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C14 Rent

Qin Mian was worried, "You can build a thatched hut here in one day?"

Lei Tia said: "The autumn harvest is soon, we will rent a house first."

Qin Mian slapped his forehead, "I forgot about the autumn harvest." Although there were only two of them, they had to build at least two rooms, and that was not something that could be done in a day or two. The wood and straw needed for building the house had to be prepared. Since the two of them were busy, they would have to hire someone to help them with the cooking and preparing the ingredients needed for the meal. All this takes time. During the harvest time, when the harvest time came, everyone would have to busy themselves with snatching, unable to spare the labor to help. Therefore, the matter of building the house could only be put off for the time being.

"Can I rent a room?" Qin Mian was worried, Lei Tia did not like to talk, he had not been in the village for a long time, so his relationship with the villagers could only be considered average.

Lei Tia nodded, indicating him to follow.

The village during the day was as if waking up from a dream. It was bustling with noise and excitement. The chickens in the yard were laying eggs, clucking and calling to their owners for credit; a flock of fat ducks were rattling and waddling into the pond; and occasionally a family would hear adults shouting at naughty children and babies crying loudly when they woke up. Further in the distance, the oxen were shouting at the men, telling them to hurry up and leave. On the treetops, the birds were also singing spiritually. It was unknown what they were talking about.

A few villagers were chatting under the tree, occasionally letting out a burst of laughter. When Qin Mian and Lei Tia walked closer, their voices and laughter had stopped. The villagers looked at them with complicated expressions, but before their eyes met, they turned their heads and fell silent.

Qin Mian was very stubborn, as if he didn't feel anything, and calmly walked over.

Lei Tia was silent as a mountain, his steps steady as usual.

Not long after the two of them left, the villagers started discussing in hushed voices.

"Hey, tell me, are the two of them really going to live together in the future?"

"It can't be? What about the two men? "

Be quiet. Speaking of which, Lei Family Boss is also very pitiful. Just because of a short sentence that he married a man, he committed a crime. "

"Who asked him to have a stepmother? Lei Daqiang was not a family member! There were several times when I heard the Madam Du call Lei Xiangren 'Boss', as if she did not put Lei Tia in her eyes at all. "


The two of them walked towards the village and stopped in front of a tall and big courtyard gate. The gate was thick and grand, and there were smooth carvings on it. Although it was not as detailed as a rich family's carvings, it was still much stronger than a normal family of villagers. It was obvious that this family was considered rich in the village. "In the yard, a tall persimmon tree jutted out a branch full of tiny lantern-like persimmon, some of which had already turned yellow.

Lei Tia lightly tapped on the door knocker, and a rough voice came out from inside, "Coming."

The door opened, and a middle-aged man with a big belly and a rich appearance opened the door. He was a bit surprised, and then he revealed a smile, and said extremely courteously, "Is it the boss of the Lei Family? "Come in."

"Uncle Zhao."

Qin Mian followed and shouted, "Uncle Zhao, sorry for disturbing you."

Zhao Wenzhong invited the two inside, he was suspicious as to why these two people were looking for him. Other than when Lei Tia had just returned and when he accidentally bumped into Lei Tia in the village, the two families did not interact much with each other.

At home, Zhao Wenzhong was sitting by the window sewing clothes, and listening to the people outside through the window. He was also very curious about the purpose of Lei Tia and Yue Yang's visit.

Lei Tia stood still in the courtyard, "Uncle Zhao, no need to be so polite. The reason why we were so bold to disturb you is because we wanted to rent Uncle Zhao's residence at the back of the village. "

Qin Mian was afraid that his silence would cause Zhao Wenzhong to misunderstand their rudeness, so he added: "It's like this, Uncle Zhao. Brother Tia and I have separated from our parents and are about to settle down. It's already too late for us to build a house, so we wanted to rent your old mansion for the time being. I heard that Uncle Zhao had always been enthusiastic about it, so we dared to ask you to help us out. "

Lei Tia replied, "At most two months."

Zhao Wenzhong's eyes flashed, his blood was boiling. The Lei Family division? This was big news, and it was news by hand. She suddenly felt a little impatient.

"So that's how it is." Zhao Wenzhong was very generous, "There is nothing inconvenient about me letting you stay here for the time being. However, what you probably don't know is that no one has managed that mansion for a long time, so I'm afraid that no one will be able to house it. " The house was given to him when the Zhao Family split up. After he made a small fortune and built a new house, the old house became empty and didn't take care of it.

Lei Tia said: "As long as you can shelter yourself from the wind and rain."

Zhao Wenzhong nodded, "If you don't mind, move in."

"Thank you very much." Lei Tia took out a silver horn that was about five to six hundred gold coins, "This is the rent for two months." Five or six hundred coins was not a small sum. It was enough for an average person to use for two or three months.

Zhao Wenzhong waved his hand, "We're all from the same village, are you saying you want to rent it or not?"

The Zhao Wenzhong came out from behind him and received the silver horn from Lei Tia's hands. He smiled warmly at Lei Tia and Qin Mian, looking at Zhao Wenzhong with a reprimanding gaze, "Boss, can you be at ease if you don't accept the two of them? Lei Tia Family, do you think? Here, this is the key to my house. "

Qin Mian smiled and nodded, "Aunt is right, you can take it. We would be very grateful if you two could let us stay here. If you really do not accept the rent, we would feel very uneasy. "

Zhao Wenzhong helplessly glared at his own woman and said: "Since that's the case, we will accept it. I remember there were a few old tables and chairs in the house, you can use them. "

"Thank you very much."

Seeing Qin Mian and Lei Tia going out, Zhao Wenzhong rolled his eyes at Zhao Wenzhong, "How rich are you? Five or six hundred dollars is not what you want. "

"What do you know, woman! "Go to hell!" Zhao Wenzhong was too lazy to waste his breath on her, he turned and entered the house.

"I don't understand, you do! I can't be bothered to tell you yet. " Zhao Wenzhong muttered to himself. Thinking of the great news that he had just heard, his mouth curved into a smile. He went back to his room, grabbed his needle basket, and went out to find someone to chat with.

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