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C20 Autumn Harvest

When he walked out of the kitchen, he saw Lei Tia sitting by the table with one hand on his chin, his head lowered and his eyes closed. The smell of alcohol on his body drifted over with the wind.

He took Qing Yan outside and squatted on the ground. As he rinsed his mouth, he could feel the tranquility around him. His heart was very calm. That was a good start.

Then he went to his room to get some clean clothes and some hot water into the tub. Without a bathroom, he could only carry the bathtub out of the house and take off his clothes to go in. He was so comfortable that he breathed a sigh of relief silently. Just now, he had secretly added some Spirit Spring Water s into the water.

Lei Tia opened his eyes and listened to the water outside. His eyes were calm and tranquil, no one knew what he was thinking.

After showering, Qin Mian felt refreshed and splashed water on the ground. He stretched his body leisurely, "I'm going to sleep now. There's still hot water in the pot, it should be enough for you. "

Yes." "Today, I passed by a rice field, and the rice could be harvested." "Lei Tia said.

Seeing that Lei Tia was still very clear-headed, Qin Mian voiced out his own thoughts, "I think we should first buy the house, then we can open up a vegetable patch nearby. Otherwise, we'll have to spend money to buy vegetables in two months."

Lei Tia was about to head to the kitchen, then turned around, "Tomorrow morning."

Qin Mian did not ask him where he planned to buy it, and nodded his head, then entered the room.

Lei Tia looked at the two mugs that were placed side by side in the kitchen. After standing for a while, he picked up the one that was not touched by the water and went to rinse his mouth.

After cleaning himself up, he locked the door, blew on the oil lamp and returned to his room. Qin Mian closed his eyes and laid obediently on the side of the bed, next to the edge. He didn't care and got up from the bed, lying on his side facing Qin Mian. Because he knew that once the little guy fell asleep, it would automatically squeeze into his arms.

This time, Qin Mian slept soundly without a dream, until he naturally woke up. It was bright outside the window, and the sun was shining through the gaps in the curtains without a sound.

Lei Tia did not know when he had gotten up, but he was currently sitting in front of a grindstone and focused on sharpening a sickle.

The sunlight cast a shadow on his forehead, adding a touch of gentleness to his angular face. Qin Mian was stunned for a few seconds before recovering.

"Sorry, I woke up late. I'll make breakfast now. " Qin Mian was a little ashamed. He scratched his messy hair and coughed to ease the awkwardness.

Lei Tia looked at him, shook his head, and continued sharpening his blade, "I will go to the fields first."

Qin Mian originally wanted to ask about the house, but when he thought that it was more important to collect the rice, he swallowed his question back, "I'll go and bring you food very soon. Oh right, why is there only a sickle? "

"I alone am enough." Lei Tia stood up.

Qin Mian still had other things to do. Thinking that he and Lei Tia only had a single rice field, and that it would take Lei Tia less than a day to settle it, he did not insist on helping. He looked at the sun and estimated that it was almost nine o'clock, and quickly went to the kitchen to light a fire, mix it with wheat flour and water into a half liquid, and after mixing it evenly with onions, salt, minced meat, and eggs, he quickly spread out a few fragrant scallion meat cakes and left three for himself. After thinking about it, he also found a clean water jar that was filled with cold boiled water. He locked the door and went to bring Lei Tia food.

The sun was shining brightly in the sky. In the golden fields, farmers bent over harvesting rice were everywhere. As they quickly and skillfully brandished their scythes, they dumped the rice onto the ground and piled it up high. During the harvest season, they were most afraid of the rain, so no one chatted. Everyone fought for every second of their time. Only a few fields of rice ripened a little late, and from a distance, patches of golden yellow were like furry rugs.

When the people of the fields heard the commotion, they raised their heads and looked over, causing Qin Mian to smile politely and nod his head again. Those with a good attitude would smile at him; those with a bad attitude would quickly lower their heads.

Qin Mian did not take it to heart at all, and very quickly, he arrived at his "home" rice field. He was surprised to see that a fifth of the rice in the acre of land had already been cut.

Lei Tia was bent over busying himself, waving his sickle to cut down a large amount of rice. He casually glanced behind him, and when he saw Qin Mian, the indifference in his eyes faded slightly.

Qin Mian waved his hand, "Brother Tia, let's eat first."

An old man in his early fifties was picking up rice with two young men in the nearby rice field. Seeing Qin Mian, the elder squinted his eyes and laughed, "It's from Lei Tia Family, what delicious things are you sending Lei Tia?"

Only now did Qin Mian realize that it was Precinct Head, and was pleasantly surprised. In the ancient villages, it could be said that the Precinct Head was the village's parent. If they had a good relationship with the Precinct Head, it could reduce a lot of trouble. Was Lei Daqiang and Madam Du confused or stupid? It was a pleasant surprise that the rice fields adjacent to Precinct Head were distributed to them.

He quickly walked over, "Is Uncle Precinct Head busy? I never thought that our two families' Tian would actually be neighbors. This is such a coincidence, I'll have to trouble Precinct Head Uncle to take care of me in the future. I made some scallion meat patties. If Uncle Precinct Head and the two big brothers don't mind, why don't you try it? "

Uncle Precinct Head quickly refused, "How can I accept this? "No need, no need."

His two sons had caught a whiff of the aroma and couldn't help glancing into the basket.

Qin Mian looked at Lei Tia.

Lei Tia accepted the basket, carried the bowl out, and personally took out three pancakes to give to Precinct Head: "Uncle Precinct Head, try it, what is it worth to make it yourself?"

Precinct Head could only rub his hands on his clothes and receive the scallion meat patties. He gave two of them to his two sons and took a bite. the workmanship of Lei Tia Family. "

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