei Daqiang sighed, and said: "Boss, you should know about the family situation as well. There is really nothing extra to share with you in the house. "" No, no! "If you are in a hurry to move out, your brothers and I will help you build a thatched cottage. Tian, there are only a few, after Lao Si and Fifth Brother get married, we will have to add more people, so we can only give you an acre of paddy fields and an acre of dry land. As for money …

Mrs Zhao, Madam Qian, Lei Xiangren and Lei Xiangyi all pricked up their ears.

The Madam Du interrupted Lei Daqiang and asked emotionlessly: "Old man, are you confused? There's no money in the house. "

Lei Daqiang said: "You gave me twenty taels of silver previously, I spent some of it during this time, so I have ten left, I will give you two taels."

Qin Mian sneered in his heart. When Madame Zhao bought the fish in the morning, the Madam Du asked her how much it was. The fish weighed about two catties, which was to say, it was worth about five cents a catty. Thus, he deduced that twenty silver was not a small amount. He and Lei Tia did not treat anyone when they were married and nothing major had happened to his Lei Family in the past month. Where did the ten silver taels go? He refused to believe that Lei Family did not have any savings at all.

Even at this time, Lei Daqiang was still scheming against his son. In front of such a large crowd, it was not easy for Qin Mian to pat Lei Tia's shoulders. He stealthily patted on's leg under the table to express his consolation.

Lei Tia's expression was normal, his emotions could not be discerned.

Lei Daqiang wiped his face, as if he wanted to wipe the shame on his face, "As for the tools at home, there aren't any extra things … Two pigs, I was planning to kill one on New Year's Eve. I'll give you guys some later. What do you think? "

Lei Tia asked: Where's the house?

"This …" Lei Daqiang mumbled, "I don't have any extra land at home, and I really don't have spare money to buy land for you guys …"

Madam Du laughed and said slowly: "Boss, back then you paid me twenty silvers as soon as I saw you. I don't believe that you didn't leave any for yourself."

Could it be that she was wrong to return the twenty taels of silver to her father? Lei Chuntao lowered her head in shame, almost burrowing under the table.

Lei Xiangzhi's face was also hot. He frowned as he looked at Madam Du, "Mother, please speak less."

Lei Tia stood up, "I'll go ask Precinct Head."

Lei Xiangzhi immediately said: "Big Brother, I'll go."

Lei Tia nodded, "Thank you."

When Lei Xiangzhi went to invite the Precinct Head, no one in the house said a word. The three children had long since been rushed into the room to play. The silence was like a dark cloud that was pressing down on everyone's heads. The atmosphere in the hall was extremely depressing.

Amongst everyone present, only Lei Tia and Qin Mian were calm. Lei Tia was unmoving like a pine tree. His eyes were calm and emotionless, and it was impossible to guess what she was feeling. Qin Mian, on the other hand, restrained his excitement and happiness.

Lei Xiangzhi quickly brought Precinct Head in.

On the other hand, Precinct Head was wearing a grey long robe. On the outside, he was wearing a thin black jacket that was embroidered with golden threads with the word "Blessed" on it. He was in his early fifties, hale and hearty, with shrewd eyes.

Lei Daqiang and the rest all stood up to welcome him.

"Precinct Head, thank you for coming over." Lei Daqiang said apologetically.

Lei Tia cupped his hands towards Precinct Head.

The Precinct Head nodded and swept his gaze across the people in the room. His gaze stayed on Lei Tia for a long time before he spoke, "Brother Lei, you are being too serious. As for how to split the family, if you've already discussed it, I'll write it down. "

Lei Xiangzhi went to his room and took out the Four Treasures of the study. Lei Chuntao was clever, he quickly cleaned up the table.

"Thank you, Precinct Head. This way, please. " Lei Tia raised his hand and led the Precinct Head to the upper seats.

Precinct Head secretly nodded his head. Although this Lei Family leader looked scary, he was very prudent and knew of etiquette, which was much better than normal people. But unfortunately …

Lei Daqiang faintly felt uncomfortable, but for some reason, he was actually feeling weaker and weaker. He did not realize this, and with a few steps, he walked over and sat down next to the Precinct Head. He coughed and said, "Precinct Head, we have already discussed the contents of the branch family. After discussion, they decided to give Lei Tia one mu of paddy field, the location was … "An acre of dry land, its position is …"

Qin Mian moved closer to look, and the words here were all traditional Chinese characters, he could basically read them, and the Precinct Head wrote on the paper: "Today, Lei Daqiang's family's eldest son, Lei Tia, has grown up and has peacefully split up. The owner of the house, Lei Daqiang, will split it with Lei Tia."

Qin Mian nodded his head. Since they were separate documents, he should clearly state the identities of both sides, just like how Party A and Party B were in the contract. This would prevent any more disputes in the future.

