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C18 Purchase(2)

"That's all, the bill."

The shopkeeper took the abacus and calculated, "So …" Two hundred and seventy-two gold coins, for the sake of little brother taking care of my business, I'll take care of the first two words and give you two hundred and seventy gold coins. "

Qin Mian laughed: "The shopkeeper also said that we are taking care of your business, you see, since we bought so many of them, why not accept two hundred and fifty gold coins? After we finish eating all the oily salt and rice noodles, we will definitely come again. Don't you agree? "

Lei Tia's gaze fell on Qin Mian, and this youth caused him to become more and more surprised.

The manager was dazed for a moment before smiling helplessly. "Little Brother is really eloquent." But we're in a small business, and you're cutting it too hard. "How about this, I'll give you guys another five dollars to lose, otherwise I'll be losing money."

"How could that be?" Qin Mian replied, "Seeing that you have so many goods here, anyone who knows would definitely be willing to come to your shop to buy something. You can imagine how prosperous your business is. When I return to the village, I'll help you advertise it. It's worth it! "

The manager couldn't help but laugh, but his eyes were filled with helplessness. "Alright, alright, just give me two hundred and fifty gold coins."

"Thank you, Manager." Only then did Qin Mian become satisfied. He cupped his fists towards, indicating him to pay the bill.

These things, the dishes and the tea set and the china cup, were easy to break. He put them in rice and noodles, but they were not easy to crush.

The manager nodded to himself on the side. This little brother was clever.

Fortunately, the basket was big enough to hold everything. There was a rope tied around the neck of the oil jar and the salt pot. Lei Tia directly took it in his hands.

When the two of them left, the manager even took two steps forward.

Qin Mian reached out his hand, "Let me get the oil and salt."

"No need." Lei Tia avoided his hand, "In the future, I will definitely make more money and let you buy whatever you want."

"Cough, cough, cough!" Qin Mian pretended not to hear, "We need to buy too many things, do we need to hire a car? Is it expensive to hire a car? "

"I don't know."

"I don't care. What should be spent, money is not saved. " Qin Mian purposely walked towards the cloth shop. This was because he had already memorized the entire incident after strolling through it.

Lei Tia walked to his side to prevent him from getting hit by someone just by looking around.

When he arrived at the cloth shop, Qin Mian immediately picked out the cheapest kind of cloth after asking about the price. Asked Lei Tia what color it was, got the word "casually" and chose blue and green for himself. Lei Tia's were indigo and black. Make a suit of each color and come back in a few days. After that, he had two pieces of grey cloth cut to make the curtains. Four sets of clothes, two pieces of cloth, and the labor fee for making clothes made a total of two hundred and eighty-five pieces of paper.

Qin Mian saw that people talked like ghosts and spoke nonsense, so he called out to the female boss lady who was in her forties and easily cut fifteen cents off, which surprised him a little.

Lei Tia was not surprised. In addition, he had been exercising her body all this time. Not only was his skin a little whiter, but he had also become a little sturdier, especially his pair of bright eyes. Her entire body was full of vitality, and there was even a bit of spirit energy contained within them.

Qin Mian bought two pairs of cloth shoes for each of them. He asked the owner for some scraps of cloth as he planned to sew a few pairs of socks to wear when he returned home. Poor.

After leaving the cloth shop, the two of them rushed to the market. There was no need to buy other vegetables, there were dishes for Lei Family. Qin Mian mainly bought meat, one to entertain customers and the other to satisfy his cravings.

The meat stall's owner's eyes were sharp. He could tell that Qin Mian and Lei Tia were the two people who were in charge of the meat stall when he saw their expressions. He took the initiative to greet them, "Little brother, these are fresh pork meat.

Qin Mian's gaze swept across the pieces of pork liver, pork ribs, pork belly, bones, lean and fat meat one by one. "How much are these?"

"The bones are worth two taels of gold a catty, the pig liver is worth three taels of gold, the lean meat is worth ten taels of meat, the ribs are worth twelve, the pork is worth fourteen, and the fat is worth sixteen."

When Qin Mian thought about the fact that he was still growing, the bone soup was still beneficial to his body, "Two kilograms of bones, one kilogram of lean meat, two kilograms of porcine liver, one kilogram of streaky pork and one kilogram of fat meat."

Lei Tia said: "We can buy more fat."

Qin Mian was startled, "You like eating fat?"

Lei Tia shook his head.

Qin Mian did not understand, and took a while to react, Lei Tia did not think that the more expensive it was, the better it would be? He smiled and looked at Lei Tia, then said to the owner: "Buy two kilograms of meat."

"No problem!" The boss picked up his pig slaughtering knife and skillfully chopped the meat.

"Little brother, look at the scale!" The bones weighed two catties per catty, the lean meat weighed one catty, the pork liver weighed two catties per catty, the pork liver weighed two catties per catty, the pork belly weighed one catty was also counted two catties per catty, and the fat meat weighed three catties per catty was counted three catties. "There's a total of eighty-two dollars. You get eighty." The boss used a grass rope to tie the meat and bones together to give to Qin Mian.

