Transmigration: To Be His Man/C16 Good Master Should Hand over the Power of Finance on His Own Initiative
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Transmigration: To Be His Man/C16 Good Master Should Hand over the Power of Finance on His Own Initiative
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C16 Good Master Should Hand over the Power of Finance on His Own Initiative

"How can I accept this? It's not easy for you to chop so much firewood. " Qin Mian immediately rejected her. It was a fine bundle of firewood, and it could be seen that it had been dried. It would last at least five or six days. This Zhang Dashuan was indeed a warmhearted person.

Lei Tia spoke out upon hearing it, "Brother Zhang, thank you. We have firewood. "

"I'll give it to you. Take it." I've already carried it back, so I'm not willing to carry it back. " Zhang Dashuan wiped the sweat off his forehead and laughed heartily.

Qin Mian could only accept it, "Then I will have to thank Brother Zhang. Brother Zhang, come in and take a seat. "Oh right, how did you know about our branch family?"

Zhang Dashuan waved his hand to indicate them not to sit, "Not only me, everyone in the village already knows. I probably heard it from the Zhao family's aunt. "

Lei Daqiang and Madam Du were Lei Tia's parents after all, so he couldn't say much in front of Lei Tia.

"You guys stay busy. I'm going back. There's still work in the fields."

"Thank you, Brother Zhang. Please take care."

After sending them off for a few steps, Qin Mian returned to dry his clothes.

"Have you fixed the chair? There were too many things to buy, not even a bowl or chopstick to eat. We'd better get to town as soon as possible. "


Lei Tia stared at his back that was standing on tiptoe to hang clothes on the tree for a while, then went to the pond to wash his hands. He took out a key from his pocket and walked into the room, opening one of the smaller wooden boxes, and took out a grey money bag, which he handed over to Qin Mian with the key.

"Wife, keep it."

Qin Mian's hand was a little heavy, he guessed that it was silver and quickly pushed it back, "You keep it. Also, don't call me your wife. "

Lei Tia did not pick up, nor did he promise to not call his "wife" anymore. He walked to the door, and asked calmly: "Leave?"

As Qin Mian held the money bag, he felt that it was a little hot and his heart inexplicably beat faster than usual. Lei Tia was not afraid that he would take the money and run? Did she trust him, or did he think that even if he ran away, she would be able to catch him? He didn't want to think too much about this question. When he first married Lei Tia, the people from the Lei Family found the Precinct Head and made him an household register. Furthermore, they placed his household register in the Lei Family, and his identity was that of Lei Tia's "wife". As long as the matter of the household register was not settled, he could not leave. Furthermore, at the age of fourteen, it was not safe to wander the world alone. Temporarily remaining in the Qingshan Village was the best choice, and from this point of view, the identity of Lei Tia's "wife" was not without benefits. In this period of time, he could not afford to live in vain and needed to earn money as a backup. It was good to have the money for the time being.

Thinking of this, he felt relieved.

"How much is it?"

Lei Tia replied, "Twenty taels, and some spare parts."

"How much is the homestead? How much does it cost to build a house? "

Lei Tia answered every question: "The base of three rooms is twelve taels of silver; This "building" refers to building a thatched hut.

Qin Mian calculated in his heart and couldn't help but sigh: "So poor."

"Let's not waste time and see what we can buy."

Hearing that, Lei Tia followed him back into the house.

There was no need to count everything that needed to be added to the kitchen. Almost everything was missing. Qin Mian immediately entered the two people's room.

He first looked at the bed. It was still the same bed, with an old mattress, covered with a dark blue bedsheet, and covered with a hard blanket. One. This is too old and hard. How about a mattress? " He wanted to add two more quilts, but the problem was that he needed to spend a lot of money to do so.

Lei Tia nodded.

Qin Mian walked over to the two wooden boxes and glanced at Lei Tia. Seeing that he had no intention to stop them, Qin Mian then opened one of the boxes in a generous manner. He took them one by one to count, seeing that out of Lei Tia's five sets of clothes, three of them were thin, worn during the summer, and two of them were slightly thick, worn in spring and autumn. The other three smaller ones were his, one old, and the other two new ones should have been prepared for marriage.

Qin Mian closed the chest and then opened the other wooden chest, revealing that it was empty. He shook his head. Take your time.

He looked around the room, then turned his head to look at Lei Tia, feeling that it would be safer to leave the money with Lei Tia for the time being.

"Take it first, in case you run into thieves in the market."

Lei Tia accepted it. The two of them went out together.

Qin Mian remembered something after locking the door, "The locks have to be replaced with new ones."

"You decide." Lei Tia only had three words.

Without carrying the key, Qin Mian handed it over to him.

"Big brother, sister-in-law!" Lei Xiangzhi walked over quickly and handed over the stack of papers in his hands to Qin Mian, smiling slightly, "These papers will be placed right at your window."

When Qin Mian saw that, the paper was new and white, he had never used it before. He thought that this fifth brother was sincere and smiled at him, "Fifth Brother, thank you. We're going to town, so we won't invite you in. "

"Sister-in-law is too formal. You guys get busy, I'm going back. " Lei Xiangzhi returned a smile, and turned to leave.

Qin Mian rolled up the paper into a tube and stuffed it inside the pane. Then he and Lei Tia headed towards the town under the sun. His hands were empty while Lei Tia carried a large bamboo basket on his back. There was only a water bag in the basket.

"That... We were both too weak in our relationships in the village. Brother Zhang is a pretty good person, why don't we invite him over for dinner tonight? " Qin Mian discussed this matter with Lei Tia as he walked. He wouldn't be able to call him "Brother Tia" unless he was an outsider.

"I'll listen to you." Lei Tia did not object.

Qin Mian was already used to his depressed personality, so he did not mind it. Looking at the sun, he estimated that it was almost 12. It was too hot, and the road was too far away. He did not speak again, but kept his head down, watching the road.

In the fields on both sides of the road, the golden grain was about to fully mature, and the stalks were bent under its weight. On the ridge, experienced farmers are watching the grain to determine when it is best to harvest it.

When the nosy woman saw Qin Mian and Lei Tia, she gave an ambiguous laugh.

Qin Mian's expression did not change, but said in his heart: In the future, you'd better not have anything happen to me.

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