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C19 Busy Day

Lei Tia threw the money purse to Qin Mian, opened the door and carried the huge water jar into the house.

Qin Mian laughed and took the money pouch into the room. He placed it inside the wooden chest and locked it with a new lock.

"Wife, I'll go get some water."

Since this form of address wasn't effective, Qin Mian didn't waste time talking to him and nodded immediately, "Alright."

After Lei Tia brought out two buckets of water and left, Qin Mian took out the bowls and bowls from the rice noodles, boiled some water and cleaned the new water jar a few times, and then used boiling water to wash the dishes and tea set. Without a cupboard, he brought the low table from the room and set the dishes on it. The rice noodles were in their room for the time being, and they could be taken care of at night so that the rats wouldn't eat them.

After that, Qin Mian used the flour to make some paste and picked up the white paper from the ground and stuck it to the window.

After Lei Tia filled the water jar full, he walked over silently to help them.

"I can busy myself," Qin Mian said as he looked at the sky, "It's getting late, you go and greet Brother Zhang first, so that he doesn't have to cook Brother Zhang's food."

"It's not that I don't want to invite Sister Zhang and their child, it's just that Brother Zhang and Sister Zhang might not be willing to let their children know that we two men are living together. If they were to rashly invite them, it might be awkward for them. We'll see when the two families get closer to each other. "

"I understand." Lei Tia pressed on his shoulder.

Qin Mian relaxed and continued to arrange work for him, "Take up the vegetable basket and go to the garden to pick some vegetables, eggplants, bitter melon and so on. You have to pick more chilli peppers, and pick the other vegetables yourself. Don't forget to cut some green onions if you have them. Eggs... Forget it, everyone in the village would definitely keep their eggs for farming. Even if they spent money to buy them, they wouldn't be able to do so. Oh, forgot to buy wine! " He slapped his forehead in frustration.

"There's a wine workshop in the village, don't worry." Lei Tia nodded.

After Qin Mian saw that he had walked far away, he quickly scooped a bowl of Spirit Spring Water from the spatial space and added it to the water tank.

After he had covered the windows with paper, he nailed two nails to each of the two windows in the room. He tied a thin rope between them and hung two pieces of cloth over them. It couldn't be considered beautiful, as long as it was practical.

"Wife, I'm back."

Qin Mian was busy poking at the rice, and almost splashed the rice on his feet. When he came back, he came back. Was there a need to intentionally say it out loud? Was there a need to add a "daughter-in-law"? "Is there a need to be so loud?

Lei Tia placed the wine jar on the table, and then placed the vegetable basket next to Qin Mian, "The Elder Jiang next door gave me ten eggs."

Qin Mian sighed: "Elder Jiang is warm-hearted." He would remember everything that was good to them and would repay them in the future.

He shook the water in his hands, fiddled with the vegetable basket and laughed as he looked at Lei Tia. This was something that someone who wasn't in charge would do. In addition to the eggs, there were a few purple eggplants, a few bitter melons, a handful of scallions, some green peppers, three large potatoes, a bunch of green chrysanthemums and a handful of leeks. The variety was not small, but the leeks were only enough to fry in a small plate. The chrysanthemums looked large, but they would definitely be eaten in two or three bites after being cooked. There were quite a few men eating together at night, so there was definitely not enough to eat. Fortunately, there were leek and chrysanthemum in his space, so he could add a few when Lei Tia wasn't paying attention.

Lei Tia looked at the vegetable basket, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Qin Mian laughed.

Lei Tia felt that he did not speak the truth, but he did not pursue the matter further, "There are not enough chairs, I will go to the back of the mountain and cut a few wooden stakes."

"Go, I don't need your help here."

Qin Mian cooked the rice first and washed off the pig liver. After cutting it into pieces, he soaked it in water and kept it for later. Although the pig liver contains many nutrients and is fresh and delicious, it must be detoxified before it can be consumed, because it is the largest detoxification site in pigs. After cleaning, it is best to slice and soak for one to two hours to remove residual blood. However, he was in a hurry to use it today, so he could only immerse it in the sauce before stir-frying it at the end. It would only take a while for him to stir-fry it.

Because he didn't have any tender meat or starch, Qin Mian marinated the egg white and the thin slice of meat together for a while with the egg white. Today, they were here to enjoy themselves and to treat guests. They couldn't afford to be so extravagant until their financial conditions improved. An egg was a penny, he had asked in the town. Not cheap.

Then, Qin Mian cleaned the bones and fat meat, similarly preparing the ingredients.

Lei Tia carried a few wooden blocks home, and when Qin Mian guided him in choosing vegetables, he began to cook himself.

When there were only two dishes left, Qin Mian asked Lei Tia to invite people.

When Brother Zhang, Lei Xiangyi, Lei Xiangzhi and Lei Chuntao arrived together with Lei Tia, it was already past six in the evening. The setting sun had dyed the sky in the west orange.

