Transmigration: To Be His Man/C2 Breakfast Small Wind Wave
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Transmigration: To Be His Man/C2 Breakfast Small Wind Wave
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C2 Breakfast Small Wind Wave

The man looked to be in his early twenties, tall and strong, tall and straight. He wore a short gray shirt with a black belt tied with a simple knot. He was rather handsome, with long black hair that fell to his waist and was simply tied up with a blue cloth and a wooden hairpin. His thick eyebrows were stuck in his temples, and his eyes were bright and deep. Only, there was a scar on his left cheek, extending from the left inner corner of the eye all the way down to the bottom of his earlobe. It was an old injury that had healed long ago, but the scar was very obvious, and it looked somewhat frightening.

He was this person's … Wife? Qin Mian coughed dryly and stood up. His knees felt a bit weak as he unconsciously sat on the ground.

The man was quick to grab his arm.

Qin Mian felt like he was lifted up like a little chicken. He looked at the man and said nothing. He was too tall, he thought, almost two heads taller than he was. At the same time, he was even more certain in his heart that there was something wrong with his body. This weakness was not normal at all.

Madam Du eased her expression and put down her broom, "Boss, Mother was also angered by him. She actually told him to feed the pigs that she didn't know how to! [What is this guy trying to do if she doesn't mean it? "Manage your wife properly!"

Qin Mian did not make a sound. He would feed the pigs. From birth to the age of fifteen, he lived in the countryside with his grandfather and grandmother. He would farm, raise chickens, and raise pigs. But now he was in an unfamiliar environment, without any memory of the original owner. He didn't know what pig food was, where it was kept, or how much it was fed. If he did something wrong, it wouldn't be good for the old woman to suspect it. As everyone knew, people in ancient times were very superstitious. If someone found out that this body had been altered, he might have to die again. Therefore, even if he directly said that he wouldn't, even if it was the opposite of the truth, the old woman would at most think that he was intentionally causing trouble.

Lei Tia glanced at Qin Mian, but he did not look displeased. Without saying a word, he left in large strides.

Madam Du glared at Qin Mian fiercely.

Qin Mian was not afraid of her, and silently calculated what he should do next. As he walked, he wondered what kind of strange feeling the man had, that made him feel like there was something wrong.

After a while, the man came over with a wooden bucket. He walked to the pigsty and swiftly poured some crushed vegetables or grass into the trough.

Madam Du's face turned green, she tried to sound gentle, "Boss, you are a man, why do you need to do this?"

Qin Mianxin was annoyed. He's a man, I'm not a man?

Lei Tia did not utter a word, he placed the wooden bucket on the ground, and pulled Qin Mian into the thatched cottage, and they sat down on the edge of the bed.

Qin Mian was shocked by his actions. He didn't even remember to speak as he watched the man walk out, and after a while, he came back with a bucket of water. He took a new cloth from the rope tied around the door and put it into the basin. Then, he also sat down on the edge of the bed. Separated by three fists from Qin Mian, he stared at the opposite wall without saying a word.

"Thank you." Qin Mianxin said. But aside from the abnormal relationship between them, there was nothing about this man that he disliked so far. He didn't say much. He washed his face and hands with a cloth and was about to pour water when the man took the basin and washed his hands without a word.

Qin Mian felt a little awkward. Two men sharing a washcloth...

"Eat." After Lei Tia finished washing his face, he carried the basin in one hand and stood up to look at Qin Mian.

Qin Mian nodded and followed him out.

The man dumped the water in the corner, left the basin by the well, and went inside.

Qin Mian followed him.

At this time, a few people walked in from outside the courtyard. There were both men and women, all dressed in ancient attire. They were all carrying farm tools, and they talked as they walked. Behind the few of them followed three little kids.

Speaking up to here, he wanted to talk about the situation of Lei Family. Lei Daqiang, the head of Lei Family, 40 years old, married to Madam Du, 38 years old. The eldest son, Lei Tia, was 22 years old and his wife was Qin Mian, who was only 14 years old; the second son, Lei Xiangren, was 21 years old. His wife, Mrs Zhao, was the eldest son, Lei Dabao, was 5 years old; his youngest son, Lei Xiaobao, was 3 years old; third son, Lei Xiangyi, was 19 years old.

At this time, Lei Daqiang and the others had entered. Other than Lei Xiangzhi, everyone else was present.

