Transmigration: To Be His Man/C6 I Want to Split up
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Transmigration: To Be His Man/C6 I Want to Split up
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C6 I Want to Split up

Since this was a marriage, the household register naturally transferred to Lei Family.

Until now, they had only been married for a few days.

Qin Mian also found out about another matter that caused his heart to sink to the bottom. The news of the marriage of the two men had spread throughout the county, and it was unclear whether it had reached any further places. Men and women being together was the right path, and in Qingshan Village, there were two men who became husband and wife. How could this not become the laughingstock of others? In other words, even if he were to leave Lei Tia now, his reputation would be ruined. It was impossible for him to find a wife around here. Which parents would be willing to marry their own girl to someone who had once married a man?

Divorce with Lei Tia, or in other words, "parting from him", was imminent.

During the day, Madam Du would think of ways to make Qin Mian and Lei Tia work, and only at night would he have the chance to talk to Lei Tia. That night, after Lei Tia had finished washing his face and rinsing his mouth, Qin Mian spoke in a probing tone, "Actually, back then, you and I were forced to marry, and you also wanted to marry a wife. I mean, you also wanted to marry a normal wife and live a good life, right?"

"You are my wife." Lei Tia looked at him, as if he didn't understand why he had said those words.

Qin Mian gasped. Was he abnormal? He tried to remain calm and patient. "I mean, you want to marry someone who can have a baby, too, don't you?"

"No need." Lei Tia took off his grass shoes, and said concisely.

Qin Mian didn't know if he really didn't understand or was pretending, but he said straightforwardly: "Let's leave each other."

Lei Tia turned his head abruptly, stared at him for a while, and said: "I won't leave."

Then he went to bed, just as he had last time.

Qin Mian was shocked. Could it be that Lei Tia had always liked men? But that didn't make sense either. He had once looked at himself in a mirror in space, and the current him wasn't good-looking at all, his black body was skinny and shriveled. Furthermore, the current him was only a child, even if Lei Tia liked men, he wouldn't like him.

As long as his household registration was still within the Lei Family, he would not be able to escape. He heard from the Brother Zhang in the village that the administration of household registration was very strict in this country. If he wanted to create a new household registration system, not only would he need a lot of money, he would also have to make a connection. Even if he had the money, there was nothing he could do about it. Could it be that he had always been a scumbag?

Qin Mian helplessly admitted: Right now, he has to continue staying in Lei Family.

Since he had decided to stay, Qin Mian had a good look at the situation of the Lei Family. In total, there were six rooms, and upon entering, there was only one hall, and at the same time, it was a place for eating. Lei Daqiang and his wife, Lei Xiangren's family, Lei Xiangyi's family, Lei Xiangzhi was a scholar and had one room for all of them, while the last room was split into two rooms, one for Lei Xianglee and one for Lei Chuntao.

Outside the house was the courtyard. There was a kitchen in the northwest corner, and a well in the right corner. To the east, near the gate, was a pigsty. Lei Tia returned later on. Since there was no place for him to stay, he could only build a thatched hut at the southwest corner of the courtyard. Not to mention the pigsty on the other side of the thatched cottage, it was only sheltered from the wind now. If the weather got colder, it might not have been possible to live in this hut until it rained and snowed. What a pity.

Qin Mian felt a little disappointed in Lei Tia. Why didn't Lei Family want to do anything about it? As a person who had ventured out before, he should at least have some experience, right?

It would be good if they could split up and live on their own. Firstly, if there wasn't anyone from the Lei Family interfering with them, it would be beneficial for him persuading Lei Tia to leave and secondly, he would be able to live a more comfortable life.

It was weird, but logically speaking, the Madam Du really hated Lei Tia, why didn't she urge Lei Daqiang to divide Lei Tia up?

"Lei Tia Family, be careful!"

An urgent warning sound suddenly sounded by Qin Mian's ear. He shuddered and subconsciously threw away the thing in his hand, then retreated a few steps back — he suddenly remembered that he was chopping wood. That axe strike earlier missed, and had almost injured himself.

