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C15 Settle

An old house stood alone at the back of the village. All the houses in the village were connected, and only this place was independent, separated by about ten meters. There was a pond in front of the house. The Zhao family used to raise fish in this pond, so they built the house next to the pond. The pool was dark green and there were a few trees on the shore.

Noticing that the roof of the house was made of tile, Qin Mian was immediately overjoyed and quickened his pace.

Lei Tia's gaze had been following him the entire time. Was it that easy to satisfy?

"Hurry up!"

Qin Mian urged as he ran in front of the house. Astonished, the mouse in the grass quickly shrank back and disappeared without a trace.

The lock on the door had been beaten by wind and rain for a long time, and it had rusted a long time ago. Qin Mian struggled to open the door after a while, and when he pushed it open, a cloud of dust flew over.

"Cough, cough …"

The sunlight slanted through the door, revealing a dense cloud of dust floating in the air. There was an old table and three chairs, covered with a thick layer of dust. From the table and chair to the beams, there was not even room for a single person to stand.

Qin Mian was very satisfied. This house was a little old, but it could be easily cleaned and lived in. Compared to that thatched cottage, it was much better.

There was a small bamboo forest beside the house. The green bamboo leaves rustled in the wind and he had an idea.

Lei Tia stood at his side, glanced inside the house, and asked indifferently: "Is it possible?"

"Why not? "Hurry up and go. You'll be able to stay here today after cleaning up as soon as possible."

There was a rotten kitchen knife covered in yellow rust at the corner. Qin Mian picked it up and used it to chop bamboo.

After Lei Tia brought out the table and chairs in the room, he turned around and left. He took two steps forward and returned, then took off his gown and threw it at Qin Mian.

Qin Mian's head was covered by the flying object, for some reason, he took off his shirt and hung it on a small tree, continuing to cut bamboo. In the old days when he lived in the country with his grandparents, they would carry out a general cleaning before the new year. They would cut down a few bamboo sticks and tie them to a long stick. He was not unfamiliar with these farm work.

It took Qin Mian more than twenty cuts to cut off a piece of bamboo, which he used to reduce the weight of the bamboo pole. He brought it inside the house and started to clean the spider webs and dust on the house beams.

He went outside and took Lei Tia's gown to cover his head and mouth, then continued to clean. Dust and dead leaves flew around the room like a sandstorm. The window paper had long since been broken, and it didn't matter whether the window opened or not.

The house had three rooms in total, and after being cleaned not long ago, Lei Tia came back with a huge box. Behind him were Lei Xianglee, Lei Xiangzhi and Lei Chuntao, the three of them carrying things in their arms. Lei Xianglee carried a bundle of firewood. Lei Xiangzhi hugged onto a slightly smaller wooden chest.

Lei Chuntao put down the wooden basin in her hands, walked over, and said shyly, "Sister-in-law, let me help you."

How could Qin Mian work so hard? He immediately replied: "No need, the dust is quite big, don't dirty your clothes."

Lei Chuntao thought about how she could not hold onto the bamboo pole and did not insist, "Then, after I finish sweeping the dust, I will help you clean the tables and chairs."

Lei Tia and Lei Xianglee went back to take what was left over. Lei Xiangzhi chopped bamboo with a rotten kitchen knife to help him dust it away.

After Lei Tia's second trip back, he went to the village to borrow a wooden ladder.

Lei Xianglee, Lei Xiangzhi and Lei Chuntao all felt awkward so they could not say anything.

Qin Mian was thinking of moving in as soon as possible, so he wasn't in the mood to chat.

After sweeping, Lei Tia climbed up to the roof and rearranged the tiles that had been moved due to cleaning to ensure that there was no leakage during a rainy day.

Afterwards, they continued sweeping the floor, cleaning the tables and chairs, and cleaning the windows. Only after more than two hours did they finally clean the house, making it much more comfortable.

Lei Xiangzhi's gaze landed on the tattered window paper that was swaying in the wind. "Big Brother, I have some paper that I don't need. I'll go back and take it over to seal up the window for all of you."

"Big Brother, Chuntao and I will be going as well." Lei Xianglee said.

Lei Tia nodded.

Qin Mian was a little helpless. Previously, he seemed to be quite shrewd. But now, why is he no longer understanding the ways of the world? He could only open his mouth and say, "Thank you for your help today. It's too late for lunch, your big brother and I will treat you guys to dinner tonight, if it's convenient for you." If it was convenient or not, he would have to ask the Madam Du.

Lei Xiangzhi hurriedly rejected his offer, "It's not easy for you and Big Brother to eat now, I won't be eating now."

Lei Tia said: "I'll call for you guys at that time."

Lei Xianglee and the rest could only agree.

After they left, Qin Mian began to count their belongings. There was a wooden bed, a low table, two wooden boxes, a bow, a pot, a square table, three chairs and a wooden basin. Other than that, there was almost nothing. Fortunately, there was one room that had once been used as a kitchen, and the stove was still there.

The sun was high, and the washed tables and chairs dried quickly. The two of them moved everything in and arranged it one by one. Three rooms, a place for eating and entertaining guests; a kitchen for storing miscellaneous items at the same time. This meant that Lei Tia and him still had to share a room, or even a bed.

After finishing his work, Qin Mian boiled a big pot of water, washed his hair and bathed, changed into clean clothes, and changed into Lei Tia to wash. Not far from them was a pond. He washed their clothes and hung them on a small tree in front of the house without any clotheslines. Lei Tia was in the house repairing the broken chair.

"It's from the Lei Tia Family." Zhang Dashuan walked over with large strides while carrying a bundle of firewood.

"Brother Zhang is busy." Qin Mian greeted.

"What are you busy with?" Zhang Dashuan set the firewood against the wall. "I heard that you guys have split up, and probably lack nothing. I can't help with anything else, this firewood was given to you by your sister-in-law and me."

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