Lei Xiangren and the rest put down the farm tools, seeing Qin Mian's strange expression, they called him "Sister-in-law".

Qin Mian was worried the moment he arrived, but he was afraid that people would notice anything amiss. He did not even pay attention to them as he nodded vaguely. Since he had already worn it, it was impossible for him to wear it back. He had already made up his mind. No one knew that he had a magical space. As long as he had space, it would not be a problem for him to live on with his wits. But all he could do now was "steady".

Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian went to the well to fetch water for the men to wash, and while fetching water, they whispered to each other. There was a strange smile on their face, and their gaze also drifted towards Qin Mian intentionally or unintentionally.

Qin Mian did not mind, there were two tables in the hall. Seeing that Lei Tia was already seated at one of the tables, he walked over and took an empty seat, secretly taking note of Lei Tia's reaction.

Lei Tia looked at his special daughter-in-law and saw no expression on her face. There was some surprise in her eyes, but she did not say anything.

"Ol 'Two, Ol' Three, why aren't you coming in to help?" When Madam Du came out of the kitchen and saw Madame Zhao and Madam Qian chatting, he immediately became angry and shouted with a cold face.

"He's here!" Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian immediately stopped smiling and also quickened their washing their hands.

After a while, everyone outside had finished washing up and entered the room. They saw Qin Mian sitting beside the man, and both of their steps stopped at the same time as they looked at each other.

Old Master Lei didn't say anything, but walked to the seat and sat down. Although he was called the old man, he was actually only in his early forties. However, because he had been working hard all year round, he looked very old, like he was sixty years old.

Seeing that the old man did not speak, the few men all sat down at Qin Mian's table.

After a while, Madam Du, Madame Zhao and Madam Qian came in with food.

When Madam Du saw Qin Mian, his face changed. He endured his displeasure and signaled to the other table, "Old fellow, are you sleeping soundly? Your seat is over here. "

Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian looked like they were watching a good show. Their eldest brother's marriage to a man was already enough for them to be happy. He had only been married for a few days and yet he had already started working with his mother-in-law. This was enough for them to have several days of discussion.

Lei Chuntao frowned as she took the dish in Madam Du's hands and placed it on the table. When she went to pick up the other dish, Madam Du did not loosen her grip. She lifted her eyes to look at her mother. Her face was taut and her eyes were filled with anger. She stared at her husband and sister-in-law. It was as if she wanted nothing more than to turn her eyes into two needles and stab her elder sister-in-law.

Qin Mian looked at the table full of women and children and laughed inwardly. His face did not change, nor did he say anything.

The man's attitude would determine which direction his future plans were headed.

Lei Tia did not look at the people around him, but held onto his leg to prevent him from getting up, and spoke depressingly: "My wife will sit here from now on."

Madam Du's face turned serious as she used all her strength to place the dishes on the table.

Qin Mianxin said that the plate was extremely sturdy, and did not even break despite all the strength.

The Madam Du said unquestionably: "How can that be? Every daughter-in-law would sit at that table, no matter which family they were from. It's for everyone, you go over. "

Lei Tia did not let go, calm but firm, "Sit here."

"Mother, men and women are different, isn't it embarrassing for me to sit over there? The girl is still here. " Qin Mian pushed Lei Tia's hands away, and smiled at the old lady, not knowing which generation she came from, because he did not dare to say "Seven years, men and women have different seats, and will not eat together". The girl had not tied her hair, so he knew that she was not married yet.

A layer of red of anger surfaced on Madam Du's face. The reason she allowed the elders and her other two daughter-in-law to sit together was because she wanted to teach him a lesson. She had actually forgotten that her own daughter was already of the same age as them, and although the elders were "sister-in-law", they were still men. Thinking about it, although she was filled with anger, she could not say anything more. She only took the chance to gouge Qin Mian out when he was not paying attention.

She looked at the plate of steamed buns that was about to be delivered to the big table (where the men were sitting). She wanted to put two less on the table, but was afraid that the few labourers at home wouldn't be able to eat enough, so she could only give up.

Mistress Zhao and Madam Qian were secretly disappointed that they did not see a good show, and were a little puzzled in their hearts. A few days ago, "Eldest Sister-in-Law" was still acting cowardly, but today, she was rather calm, and even dared to talk back to Madam Du. It's not simple. Was he relying on the boss's support?

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