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C4 Wicked Grandma

The ring transformed into a small black mole on Qin Mian's left wrist. And now, Qin Mian's left wrist also had an identical black mole. Perhaps it was a coincidence, or perhaps there was some mysterious reason, but Qin Mian did not care. The most important thing was that he still possessed this space.

Space was a small world of its own. There were mountains, water, the sun rose and the sun set. There was also a classical courtyard house. What was worth mentioning was that there was a miraculous spirit spring water in this space. Qin Mian did not know where the Spirit Spring Water had come from, he just determined that the water inside was endless. The Spirit Spring Water had a miraculous effect. After drinking the Spirit Spring Water, his body had always been healthy and healthy, and the vegetables and fruits that had watered the Spirit Spring Water all looked good. Furthermore, the taste was extremely good, many times better than the vegetables sold outside.

It was because the end of 2012 said that Qin Mian had collected a lot of ingredients from within, including food, clothes, etc. Not only that, he had raised a few chickens and ducks, grew all kinds of vegetables and fruits, and even had a few mu of rice and wheat. He felt more at ease eating what he grew. It was also because Qin Yongcheng had given him a sum of 5 million as compensation that he had the capital to waste time on all of this.

Although he had transmigrated, with these materials, he was confident that he would be able to live a good life. There was something special about this space. It could be formed by one's heart and mind. Once he found someone he loved, he could share space with her, sharing life and death. Even in ancient times, he could live a beautiful life.

After drinking a cup of Spirit Spring Water s and pouring some water on an unknown flower bud in the flower bed at the back of the house, Qin Mian left the space. Right now, he was in a strange place. He tried his best to not stay in space, and he didn't want to go in as long as he could.

He stayed in the room until he heard the Madam Du say that he wanted to cook lunch, so he got up and went to the kitchen to help ignite the fire.

Madam Du still did not treat him well, Qin Mian did not mind, it was not like he would lose a piece of flesh after being stared at a few times by her. He was still waiting for the Madam Du's words to reveal some information about this space.

"It's for everyone." "Madam Du was annoyed when she saw how relaxed he looked." Since you are from our Lei Family, you shouldn't just play around lazily all the time! Boss loving you is your good fortune, but you can't just because boss loving you just take an inch, do not know what's good for you! Do you know? " She used the spatula to dig through the dishes in the frying pan. The spatula knocked on the pan, making a loud sound as if Qin Mian was in a pot. No matter how quickly she turned it, the food in the pot soon gave off a sticky smell.

"Is he unhappy with me or something!?" What's the point of having such a big fire? " Madam Du suddenly used a spatula as she stared coldly at Qin Mian, "Do you want to burn through the pot or do you not want to let your family eat? "Huh?"

Qin Mian was speechless. Stir-fried eggplant should be more oil, you are only using a spoon to drop a few drops of oil, it would be strange not to paste. Doing it was wrong, not doing it was also wrong. He finally understood that the Madam Du just did not like him. Since that was the case, then why would she agree to Lei Tia marrying Qin Mian back then?

"If you don't save this pot of food, you really won't be able to eat anymore. I'll go and see if they're back. " After Qin Mian finished, he stood up and left.

Without waiting for Madam Du to react, he immediately left the courtyard. For a moment, he really had the impulse to leave, but her reason quickly convinced him. He was not in good health, and she was only in her teens. How far could she walk? He could stay in space until her body recovered, but he knew nothing about this world. If she were to offend the taboo of space, or if someone were to discover the existence of space, he would die. Then there was the matter of the household register. If he left just like that, he would become a black sheep and she didn't know how much trouble she would face in the future. The thing he was most worried about was whether the original owner and that man were married for a special reason, and whether or not escaping would attract people from Lei Family to chase him down and kill him.

Not too far away, a group of people were walking over from the other side. They were chatting happily. It just so happened to be Lei Daqiang and the rest.

Qin Mian hesitated for a moment, then stood at the side and waited for them.

Lei Tia saw the child from afar and quickly walked two steps forward. In a short moment, he arrived in front of, who was looking at him with an inquiring look.

Qin Mian also didn't know what he "asked", so he simply shook his head and smiled towards the approaching Old Man Lei.

"Father, all of you have returned." I was going to call you back for dinner. "

"Yes." Old Master Lei answered simply.

Lei Xiangren and the others were all called "Big Sis".

Qin Mian nodded again.

Behind them were a few other villagers who had also finished their work and returned home. They looked at Qin Mian weirdly, gave an ambiguous smile, and then walked towards another small road.

Qin Mian quietly pulled on Lei Tia's arm, and when Lei Daqiang and the rest were inside, he released them, "I have something to discuss with you."

Lei Tia gestured to enter and say.

Just as the two of them entered the thatched hut, the Madam Du shouted in a shrill voice: "Old patriarch! Where did you go to be lazy? "

Qin Mian sighed, "Forget it. "We'll talk about it later tonight." He didn't believe that the old woman would tie him up in front of him after dark!

Lei Tia watched him walk out of the room, then stood in his original spot thinking about something. Only after a while did he leave.

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