Shen Dan was twenty-four years old. After graduating from college, she had joined a company and was now just a small employee of a company. She lived a nine to five life. Shen Dan was the kind of girl who was lazy, and she carried a merry attitude. However, she had been lazy since she was young, so she didn't have much of a goal. She had been ordinary all her life, going to and from school. Now, all she needed was to get married.

However, the lazy Shen Dan had never thought of getting married this early. Even until now, she still did not have a boyfriend. Shen Dan was not anxious at all. After all, this kind of matter was not something that could be rushed. Shen Dan's parents were people who called her Pu Pu, it was fine, but she looked very cute, with an optimistic look on her face. She was never worried about anything. Shen Dan's biggest dream in life was to eat, sleep, and sleep ?

Shen Dan was very satisfied with her current life, as she worked very regularly. After work, she would go out with his group of friends to play. The only drawback was that Shen Dan didn't have a boyfriend, which was why her friends kept attacking her. One must know that people at Shen Dan's age were almost turned into warriors. However, this heartless and silly girl was not in a hurry at all. She ate and slept all day long. Shen Dan was such a carefree girl, who would not have any worries throughout the day.

However, what Shen Dan did not know was that her peaceful life would be broken one day. This was not a good thing for Shen Dan! Because what happened in the future would completely destroy the rhythm of Shen Dan's life, only she was extremely resentful. Generally speaking, lazy people would not want their current living environment to change. Shen Dan was no exception ?

After work that day, Shen Dan received a call from his mother, telling her to go home to eat dinner.

Ever since Shen Dan went to work, she had rented a house outside, and she was happy by herself. So what if she was hungry, so what if she ate until she was full, she would sleep. This kind of life was extremely comfortable for Shen Dan. Because she lacked her parents' nagging, Shen Dan's mother was a nagging, ordinary woman. She would worry about her daughter's life everyday. Now that her daughter's job was done, what she lacked the most was a good husband. Shen Dan also knew that her mother was doing this for her own good, but sometimes, she really couldn't take it anymore.

Words, even though they were good words. However, if he said the same words a hundred times, he would inevitably feel annoyed. Shen Dan thought that he would definitely not be a patient person. However, she still did not dare disobey her mother's orders.

Thus, Shen Dan could only obediently go home.

"How about Dan Dan?" Are you tired today? " Once they entered, Shen Dan's mother welcomed them warmly. It had been a while since she had last seen her daughter, so naturally she missed her.

"Mom, I'm not tired. What did you make to eat? "It smells so good!" Shen Dan had no immunity to food, as long as she smelled the delicious aroma, she would not be able to sit still. In the end, while Shen Dan was speaking, she had already headed towards the kitchen.

Shen Jingbin's mother helplessly smiled when she saw her daughter's greedy look. Her eyes were filled with the love she had for her daughter. Her own daughter still didn't understand, she already knew her daughter was a glutton, the moment she saw delicious food, she forgot about everything. However, today, Shen Ma did not call Shen Dan back for no reason, it was simply for an "ulterior motive"! Of course, the current Shen Dan wouldn't know what her mother was scheming and was only concerned with finding tasty things to eat. If Shen Dan knew about this, even delicious food would not be able to attract her attention!

Shen Dan sneaked out after eating a few delicious things, just in time to see her father coming out from her room.

"Dad, so you're at home! I thought you weren't here! " Shen Dan said in shock. She thought the speaker was not home, but was still here. Shen Dan felt that it was strange. Shen Dan's parents were actually about to retire soon, so there weren't many things to do.

"Dan Dan, you haven't been home for a long time. How have you been?" Although she already knew the answer from his daughter's face, he still wanted to personally hear the answer. Shen Dan looked very energetic, and her face was flushed red. It was obvious that she was in high spirits. Furthermore, she seemed to be in a good mood.

"Daddy, I can eat and sleep. How could something happen? Rest assured! " Shen Dan said while grinning. She was such a person, smiling all the time without any worries.

Shen Dan herself was enjoying life happily, but she didn't know that her parents were worried about her life everyday. Shen Dan didn't really mind it at all. This kind of thing was fate in the first place, she wouldn't force it. Although Shen Dan had dated many times, but she had never taken the initiative. That was back when she was in university. At that time, Shen Dan was very popular, because she was very cute and had a good personality. As a result, there were a lot of people chasing after Shen Dan.

