"So that's the case!" "Dad, mom, the reason you called me back home today was for this!" The snake gall acted as if it had suddenly realized something, but it did not seem to be angry at all. Snake Bile could be considered as a gentle girl. It was not the kind of girl that was easy to have kids, unless it was a very serious matter. Otherwise, she would not be so easily angered. This point was all in keeping with her father's personality. This could also be considered Shen Dan's good point. After all, girls nowadays all have explosive temper!

Shen Dan suddenly felt that she was very smart. No wonder her mother urged him to go home so quickly today.

When mother and father heard their daughter's words, they knew that they had been exposed. It truly was a failure. Every time she was discovered by her daughter before she could even open her mouth, the two of them would feel extremely embarrassed. Shen Dan was becoming more and more experienced, and she could see through all of these with a glance. This was because Shen Dan had experienced far too many things, so it was hard for her not to know.

"Dandan, your dad and I are doing this for your own good. Just listen to us!" Her mother said, and advised Shen Dan. Actually, she knew she wouldn't succeed, but she still had to try. Because if she didn't try, she wouldn't be willing to give up. However, Shen Dan's mother seemed to have already forgotten that they had already experienced the same failure several times.

"Aiya, Mom and Dad, don't be so busy. If you meet someone I like, even if you don't say it, I'll still take the initiative!" Shen Dan said loudly. She had always been very generous towards matters of the heart and was also an active person. It was just that she had not met anyone she liked yet, but the most important thing was that Shen Dan only wanted to live a happy life by herself right now. She did not want to find someone to manage her everyday.

It's just that Shen Dan didn't know if she would understand if she said this to his parents, because had said this many times already, but it still didn't seem to have any effect. However, Shen Dan would still continue to speak. She just wanted to let her parents know how strong her determination was, otherwise her parents would definitely continue to speak like this. Shen Dan was not too annoyed, it was just that she was not interested in matters of the heart. How could she be so anxious?

Shen Dan was very open about this kind of thing, and this kind of thing was originally what you wanted, okay? But Mom and Dad were always messing around. Thinking about it, even Shen Dan found it a little funny. Originally, she didn't want to expose her parents' good intentions, but Shen Dan couldn't help it anymore. If she didn't say it out loud, she would feel really uncomfortable today.

"Girl, didn't your parents do it for you? "Look, you are already 25 years old. If you don't properly find a boyfriend, it will be very difficult for you to find one in the future!" Mama Shen said earnestly. This was their experience. One must know that there weren't many good ones to begin with. If it was any later, there probably wouldn't be many good ones. Those were all picked by others.

Mother Shen was only thinking for Shen Dan, but this girl was too annoying!

"Mom, what era is this? You are really old-fashioned! If there's no suitable one, then it's the same for me as well! Maybe I'll live with you in the future! " Shen Dan said while grinning. She was not the least bit worried, and instead felt that her parents were too feudal.

Hearing their daughter speak like that, Shen Dan's parents were a little unhappy. They were truly worried for their daughter!

"Ai, you child, there's really nothing I can do about you!" Shen Dan's mother sighed helplessly. She was truly speechless towards her daughter, thinking that this was a good opportunity, but she didn't expect her daughter to reject it so easily.

Shen Dan's parents looked at each other helplessly, and the two of them tacitly stopped talking. This was because they knew their daughter's temper. If they forced their daughter into a corner, she might not even be able to return home. Wouldn't that be even worse? Therefore, for the sake of their long-term plans, they decided to say no more, lest their daughter dislike them. Shen Dan's parents believed that there would definitely be more opportunities in the future. As a result, the living room became extremely quiet.

Shen Dan was also an open-minded person, so she did not think too much about it. After all, she only wanted her parents to give up on this idea as soon as possible. Shen Dan felt that she was already an adult. There were many things that she could already make her own decisions, and she wouldn't be like a little kid who would follow his parents' arrangements everyday. That was a very childish thing to do. Moreover, she was no longer a child but an adult. She also had her own way of thinking.

In the end, it was Shen Dan who broke the silence in the room. She was a very lively person, so she naturally did not like such a depressing atmosphere.

"Mom, I'm so hungry. Can we eat now?" Shen Dan was indeed hungry, she was never immune to delicious food.

"Just wait a little longer. Once the soup is ready, we can start eating." Shen Dan's mother said. She was a very qualified housewife and had her own way of cooking. What happened just now was like a small episode, and now everyone was back to how they used to be.

