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C9 Split Home(2)

Qin Mian turned his head back and stared intently at him. His eyes remained unmoving as he held a bowl in his right hand. There was sweet potato and millet rice in the bowl with a pair of chopsticks. So-called sweet potato and millet rice is sweet potato and millet rice steamed together. The most recent staple food is basically sweet potato and millet rice and steamed buns. There was a pile of cooked vegetables on top of the rice, and there was even a fried egg.

It was impossible for the Madam Du to be kind enough to give him eggs to eat. Most of the eggs were saved by Lei Tia for him to eat. Qin Mian really wanted to overturn this conjecture.

He moved his wrist and explained, "Where can I go when I'm hungry and empty-handed? "I was training my body just now and accidentally ran away." Other than Lei Tia not willing to part with him, Lei Tia had left a good impression on him, so his tone was very calm.

Lei Tia released his hand and handed the bowl of food to him, then pulled him towards the locust tree beside the road. There was a flat rock beneath the tree. Villagers often chat here in their spare time.

Qin Mian sat down on the rock and only ate the egg. Even eating chicken, duck, and fish for half a month wouldn't be enough, much less sweet potato rice.

"I can't eat anymore." Qin Mian held onto his bowl, looked at the sunset in the west, and sighed, "I want to eat white rice, fish and chicken, barbecue, steak, and beer …"

Lei Tia looked at him for a long time before he took the bowl and quietly ate his meal.

Qin Mian was startled, "You didn't eat it?"

"Yes." Lei Tia replied.

"Oh." Qin Mian leaned on the locust tree and continued to think about the possibility of the Madam Du splitting up. He did not care about the others, but he must think of a way to get the Madam Du to separate him and Lei Tia.

He could first probe out Lei Tia's views on the branch families.

"There's something I want to ask you."

Lei Tia looked at him, nodded, and continued to eat.

"Where will we all live? "This is the pigsty opposite us …" Qin Mian asked in an extremely obscure tone.

Lei Tia paused, and did not raise his head, "After the harvest, we will split up and live together."

Surprise caused Qin Mian to stand up excitedly, "Are you for real?" Initially, he had two vague thoughts: either he should pretend that Lei Tia was sick, and it was a serious illness, so as to cut off the thought of using Lei Tia as a laborer in the Madam Du; or he could use Madam Du's superstitious thoughts and his concern for Lei Xiangzhi, the scholar, and ask the Madam Du to kick him and Lei Tia out. Never would he have thought that Lei Tia was not stupid, nor was he naive. He already had another plan in mind.

When he thought about being able to leave the Lei Family, Qin Mian couldn't help but suppress his good mood, and revealed a smile towards Lei Tia. He sat down again, and spoke with a much lighter tone, "Can we separate earlier? I know you want to go out after the harvest because you want to help your family out with the farm work, but even if we do, we can help with the farm work. "What do you think?"

Lei Tia looked at him and suddenly said. His voice was still muffled, but his tone was incomparably firm, "I won't leave."

Qin Mian was shocked. How could this guy be so sensitive? He avoided Lei Tia's gaze and laughed dryly, "I didn't mention anything about He Li. I mean about the family. Those who are often angry get old quickly. I don't like being with my mother, so wouldn't it be unfilial for her to continue living with me and make her angry? "

"I don't know how to do laundry."

Qin Mian immediately replied: "I will!"

"I don't know how to cook."

"I will!" Qin Mian was afraid that he would not be able to convince Yue Yang to split the family.

Lei Tia nodded.

The little person from Qin Mianxin jumped up three meters high and urged: "Hurry and eat."

Lei Tia was neither fast nor slow, he stared at him anxiously and wished that she could help him eat them.

Lei Tia patted his head, "No rush."

Qin Mian did not have time to protest his actions, and directly replied him: "Very urgent!"

Lei Tia slightly increased his speed. When he had finished his last bite, they went home together.

The sunset gradually disappeared, leaving only the faint light of the sun. The entire village was shrouded in darkness, and the few families in the village had lit their lamps, which swayed in the wind and the shadows of the walls.

A lot of Qin Mian said in a sour tone: "Big Sis is truly envious. Not only did Big Brother send food to Big Sis, after eating, he even helped Big Sis hold an empty bowl. Jealous! "

The Madam Du in the room quickly followed, "My lord, why haven't you washed the bowls yet? You don't want the lamp oil? "

Qin Mian did not feel pain or itchiness, and was about to branch out, he did not want any side issues to arise. He went into the kitchen and washed the dishes in the faint moonlight. In ancient times, there was no detergent. If one wanted to wash the grease off the dishes, they could only use hot water. Since there were two pots on one stove, the pot outside boiled water when cooking. Qin Mian opened the lid of the inner pot and discovered that there was no hot water. He did not know who used it, but he boiled the pot again.

Lei Tia sat in front of the stove and helped ignite the fire.

By the time they finished washing the dishes, the house was already dark and quiet.

The two of them washed up in the moonlight and returned to the thatched cottage.

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