Seeing his daughter's flushed face, Father Shen was not too happy. He knew that his daughter's character was neither too fast nor too slow, and she would never be worried about the future. However, even though Shen Dan was not worried, that did not mean that her parents were as well. Shen Dan's parents were always worried about their daughter's marriage. Her daughter was already twenty-four years old, but she didn't even have a boyfriend. The neighboring Xiao Mei was one year younger than Shen Dan. She was already married, so Shen Dan was already late.

Although Shen Dan's parents were not traditional, feudal and old-fashioned, they were still very worried about their daughter. After all, they were only daughters like her, how could they not be worried?

Shen Dan never thought that her words would attract the nagging of his parents. Originally, they were worried about his marriage, but now that she said it like that, wouldn't it be exposing her identity? She was really stupid to think about it! It was Shen Dan's heartless words that made her extremely angry.

Daughter, Mom and Dad know you don't have a boyfriend!" Shen Jingbin's mother said in a pleasant tone, her face not showing any sign of anxiety like usual. Shen Jingbin's mother decided to use a different method to make her daughter accept their proposal. Thus, she decisively gave a face that she thought was very good, in order to make Shen Dan accept their good suggestion. One must know, for the sake of Shen Dan's matter, mother and father had to worry a lot. Now they are counting on their daughter to surprise them one day and bring back a handsome boyfriend.

The two of them had been waiting for a long time, but their daughter had never been enlightened. Whether it was on the surface or in the shadows, they had already hinted at it, but they had yet to see Shen Dan make any moves, thus the two old men became anxious.

"Yeah, dad and mom, but I'm not in a hurry!" Shen Dan said this out of nowhere. She felt that it didn't matter since she could live a good life anyway. It was just that, things that Shen Dan did not know, her parents did not think that way.

"My daughter, you aren't young anymore. How can you not be anxious?" Hearing Shen Dan's nonchalant tone, Mother Shen was simply burning with anxiety. This child is really not in a hurry at all, how can he be like this? He was simply like a eunuch who had not been rushed to death by the emperor!

However, her mother knew that she shouldn't be impatient now, otherwise she would force her daughter to do so. That wouldn't be good. Shen Jingbin's father was a perceptive person, and he could tell that his wife was planning something just by looking at her appearance. Therefore, his father didn't say anything and just quietly read the newspaper. He was waiting for the right opportunity to open his mouth, perhaps even to persuade his daughter. Although Shen Dan's chop was not too bad, it was definitely not a very good chop. As such, Shen Jingbin's parents still had to consider their daughter's feelings. If they were to make their daughter angry, that wouldn't be good.

"Mom and Dad, I say, do you think all day long that you have nothing to do? Why do you keep thinking about all these random things?" "I'm not worried, why do you keep worrying about this every day?" Listening to her mother's complaints and her father's strange eyes, Shen Dan finally understood what was going on. You know, Mom and Dad used to be like this too.

However, Shen Dan did not get angry, because this was not the first time his parents had done this. Shen Dan also knew that his parents were most worried about his marriage right now, but Shen Dan didn't think much of it. After all, she was only twenty-four years old. Those women in their forties weren't worried about getting married, so she didn't have anything to worry about. Shen Dan understood very clearly.

Shen Dan couldn't understand why her parents kept making her feel like this. There wasn't much to worry about at work, though. Shen Dan was at a loss for what to do with his parents' worries. She didn't know if she should find someone to marry her off to, but that was all Shen Dan was thinking. She wouldn't do something like that, find someone to manage her everyday. She still wanted to live a carefree and happy life by herself. If she really was a family member, wouldn't that just be asking for trouble? She wouldn't do something like this on such a foolish impulse. Shen Dan was like a person who had lived a free life for a few years. That was the life she wanted!

Shen Dan was also a filial girl, she naturally knew her parents' worries. Therefore, the thing that Shen Dan wanted to do now was to let them feel at ease, and not do such a boring thing anymore. However, this matter seemed to be very difficult to deal with and could not be resolved so easily. One must know that Shen Dan's parents were not ordinary people. She suddenly felt enlightened. So the reason her parents called her home today was because of this matter.

Although Shen Dan's mind was not very bright, with just a slight connection, she knew the whole situation. After all, they were her family. Shen Dan understood what his parents were thinking. Although Shen Dan didn't like her parents to be like this, she wouldn't feel annoyed. After all, she was a filial person and knew that her parents did this for her to live a happy life in the future.

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