A rough man in his early thirties walked quickly over and looked him up and down with concern. The man was carrying a basket with an old axe in it.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Brother Zhang, thank you. " Qin Mian thanked him sincerely. All of the information he gathered came from this person, Zhang Dashuan. In the past few days since he came to the Lei Family, other than the people from the Lei Family, he had met around a dozen people. Only Zhang Dashuan and his wife, Sister-in-Law Chun Hua, treated him with a normal attitude.

In Zhang Dashuan's eyes, Qin Mian was just a child, not much older than his son. Seeing that he was indeed fine, he casually asked, "What are you thinking so deeply about?" After saying that, he put down his burden, picked up the axe and chopped down the tree. With the axe, a deep mark appeared on a half withered tree that was as thick as an arm. The autumn harvest was about to arrive, and the farmers would take advantage of this time to do some odd jobs.

Qin Mian thought for a while, and spoke honestly, "I'm thinking, since my mother doesn't like me and Lei Tia, why not separate us out? As far as I know, isn't the Liu family a branch family? "

"Bang!" The small tree was chopped down, and Zhang Dashuan raised his axe to continue cutting. It is easier to dry a tree by cutting it into small pieces. The sound of the collision scared away the birds in the trees, causing the leaves to rustle.

"Your family won't be able to do that in a short period of time." Zhang Dashuan laughed as he chopped firewood, "Aren't you afraid that the village will poke their backs if she separates you two out right after you and Tia get married? Furthermore, Tia is the boss of the Lei Family, even if it is a branch family, logically speaking, you and Tia should still be raising the two elders. "

Ah? Qin Mian was dumbstruck.

The sound of branches swaying came from behind them as the two of them turned around.

Lei Tia carried his large bow on his left shoulder and a wild deer on his right shoulder as he strode forward. The deer was at least fifty or sixty catties tall, and it hung motionless on his body.

"Tia, good luck! Such a big fellow would probably sell for quite a bit of money. Even if you keep it for yourself, you can still eat for a long period of time. " Zhang Dashuan looked at the wild deer enviously and said to Lei Tia with a smile.

Qin Mian stared at the wild deer and could not help but lick his lips. Greed. But he knew that even if Lei Tia managed to hit his prey, he wouldn't be able to eat meat. Madam Du was an old grubber, she would normally not even be willing to fry vegetables, let alone meat. Even the eggs were only for her two precious grandchildren and her only daughter. The others, including the two year-old Lei Xinxin, couldn't even think about it. There was meat and eggs in his space, but he had no chance to cook them.

Lei Tia nodded towards Zhang Dashuan and walked in front of him. Pausing for a moment, he took out something from his bosom and wrapped it with a green lotus leaf. The leaf emitted a faint smell of meat, attracting Qin Mian's drool.

Zhang Dashuan smiled ambiguously at Qin Mian and continued to chop firewood.

Qin Mian struggled for a while before he took the lotus leaf package and said, "Thank you." Opening the lotus leaf, he found a chicken drumstick that was being roasted until it was oily. It was still slightly hot.

Lei Tia put down his prey and bow, picked up his axe and went to the side to chop firewood.

The basket, which was originally filled with only three or four sticks of firewood, gradually filled up.

After Qin Mian finished the chicken leg, he felt that it was even more delicious than any chicken leg he had ever eaten before.

Almost at the same time he finished eating the chicken leg, Lei Tia stood up. The two baskets that Qin Mian brought with him to hold firewood was only filled to the brim with one. Lei Tia put the axe, prey and bow into another basket and picked it up with his carrying pole.

Qin Mian's feelings were a little subtle. Why did it feel like Lei Tia chopped firewood just to wait for him to finish eating the chicken drumstick?

"Brother Zhang, let's go." Lei Tia said to Zhang Dashuan.

Zhang Dashuan waved his hands, "Ai, alright, I will chop some more before returning."

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