Transmigration: To Be His Man/C7 Game Disturbance
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Transmigration: To Be His Man/C7 Game Disturbance
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C7 Game Disturbance

Qin Mian licked his lips, trying his best to not leave any traces of oil. Looking at his clothes, he chose to wipe his mouth with the lotus leaf.

Lei Tia noticed his movements, he pursed his lips, his eyes fluctuating for a moment.

As the sun set in the west, the dim yellow sunlight shone through the clouds, dyeing the clouds with a mixture of bright and dark colors, as if they had been dyed with colors. The water in the pond was reflected in an orange color, rippling along with the wind. A flock of birds flew through the sky, leaving behind a crisp cry. The busy people in the fields hurried back, to get home before dark, and to be able to rest when they were done with their work. Only the naughty children did not know their worries. They would chase and fight in the fields, occasionally letting out happy laughter. Even if they accidentally fell down, they would not care. They would happily get up and continue to play. A few hyenas ran along, wagging their tails happily.

Lei Tia did not like to talk, so Qin Mian did not look for him to talk. Instead, he looked at his bow. The bow was gray in color, made of some unknown wood. It looked very sturdy, smooth and shiny. It must have been cleaned and maintained often, and was highly valued by its owner. The quiver was made of gray cloth, and inside it were ten arrows, clean.

"Yo, the two of them are going home together, how loving." A woman around forty years old, dressed in a Jing Chai skirt, walked over from a field trail with a hoe over her shoulder. She looked at Qin Mian and Lei Tia smilingly, and paused on the wild deer in the basket for a while out of the corner of her eyes.

Qin Mian could see it clearly, this man looked kind and amiable, but the disdain in his eyes was not hidden well.

The woman continued, "It's so big. Your family will not have to worry about meat for ten days to half a month. Little Brother Qin, you still don't know about Lei Family when you first arrived, right? Your grandma's culinary skills are one of the best in our village! "You've had a great time tonight."

Another woman, who was walking not far behind the woman, held a basket of vegetables and covered her mouth. Which one of us doesn't know that Sister Lei is a thrifty family member? "

Lei Tia pretended not to hear it, and continued to walk at a leisurely pace.

Qin Mian sighed to himself and walked a few steps quickly.

When the two of them entered the house, Madam Du was walking out, stopping in her tracks. She glanced at the basket and saw the prey, her face revealing a satisfied look, but then she saw the firewood in the other basket and her expression darkened.

"Old fellow, did you cut so little firewood this afternoon?"

Qin Mian stood behind Lei Tia, "Mother, I am small and do not have much strength, please take care of me."

"Who am I to you? You're not allowed to eat at night! All of you are looking down on me. " Madam Du's gaze fell on the wild deer once again, and her tone to Lei Tia became slightly more gentle, "Boss, take care of this thing."

"Big brother, you're back." A coarse cloth man walked out of the house with a few steps, and looked at the wild deer with a face full of joy. His triangular eyes flickered with a bright light, and there were two indistinct lines at the corner of his eyes. Mother, how about we stew the potatoes with venison tonight? "

Lei Xiangren was only one year younger than Lei Tia, but he looked to be four or five years older than Lei Tia. If the three of them were to walk outside together, people who were unaware would definitely think that Lei Tia was their little brother. This was also one of the reasons why Qin Mian had always felt that there was a sense of unfamiliarity with Lei Tia. He was somewhat curious about the ten years that Lei Tia had been gone for.

Mrs Zhao heard the noise from inside the house and quickly walked out. She smiled and took Madam Du's arm, as if they were very close, "Mother, then we will have our blessings. Mother's stewed meat has always been delicious. When I thought back to the wild boar stew that Little Treasure's stepmother cooked, my wife was still drooling. "

Qin Mian almost burst out laughing. Are you saying that Lei Family hasn't eaten meat in a long time?

In the kitchen, Madam Qian who was cooking glanced at Mrs Zhao's appearance through the window, and laughed disdainfully, whispering, "It would be weird if I could eat it."

Lei Xiangyi, who just entered the door, happened to hear Mrs Zhao's words and looked at Madam Du in anticipation. He had been eating green radish sweet potatoes all day long.

"What do you want to eat?" Madam Du glared at Madame Zhao fiercely, and said without a doubt, "Leave all of them for when the Autumn Harvest is over."

Only then did Lei Tia get the chance to speak, "I'll sell it tomorrow morning." After saying that, he ignored the others' reactions and placed the burden on the side. Then, he took the wild deer and went to the well to handle it.

Madam Du, Lei Xiangren and the rest were all stunned.

Lei Xiangyi did not mind and went straight into the house.

"Boss," The Madam Du walked over, "It's almost time to harvest them. The amount of oil we need is huge, keep this wild deer, then we won't need to spend money to buy meat. "Listen to the f * ck, we'll keep this meat."

Lei Tia squatted by the well, took out a knife from nowhere and quickly cut open the wild deer's abdomen, preparing to peel it.

Qin Mian was waiting to see a show. Although he had only interacted with Lei Tia for a few days, he could already see that Lei Tia was a man of his words. As long as he made a decision, it would be very difficult to change his personality. "What will the Madam Du do?

"Uncle, why do you insist on going against mother? Mother is angry. " "Why do you have to sell the meat?"

"Both Feng and I need to add some clothes." Lei Tia replied indifferently, his hands did not stop moving, the scent of deer blood filled the entire courtyard.

Madam Du suddenly turned her head.

Qin Mian thought.

"Alright!" Madam Du took two steps forward and stood in front of him, pointing at his nose and shouting, her eyes bulging as though she had suffered a great injustice, "I already said, why is boss so stubborn all of a sudden? So it was you who instigated them from behind! The Qin family, you are purposely causing discord between us, right? "

"I didn't. It's none of my business." Qin Mian nimbly dodged the attack and quickly hid to Lei Tia's side to use him as a shield. He didn't feel the least bit apologetic towards Lei Tia at all, and thought to himself: Who told you not to agree and leave?

It wasn't that he couldn't deal with the Madam Du, but the word "filial" pressured him to death. If he really went against the Madam Du or did something to the latter, not only Lei Family, the entire village wouldn't be able to contain him. He had to think of another way to deal with the Madam Du.

"No?" The Madam Du rushed over and said aggressively, "No one said that they would help you get additional clothes? Is my Lei Family short of your appetite, or is it short of your drink? Don't you know how to get your clothes on when the time comes? You just can't stand to see a kind family, can you? Boss, get out of the way! " With her temper, she didn't want to give in to Lei Tia at all. But ever since Lei Tia left home, the village people had been pointing fingers at her from the back. Xianglee had not mentioned his daughter-in-law yet, and Chuntao had not set a marriage with her. For the sake of their reputation, she could only endure it, not being able to directly go against Lei Tia and take the blade of the Qin.

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