"Boss is a straightforward person." Qin Mian praised, waiting for Lei Tia to give him the money.

Lei Tia raised both of his hands that were holding onto cans, and indicated towards his chest.

Qin Mian speechlessly lifted his eyelids to glance at him, took the salt shaker from his right hand, and looked at him with a smile that was not a smile, imitating his silence.

Lei Tia calmly took out his money bag and handed it over to him.

Qin Mian counted out 80 coins and gave it back to the boss.

Afterward, the two went to buy two large pieces — the water tank and the quilt. The quilt cost him one hundred and twenty cents, and not a penny was cut. However, this quilt weighed ten pounds and was extremely thick, so it was worth the money.

At the entrance of the town, there was an open space. There were all kinds of carriages, such as oxcarts, donkeys, and carriages. This was where they hired cars.

By the time the two of them arrived, it was already late in the morning.

Qin Mian asked about the Qingshan Village how much it was. The old man said that if there was one person and two pieces of money, if there were too many things that occupied the position, he could also get the money for a position.

This time, Qin Mian did not bargain with him, and the two of them got on the carriage and went home.

On the road from Flowing Water Town to Qingshan Village, two women in their thirties hurried on their way while chatting. One of them was called Zhou Cuihua, the other was called Faang Hongliu. Today, they went to the town to sell some insole and some of their own cosmetics, they came back late when they ran into the restaurant where the dancing lions were watching the show.

Hearing the rut sound behind them, the two of them quickly waved their hands.

"A driver, by the way!" It was only after Zhou Cuihua finished shouting that she saw that the people on the carriage were Qin Mian and Lei Tia, and her movements slowed down.

Faang Hongliu did not mind, and waved at him, "Stop, stop."

The old man said, "Did you return to Qingshan Village? Two dollars each. "

"Two dollars?" Zhou Cuihua raised her eyebrows, "It's only two coins from here to our village, and we're already halfway there, yet you still want to charge us two coins?"

Faang Hongliu agreed, "That's right, you must be crazy to want to earn money right?"

The old man waved his whip for the ox to continue walking and said lightly, "Not half." Would you like to sit down? "

Zhou Cuihua and Faang Hongliu were helpless.

"Sit, sit."

If they had not sold their eggs today and stood around watching the show for too long, the two of them would not have been willing to spend the money.

Only then did the old man stop the car for them to get in.

"Sit tight." The old man hollered, and the big yellow ox took its steps at a leisurely pace.

Zhou Cuihua poked Faang Hongliu's arm, gesturing for her to look behind, and said softly: "Seeing them buy so many things, do they really plan to live together? No matter how you look at it, it doesn't seem to be reliable at all. "

Faang Hongliu leaned in closer to her, "Lower your voice. I think that Qin Mian is really scheming, he was picked up by the Lei Family, he has no money and no backing, if not, wouldn't Lei Tia starve to death? "

's five senses were extremely sensitive. He was originally looking at the scenery, but upon hearing this he turned his head. In the Lei Family, besides not wanting to cause trouble, there was also another reason why he did not speak up with the Madam Du s. It was because he did not want to bicker with the women, and now, he did not plan to remain silent. Otherwise, wouldn't others think of him as a pushover?

"Aunt, is it really okay for you to be so concerned about the family matters of the two of us men? That is to say, if we were to be overheard by someone who does not know etiquette, we might think that you have some ulterior motive. " Qin Mian said in a comforting and caring tone.

Faang Hongliu was startled, then angry, she turned her head, "Brat, what did you say?"

"I don't smell bad, but I do smell bad breath." Qin Mian looked at her mouth as if he was pointing something.

"You!" Faang Hongliu turned her body and raised her hand.

A shiny kitchen knife suddenly stood upright between the two of them.

"Wifey, this kitchen knife doesn't look good." Lei Tia said.

Qin Mian almost laughed out loud, Lei Tia was too impressive, "Nonsense. How could a new kitchen knife not be effective? Cutting a bone is definitely the same as cutting tofu. "

Faang Hongliu quivered, her hand dropped like she was electrocuted, and she turned around, her back stiff.

Zhou Cuihua also looked at Qin Mian in shock. Seeing him looking at his with such indifferent eyes, he immediately turned around with his heart pounding.

I can't scare you to death. Qin Mian snickered as he lazily leaned on the basket behind him. He was in a very good mood since he would be able to eat meat tonight. This little episode did not affect his mood in the slightest.

The old man didn't seem to hear anything as the ox-cart slowly moved forward, leaving the green mountains at its sides behind.

Faang Hongliu and Zhou Cuihua did not speak any further. As soon as the ox-cart reached the village entrance, the two of them impatiently jumped down, dropped four copper coins, and ran far away as if they were escaping.

Qin Mian spoke politely, "Old Uncle, we have a lot of things to sell, can I trouble you to escort us to the door? Our home is not far ahead. "


The cart turned a corner and drove all the way to the door of the house.

The two of them got out of the car and paid their thanks.

The old man drove away.

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