Hearing Lei Daqiang's words, the Precinct Head could not help but shake his head. This Lei Daqiang really did not treat his son as his own son. They were all from the same village, who didn't know that their family had a total of twelve acres of paddy field and eight mu of dry land. Even if the brothers divided the twelve acres equally, they shouldn't have only divided two acres of land to Lei Tia. Moreover, Lei Tia had not built a house yet, so he had really come out clean. But since both sides had agreed on it, he had no right to interfere. Seeing that Lei Tia had no intentions of opposing it, he decided to follow his words.

After Lei Daqiang finished speaking, he thought for a moment, and said if he did not leave anything out: "That's it."

Madam Du stood beside Lei Daqiang and quickly said: "Also, since we have not split up the family, shouldn't we give out a portion of everyone's silver and give it to him?"

"Mother!" Lei Xiangzhi's face flushed red, "Don't say that Big Brother doesn't have any money right now, even if he does, it would be his."

"None of your business!" Madam Du glared at him and pushed Lei Daqiang away, "Old man."

Lei Daqiang only felt that everyone's gaze was like thorns as they stabbed at his body, and quickly replied, "Ol 'Five is right. As for the matter of the branch family, if the man decides to make the decision, you woman, just shut up! " He glared furiously at Madam Du.

Seeing that he was angry, Madam Du was also scared and did not dare to say anything else.

Lei Tia was not affected in the slightest, and said indifferently: "Precinct Head, please add one more sentence — From today to today two months from now, both of us husband and husband can go to the market to pick vegetables."

Madam Du's eyes were wide opened, and she opened her mouth to speak.

Precinct Head saw it and pretended not to see it. He nodded and said, "Mn. Since the two of you haven't been assigned to a vegetable patch, it's still possible for you to pick some dishes from it. " He looked at Lei Daqiang with a smile. If Lei Daqiang can't even accept this point, such a person should be kept away from others in the future.

Lei Daqiang's face was burning hot as he nodded continuously, "I should, should, I'm old now, and my memory isn't good, but I forgot to mention it just now."

"What else is there to add?" Precinct Head seemed to be asking both sides, but his eyes were looking straight at Lei Tia.

Qin Mian tugged on Lei Tia's arm, "Although we are separated, and are still relatives, we are from two families. Brother Tia, I think we should add one more sentence. Both sides are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of the other party's family, including their household chores and finances. "What do you think?"

Lei Tia nodded, and couldn't help but think about the word "Brother Tia" in his heart.

Madam Du immediately screamed, "Boss, don't think that since we're separated, you have no responsibilities towards your younger brother and sister! Lao Si, Ol 'Five and Ol' Six, if you want to get married, you have to do it. Otherwise, I don't agree with splitting up! "

Lei Tia said: "No matter if it's Lao Si, Ol 'Five, or Little Sis getting married, if Father gives me five pieces of silver, I will give them to you. It's only fair if your family has a lot of labor and my family has a lot less labor. Father, do you think what I have said is reasonable? "

Qin Mian snickered.

Lei Daqiang could only nod his head.

Madam Du wanted to speak up again, but was stopped by Lei Xiangzhi.

Precinct Head wrote it down again.

Lei Tia continued: "Every month, my husband and I will pay a hundred coins as pension expenses. It's just that we're in a tight spot, so I'm afraid we won't be able to do it for the past two to three months. "

Madam Du felt a little more at ease. A monthly fee of 100 coins could be one or two times more than that!

The Precinct Head nodded his head in approval. Seeing that Lei Tia's words were organized, he thought about all aspects and said, "Lei Tia is a filial son. I will write it down in the book, and I won't need to write the rest of it, will I? "

Lei Daqiang had mixed feelings in his heart as he said anxiously: "I don't need to write anything else. I won't need to write anything else.

After he finished writing, Precinct Head read the entire content once at a slower pace.

Lei Tia nodded, he did not object.

Lei Daqiang was uncultured and his reaction was slow. After a moment, he said: "No problem."

Each of the three parties shall keep one copy of the instrument in triplicate. Lei Tia, Lei Daqiang and the Precinct Head all pressed their hand seals, and then the branch family completely disappeared.

After this matter, Lei Tia escorted Precinct Head out for nearly half a kilometer, "Thank you very much, Precinct Head. Lei Tia will definitely pay them a visit another day to express his thanks. "

Qin Mian also smiled and thanked the Precinct Head.

"Go back and live a good life." Precinct Head had nothing to say, he clasped his hands behind his back and shook his head as he walked.

Qin Mian looked at the brilliant sunlight above him, and couldn't help but laugh, asking in a light tone: "When are you going to move out?"

Lei Tia said: "Today."

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