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C5 Reasons

When Lei Family people finished eating dinner, the sky was still not completely dark. The house and the shadows of the trees were silhouetted against the last rays of the sun. It was the same with the peasants. They would try to eat dinner before nightfall, so they could save some lamp oil.

Qin Mian, Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian washed the bowls and cleaned the kitchen under Madam Du's covetous gaze.

Coming out from the kitchen and seeing Lei Tia take a dark brown wooden basin to draw water from the well, Qin Mian was afraid that he would want to wash his feet with him. He quickly walked over and scooped up a ladle of cold water from the bucket and poured it all over his feet.

Lei Tia paused, still remaining expressionless, he bent down to get some water.

Qin Mian quickly returned to the thatched hut. His sandals were wet and uncomfortable, so he simply took them off to let his feet naturally dry, and sat down on the edge of the bed without a chair. The room was very dark, and the light from outside seeped in through the cracks in the walls, looking very desolate. On the contrary, when Qin Mian saw an oil lamp on the short table beside the bed, he didn't know how he lit it and didn't touch it.

Not long later, Lei Tia walked in.

Qin Mian asked in a low voice: "Is there anyone else outside?"

Lei Tia did not know what he meant, he shook his head, walked in and sat on the bed.

Qin Mian thought for a while, then said: "I don't know what's going on, but I don't remember anything from the past. Can you tell me who I am, and why I am getting married to you? We're both men. "

Lei Tia turned his head and looked at him in surprise.

Qin Mian looked at him calmly.

"You are my wife. I am Lei Tia. "Go to sleep." Lei Tia got onto the bed first and lied down on the outside.

"I'm a man!" Qin Mian was a little anxious, and asked closely, "How did I get married with you? Why would my family marry me to a man? "

Lei Tia did not speak. It was too dark in the room, so Qin Mian could not see his expression clearly.

"You're my wife." After Lei Tia finished speaking, no matter how hard Qin Mian asked, he no longer spoke.

Qin Mian was able to maintain his composure. After sitting there for a while, he shivered when a gust of wind blew and he crawled onto the inside of the bed to lie down. At the very least, there was still one more thing that he could rejoice about: Lei Tia did not force him to exercise the rights and duties of a "husband and wife". Pah pah!

Qin Mian shook his head, trying to get rid of Lei Ren. After hesitating for a while, he still covered Lei Tia's body with the sole blanket. The temperature around him was like a warm stove, making it difficult for him to ignore him. He decided to stop thinking about it and to have a good night's sleep. When the sun rose, he would definitely find a way to ask about it. He slept soundly. As far as he could estimate, this body was at most twelve years old and still a child. Lei Tia could not possibly be a beast to such an extent that he could do anything to him.


After spending two days of time, Qin Mian finally understood his current situation. Once he teleported, he traveled to another time and space. Now, he was in the Grand Xia Dynasty and he was in the Qingshan Village.

He had a clear understanding of the situation regarding Lei Family. Lei Tia, Lei Xiangren and the others were originally from the same father. Lei Tia's biological mother died a difficult death while giving birth to Lei Tia half a year later. Lei Family still had a son who was only older than Lei Chuntao by a cup of tea's worth of time. She was currently studying in the town's private school and would only return once every few days.

Coincidentally, the original owner of this body was also called Qin Mian. At this point, one had to say that Lei Tia was very pitiful. When Madam Du first entered, she was pretty good to Lei Tia, but now that she had a child, no matter how she looked at Lei Tia, he was unsightly, and if there was a hint of dissatisfaction, it would be beating her up while cursing her. As the saying goes, after having a stepmother, there will be a stepfather. Madam Du would say some bad things about Lei Tia from time to time, causing Lei Daqiang to gradually forget about him. When Lei Tia was twelve years old, the Madam Du urged Lei Daqiang to sell him to a wealthy family in order to become a attendant. Lei Tia could not bear it any longer and quietly left the house. She left for nearly ten years and returned less than a month ago with an ugly scar on her face. It was unknown what happened outside. His family asked him, and so did the villagers, but they couldn't get anything out of him.

After all, he was his own child, and he was no longer young. Furthermore, his two younger brothers had already married, so it wouldn't be right for their boss to not get married. Lei Daqiang thought about how he was going to get Lei Tia married. However, a rather handsome person had a scar on his face. Which family's girl would take a fancy to him? This matter had been delayed.

Until one day, an old fortune-teller came to the village and claimed that the person destined for Lei Tia was a fourteen year old youngster who would appear in the western small forest at some point in time in a certain year! If the two of them were to be united, they would be extremely wealthy, and might even benefit the entire village. However, if Lei Tia were to marry someone else, then his Lei Family would definitely bring a calamity upon himself, or even his descendants.

Hearing till here, Qin Mian's first feeling was that this fortune-teller must have been invited by someone who disliked Lei Tia to deceive him.

If he were to continue speaking, once this fortune-telling words left his mouth, the people from Lei Family would immediately change their expressions, preferring to believe in his words rather than not! On that day, Lei Daqiang brought Lei Xiangren and his group to the small forest where Fate was told to them. He did not expect the three of them to actually see a youth there!

This youth was dressed in rags, lying on the ground unconscious.

The three of them hesitated for a moment before bringing the boy back home.

After the youth woke up, he only said that his name was Qin Mian and that he had escaped from a remote town.

Because Lei Tia had been away from home for many years, Lei Daqiang felt somewhat guilty towards him. He did not really intend for him to marry this youth. At most, he would just raise this child, which should be able to protect him from disaster, right?

He said that it didn't matter if the two elders were implicated by Lei Tia, even if they lost their lives it wouldn't be a big deal, but they couldn't harm the other children just because of Lei Tia right? Especially since Lei Xiangyi still didn't have a son, and he hadn't even gotten married yet, and Lei Xiangzhi still had exams. He might be able to become an official in the future and bring glory to his ancestors, and his only daughter still hadn't been introduced to his yet.

Just like this, Lei Daqiang finally let go and let Lei Tia and Qin Mian get married.

Qin Mian was sick and homeless, so if he did not agree to marry Lei Tia, he would be kicked out.

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