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C8 Split Home(1)

Madam Du went to Lei Tia's left side and Qin Mian dodged to Lei Tia's right. Ever since he started drinking the Spirit Spring Water, his body had already recovered to eighty percent normal. Not only did his strength increase, his sensitivity also increased.

Lei Chuntao did not come out. She just stood by the window and looked out. Ever since Qin Mian arrived at the Lei Family, he had been gloomy and silent. It was the first time she had ever seen him like this … His lively appearance clearly indicated that he was deliberately teasing his mother. Seeing how one ran away so easily while the other chased while panting, she did not get angry. Instead, she felt that it was funny and helpless. Mother was also right, it was always Qin Mian that made things difficult. Although she felt uncomfortable with having a man with a sister-in-law, Qin Mian had already entered the door, and since it was due to the fortune-telling master's words, she couldn't leave.

"Stop right there!" Madam Du hated that Qin Mian did not give her any face at all.

Lei Tia watched as Qin Mian nimbly scuttled back and forth, a look of surprise and happiness flashing in his eyes. He stood up and protected his people behind him, then turned to face Madam Du and said, "Mother, it's fine if you don't sell your prey.

Trying to take the silver from the Madam Du was like biting her flesh. She stopped and took two breaths, then said indifferently: "You speak so easily, where did I get the silver from? Your Fourth Younger Brother should be getting married, are you prepared for this betrothal gift? Your little sister isn't engaged yet, but you should prepare the dowry, right? And you, Fifth Brother, can't spend money to study? "Boss, forgive me too."

Lei Tia said again: "The prey will be sold tomorrow."

Madam Du's face was so gloomy that it looked like dripping water, "What happens after we sell the autumn harvest? Forget it, if you want to sell it, then sell it.

Lei Tia said: "We'll see."

Madam Du angrily entered the house.

Lei Xiangren's face was filled with disappointment. He couldn't help but glance at the venison, thought for a bit, then caught up to Madam Du and followed her into the house. He closed the door at the same time.

"What are you doing sneaking around?" Madam Du slapped his arm forcefully and stared at him in rebuke.

"Mother, as long as you can calm down, your son will let you hit him a few more times." Lei Xiangren smiled as he sent his arm over.

Madam Du was immediately amused by him and lightly slapped his face, "Why are you following me in?" This was her first son. He had always been doting on her, so how could she bear to really hit him?

"Mother, please have some tea." Lei Xiangren picked up the teapot to pour her a cup of tea before sitting down beside her. He lowered his voice, afraid that others would hear it, "Actually, I had wanted to ask you a long time ago, since you do not like Big Brother, why not just give him a share? In fact, he felt that the Madam Du would cause trouble for Qin Mian every day. As long as he returned home, there would be no quiet times.

"You think I don't want to?" Madam Du snappily replied, "But our family has a lot of places to spend money. Our boss can work, and he is good at hunting too. "You'll pay for your two younger brothers and one younger sister?"

Lei Xiangren immediately shook his head, "How can my son be so capable?"

"Also, he left home for ten years, so he should have more or less some savings." Madam Du's tone was calm, as if she did not care, but the desire in her eyes revealed her thoughts.

Lei Xiangren was overjoyed, but at the same time, a little uncertain. "Didn't he give father twenty silver when he came back?"

"Hmph, I don't believe that he only earned twenty silver taels in the past ten years." Twenty silver from the start. I think — "Madam Du noticed that Lei Xiangren's eyeballs were rolling and suddenly regretted telling him all of this. He waved his hand and stood up," This is just my guess. Let's not talk about this and go and see if dinner is ready. "

During dinner time, Qin Mian did not go. The Madam Du had said that he would not be allowed to eat, so he did not go. He was disdainful of fighting with a woman every day, so he couldn't be bothered to quibble with her. At most, he could just secretly eat some snacks in the space.

Taking advantage of the moment when no one was looking, he walked out of the courtyard and leisurely wandered off into the distance. The sun was about to set, the sky in the west was a warm dim yellow, the people in the fields had all returned home, the entire village was quiet, it was just right for him to think: What should he do to make Lei Daqiang and the Madam Du take the initiative to separate them?

There was not a single person on the road. Qin Mian leisurely jogged along the roadside until he was around the same distance before turning back to run. While thinking, he also tried to train his body. Running half an hour a day and doing push-ups for half an hour a day would definitely toughen the body. He had always thought that this body was no more than twelve years old. Only later did he find out that he was actually fourteen years old, and only about 1.3 meters tall. Fortunately, he was young and had enough time to make up for it.

Qin Mian calmly analyzed. Although Lei Daqiang was everyone's leader, he only cared about the work outside. The rest of the things were left up to the Madam Du. Therefore, the key of the branch family was still the Madam Du. There was no doubt that the Madam Du did not have any feelings for Lei Tia at all. Qin Mian was certain that Madam Du also wanted to separate Lei Tia from the others. The reason she did not do so, other than fearing that people in the village would gossip about him, must have other reasons.

Other than Lei Xiangzhi who had never met Lei Xiangzhi before, among the four brothers of Lei Family, Lei Tia was the oldest and strongest. To the peasants who relied on their physical strength to eat, this was a free and powerful labour.

There was also money. This was something that Qin Mian had analyzed from a single sentence from the Madam Du — "Leave all the prey that you've caught to me in the future to handle." Qin Mian had seen the wild deer before, its arrow had pierced right through the wild deer's neck, killing it with one arrow, which meant that Lei Tia's archery was very good, and there were many prey that could be hunted from now until Autumn Harvest. No matter if it was modern or ancient, meat was not cheap, and he definitely had a lot of money to sell. The Madam Du wanted to control all of this in her hands, but not for money? Also, there are still three unmarried children in Lei Family. Historically, dowry and dowry were valued in marriage, especially in ancient times. If the betrothal gift was too little, which girl would be willing to marry him? If the dowry was too little and the girl didn't have any confidence when he went to his in-laws' home, he might be looked down upon by others. Therefore, according to Qin Mian's analysis, the Madam Du most likely wanted to take all possible money from Lei Tia to spend on him, Lei Xiangzhi and Lei Chuntao. The more Lei Tia said, the less she would be able to say. Good plan.

If you want Madam Du to take the initiative and propose a division, there are a few ways …

Qin Mian's mind was spinning very quickly, his wrist was suddenly held tightly by someone, and his heavy voice sounded beside his ear.

"Where are you going?"

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