Although Shen Mother and Shen Mother did not say much, Shen Dan did not know that those little thoughts of his parents were not so easily dismissed. However, the current Shen Dan was only interested in eating!

After a few days of peaceful days, Shen Dan was starting to get bored. Nothing seemed to happen every day except work, work, meals, and sleep. Shen Dan was tired of it now, she really wanted to find something interesting to do.

But just when Shen Dan was bored, her mother called her again.

"Hey, Dan Dan, come home early after work today. I have something important to tell you. Remember, come back early!" There was a seriousness in her mother's words that could not be refused, but Shen Dan could still hear it, she seemed to be very happy today. Originally, Shen Dan had even wanted to ask what had happened and why she was in such a hurry. Shen Jingbin's mother had hung up the phone in a hurry, so even if she wanted to, she wouldn't have the chance to ask.

Shen Dan stared at the phone for a long time. She really couldn't understand what her mother was trying to do, so she put it away. She would find out soon enough anyway, there was no need to be so anxious. However, Shen Dan's curiosity was even stronger than ordinary people.

Once she got off from work, Shen Dan anxiously and slowly returned home. She wanted to see what exactly was so good about her.

As soon as Shen Dan entered, his mother passionately opened the door and gave him a big smile. Shen Dan clearly discovered that there was a glint of light in her mother's eyes that she could not understand. However, at that time, Shen Dan did not pay attention to it, and she would not be angry about his mother's actions. After all, she was thinking for him, so Shen Dan pretended not to see her and went in.

However, as soon as Shen Dan entered, he discovered that there was an unfamiliar young man sitting on the sofa. Shen Dan was sure that she did not recognize this person. Then, thinking about it, Shen Dan recalled the look in her mother's eyes and understood what had happened. Shen Dan suddenly felt speechless. Shen Dan never thought that his parents would actually wait for him after what happened last time. She never thought that they would start acting again so soon, Shen Dan really didn't know what to say anymore. After all, the person who came to visit was a guest, and Shen Dan was not an ignorant person. Thus, Shen Dan smiled at him, and took the initiative to greet him.

"Hello!" Shen Dan said with a very appropriate smile. Although she was usually careless, Shen Dan still knew how to be polite. Furthermore, Shen Dan felt that the boy in front of her was not bad. She didn't know why.

"Hello, my name is Zhang Tian." He introduced himself warmly.

Zhang Tian looked very bright, like a big boy. Furthermore, his clothes were very simple and clean, and he wasn't wearing a suit that would make others feel pressured. This was something that Shen Dan was very satisfied with. Just like that, the two of them began to chat. Shen Dan's mother saw the two of them getting along quite well, so she went to the kitchen to make dinner with a clear smile on her face. Shen Jingbin's mother was in a good mood today because it was rare for her to have an epiphany upon seeing her daughter. From the expression on Shen Dan's face, Shen Jingbin's mother could tell that her daughter wasn't as disgusted as before. Isn't that a happy thing?

Shen Dan came to understand that Zhang Tian was actually a project manager in a foreign enterprise. They had a common topic regarding this. Because Shen Dan was also working in the same company, there were many common features between them, thus the distance between the two was closer. Shen Dan naturally knew what her mother was planning in her heart.

Actually, Shen Dan didn't reject this kind of offer on purpose. If she met with a good situation, she wouldn't refuse either. Her feelings towards Zhang Tian were not bad, so Shen Dan would not reject him. After all, this was his mother's good intentions. However, Shen Dan was a little curious, as she didn't know how his mother knew Zhang Tian. If he were to boldly ask now, would she be embarrassed? Shen Dan was a girl who couldn't hide the words from her face. There was a very puzzled expression on her face, and naturally, she wouldn't be able to escape Zhang Tian's eyes.

Zhang Tian was also a very considerate person, he took the initiative to help Shen Dan resolve her doubts. Actually, Zhang Tian had a pretty good impression of Shen Dan. Most importantly, Shen Dan seemed to be very simple, she did not have that many intentions. Zhang Tian was the most satisfied with this point, since most girls nowadays were very scheming, and as a result, Zhang Tian felt that Shen Dan was a good girl. She wrote all of the questions he wanted to ask on his face, making Shen Dan feel that Shen Dan was very cute.

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