Transmigration: To Be His Man/C3 Mysterious Space
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Transmigration: To Be His Man/C3 Mysterious Space
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C3 Mysterious Space

"Alright, I'm hungry." Lei Daqiang slapped the table and spoke.

Madam Du was very gentle to Lei Daqiang, "I won't say it anymore. "Let's all eat."

Qin Mian looked at the plate of steamed buns on the table and the bowl of vegetable soup that was so clean that the oil flowers were almost gone. Although he had already predicted that the living standards of the farmers in the ancient times wouldn't be that high, he was still shocked.

While he was still in a daze, the other men had already picked up steamed buns and started to eat. The few of them ate very quickly. One steamed bun was finished in two or three bites, so they went to get another one.

Suddenly, a steamed bun was stuffed into his hand. Qin Mian turned his head to look at Lei Tia, but Lei Tia didn't look at him, and continued to eat his steamed bun silently. Qin Mian saw that the others were wolfing down their food, and although the man beside him was also eating quickly, he did not seem vulgar at all.

He turned his head to look at the other table. They had eaten the same thing, but the soup was thinner, with only a few vegetables left.

His stomach tightened again. Qin Mian took a bite of the bun and frowned. He wasn't the type of person who couldn't bear hardships. When he lived with his grandfather and grandmother, his breakfast was usually a snack or steamed buns or even steamed buns. After that, when Qin Yongcheng received him into the Qin Family to live a better life, and because he inadvertently acquired a space that he could grow, he started to like to research and study delicious food. However, it was unknown how this steamed bun was made, but it was very rough and scratched his throat.

However, he still finished the steamed bun and drank another bowl of soup before feeling better in his stomach.

After a relatively calm breakfast, Lei Daqiang began to arrange the jobs for today. Now was the time for the wild grasses to grow crazily, and the grasses in the fields to be uprooted. On the other hand, Madam Du arranged jobs for her daughter-in-law. Lady Zhao watered and watered the vegetables, Madam Qian cut the grass for the pigs, and Madam Qin went up the mountain to chop firewood. As for Lei Chuntao, the girl needed to be pampered before she could find a good home. Now that the sun was up, she did not go out and bask in the sunlight, she only needed to embroider flowers in her room.

"My wife is resting." Lei Tia said.

Madam Du's face turned dark again, and she said stiffly: "Why are the farmers so expensive? How many days have you been resting? All the work at home has been delayed. "

Qin Mian understood that he was unfamiliar with this place and it was temporarily impossible for him to leave the Lei Family. Thus, he could not fall out with the Madam Du yet, and just as he was about to agree, Lei Tia said again: "He is resting."

After that, he ignored the Madam Du and dragged Qin Mian into the thatched hut, closed the door, and left.

Madam Du's eyes reddened, she looked at Lei Daqiang, "Head, look at boss, he's already married and has forgotten his mother …"

Lei Daqiang watched as Lei Tia carried the load on his shoulders and walked out the door without turning back. He frowned, "Forget it, everyone's body is currently not very good, we'll talk about it in two days."

Madam Du still listened to Lei Daqiang's words a lot. Although he was feeling uncomfortable, he didn't say anything else and comforted himself. When she thought here, she did not insist, but saw that the other two daughter-in-law still stood there doing nothing. Her eyes were wide open, and she did not speak with a cold face, but the fury in her eyes was blowing towards Lady Zhao and Madam Qian like a gale.

Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian quickly took the farm tools they needed and quickly left the courtyard.

Qin Mian stayed in the thatched hut, listening to the yard grow quieter with relief. He thanked Lei Tia profusely, locked the door, shook off the blanket, took out a few sets of clothes and two pillows from the wooden chest and stuffed them under the blanket, pretending that there were people lying inside. Then, he slipped into the blanket and entered the space. No one could blame him for being so cautious. This house was too dilapidated, and there were tiny cracks everywhere. It was very easy to peek inside. Space was an existence that defied the will of the heavens. He had to be extremely careful not to let anyone discover the existence of space.

Normally speaking, if he had switched bodies, space wouldn't have followed him. But perhaps it was because after the blood had dripped onto space, space and his soul had fused together, thus he had followed.

It was very coincidental and bizarre to be able to acquire space. One night, after a few drinks, he went out for a walk to sober up. He happened to see two men killing a black dog in the woods. The dog was covered with several crisscrossing bloody wounds. He ran over in a rage, took out his cell phone and threatened the two of them to call the police. The two of them were not even 20 years old yet, but they were scared by him and ran away.

The dog looked very weak. He had no experience in dealing with the dog, so he didn't dare touch it. He quickly called the veterinarian hospital and told them to send someone to deal with it. He stroked the black dog's head to comfort it and told him that someone was coming to save it.

The black dog glanced at him and whined twice. It stood up with difficulty, licked his palm and spat out a reddish-brown jade ring. Then, it limped away.

He was still dazed from the alcohol. He was dazed for a while before he regained his senses. He thought that he was hallucinating and when he looked at his palm, there was indeed a jade ring.

Shocked, he quickly looked for the black dog. But the black dog was gone.

This matter was very bizarre. Furthermore, the black dog clearly had a human nature, so it did not have any malicious intent. Thus, he left the jade ring on his finger, which he treasured very much.

Later on in 2012, the theory of the apocalypse was very popular, especially in the novels of the apocalypse. Later in 2012, the theory of the apocalypse was very popular, even more so in the novels of the apocalypse. On a whim, he pierced his finger and dripped it on the ring. Never would he have thought that he would actually open the mysterious space!

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