Smelling the tempting smell, the few of them could not help but want to speed up their pace, but they suddenly realized that they had lost their composure and quickly restrained themselves. They followed Lei Tia and walked forward at a leisurely pace.

As a result, they did not realize that Lei Tia's footsteps were faster than usual.

"Big Brother, we smelled the fragrance from far away. "It seems like not only can sister-in-law cook, her cooking skills are also very good." Lei Xianglee said with a smile.

Zhang Dashuan also nodded, and laughed heartily, "Looks like we're going to have some fun today."

Inside the house, the fragrance was even stronger. Pork bone stewed potatoes, shredded green pepper, stewed eggplant, plain meat, scrambled eggs from bitter gourd, stir-fried chrysanthemum and stir-fried leeks had been served to the table in the living room.

Surprise filled Lei Tia's eyes, but it did not last long.

The Lei Xiangyi siblings and Zhang Dashuan were stunned as they looked at the dishes on the table. At the same time, they exclaimed in their hearts: "The people who receive guests at Lei Tia Family are too generous." Actually, Qin Mian still held back. He had left half of the lean meat, so he had plenty of fat. There were only seven or eight pieces of fat in the stewed eggplant, but the taste was definitely not bad. The rest of the fat had been squeezed into lard.

The Lei Xiangyi siblings could not help but swallow their saliva. The Madam Du was willing to compare notes with Lei Tia and the others, but on the whole, she was still a stingy person. The whole family could not even eat meat more than a few times a year, and she was also reluctant to put oil in the Stir-Fried Vegetables. To them, the dishes cooked by Qin Mian today were like the noodles for a wedding.

"Second Brother and Second Sister-in-law will definitely regret it to death." Lei Chuntao giggled as she whispered in Lei Xianglee's ears.

When they were about to leave, Lei Xiangren and Madame Zhao unintentionally ridiculed Lei Tia and Qin Mian. Lei Xianglee could not help but laugh as he thought of his sister-in-law's expression when he found out that they had eaten good food.

Qin Mian carried the green peppers out of the wok, then greeted her with a smile, "Come, please take a seat."

"Eldest Sister-in-Law." Lei Xiangyi said in unison.

"I'm sorry for disturbing your Lei Tia Family." Zhang Dashuan said.

"Everyone, sit." Qin Mian put down the dishes, "There are no outsiders, there's no need to be courteous."

The few of them thanked him before sitting down.

Lei Tia opened a wine jar to pour wine for the men.

Lei Tia poured some wine for Zhang Dashuan, and when he was about to pour for Qin Mian, he was stopped. He had to eat meat with a stomach.

"I won't drink it. You guys will have your fill."

The only woman on the table was Lei Chuntao, but because the majority of the tables were filled with her brothers, she did not need to care too much about the defense of men and women. On her left side sat Lei Xianglee, and on her right side sat Lei Xiangzhi.

Qin Mian was afraid that Lei Chuntao would not be comfortable, "Little sister, do you want to eat some dishes first or do you want to eat directly? "Being with your big brother is the same as being at your home. You're welcome."

Lei Chuntao hurriedly said, "Eldest sister-in-law, you don't have to call for me specifically. I won't be polite with you guys. "Since elder sister-in-law's cooking skills are so good, I'll eat first and then serve my own food."

Seeing that she was being generous, Qin Mian nodded and did not say anymore.

Zhang Dashuan and the others also started to eat, they praised Qin Mian's cooking, and felt that even the potatoes inside his bones were soft and fragrant, causing them to wish they could swallow their own tongues.

"You're too kind. Don't just drink, eat more." Qin Mian laughed and responded simply, acting bashful and eating from time to time.

Lei Tia did not say much, but Zhang Dashuan, Lei Xianglee and Lei Xiangzhi could all speak clearly, the atmosphere at the table was rather warm.

After the meal, the guests were happy. Apart from the stir-fried leek and the stir-fried chrysanthemum, there was still a little left. All the other dishes had been finished.

Zhang Dashuan, Lei Xiangyi and Lei Xianglee were all drunk, but not to the point of being unable to go on. Lei Tia and Lei Xiangzhi drank less.

Qin Mian asked Lei Tia to send them off, but they rejected him.

It was already dark, but the moon was high and they didn't have to worry about losing sight of the road.

Zhang Dashuan lived at the other end of the village and they split up halfway.

Lei Chuntao snorted, "I dare say Second Sister-in-Law is still awake. She is waiting for us to return and mock her. I'll tell her what we've had, and keep her awake all night! " As she spoke, he couldn't help but laugh.

Lei Xiangzhi suddenly opened his mouth, "Third brother, Fourth Brother, little sister, I think it's better not to bring it up."

"Why?" Lei Xiangyi and the other two were all puzzled.

Lei Xiangzhi sighed, "It took a lot of effort for Big Brother and Big Sis to calm down, so it's best to let them have some peace and quiet."

When Lei Xiangyi and the other two thought of their mother's and second sister-in-law's unrestrained nature, they all nodded at the same time.

"Hmm, don't mention it."

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