Thus, Zhang Tian took the initiative to help Shen Dan resolve the doubts in her heart. The theory was that Zhang Tian was a relative of Shen Dan's next-door neighbor, and also a sea turtle. Zhang Tian was a very outstanding person. He studied abroad for many years before coming back to work. This time, Shen Dan finally understood. Furthermore, the good impression Shen Dan had of Zhang Tian increased by a lot. Zhang Tian was truly a good person and his words were very generous and appropriate.

After talking for a long time, Shen Dan realised that her father did not seem to be home.

"Mom, where did my dad go? Why haven't I seen him?" Shen Dan asked.

"He's in her room. It's okay, you guys chat. Just call him when we're eating!" Shen Ma said in a benevolent tone, the smile on her face was obvious, and Shen Dan did not say much.

Once again, the only people left in the living room were Shen Dan and Zhang Tian. If Shen Dan still didn't understand at this time, then she would really be a fool. Of course, Shen Dan was not a fool. She knew that her parents were purposely giving them an opportunity.

After eating, Shen Dan's mother tried her best to match Shen Dan and Zhang Tian, so that they could go out and walk. This way, they could get along with each other more and more and more. Shen Dan's mother also had her own plans, and looking at the situation just now, it seemed to be pretty good. Therefore, it could be said that Mama Shen was smiling nonstop.

"Old woman, what are you laughing about?" Shen Dan's father asked, he was not in a good mood like Mother Shen, because Father Shen still did not understand the situation.

"I'm happy for Dandan. It looks like there's a chance this time. You don't know how happy they were chatting just now!" When she said this, Shen Jingbin's mother's smile never stopped.

When Shen Dan's father heard her words, she finally understood why. Her heart finally felt a lot more at ease. After all, her daughter had a job right now. Right now, the most important thing was to get married.

After Shen Dan and Zhang Tian left the place, the two of them chatted and laughed merrily throughout the journey. After seeing that the sky was getting dark, Zhang Tian carefully sent Shen Dan back to her house. Shen Dan had a pretty good impression of Zhang Tian. He was a meticulous person, so Shen Dan could no longer reject him. It was good to get along with his, and it wasn't bad for his either. However, she didn't know that in the future, she would not have the chance to meet Zhang Tian again. After all, it was hard to predict what would happen to Zhang Tian.

Shen Dan never thought that right after she returned home, his mother's phone call would arrive right after she arrived. Furthermore, Shen Dan seemed to be very excited to hear his mother's voice. Shen Dan thought that her mother must have wanted to ask about her and Zhang Tian, but Shen Dan did not plan to hide it from her. She knew that this was all part of her father and mother's effort. Moreover, Shen Dan didn't want to hide the truth of her feelings towards Zhang Tian.

As a result, Shen Dan decided to reveal the true feelings in her heart. In any case, she was her mother, so there was nothing to hide.

"Hey, Mom, I'm home, don't worry." Shen Dan knew that her mother wanted to ask if she was safe and was at home, so she said it out loud first.

"Dan Dan, what do you think of Zhang Tian? Where did the two of you go to play afterwards? Do you feel anything for him? " Before Shen Dan could react, his mother's questions came out one after another. Shen Dan almost couldn't react, she thought to herself, his mother was really anxious, worried that she wouldn't be able to get married.

However, in the end, Shen Dan still said what she felt in her heart.

"Mom, I feel that Zhang Tian is doing quite well, and he feels that he is quite a good person!" Shen Dan said, her face red. After all, she had not been in love for a long time, so girls would still feel shy about this sort of thing. Even the usually carefree Shen Dan would feel a little embarrassed, so thinking about it made his face turn even redder.

"Dan Dan, you've finally awakened!" I, Zhang Tian, am a kaiju, and my conditions are not bad, you need to hold on tight, do you know that? " Shen Dan's mother said sincerely. After all, she was still very concerned about her daughter's feelings. How could Shen Jingbin's mother be at ease with such a daughter? Therefore, regarding Shen Dan's matter, she had to manage everything properly. Shen Dan had been like this since she was young. Her mother was always worried about her, and Shen Dan would sometimes feel very annoyed by her.

However, Shen Dan was a very obedient girl. She still listened to her mother's words rather well. If it was someone else's matter, how could his mother care? Therefore, Shen Dan was normally very bad.

"Oh, mother, am I really that bad for your daughter? It's because I don't want to marry. If I wanted to marry, I wouldn't have to worry about not being able to do so at all, okay? " When Shen Dan heard her mother's words, it was really a blow to him. How could she be so weak? She was the one who didn't want to be single. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been single all this time!

"Yes, yes, yes. My daughter is so outstanding; there is no need to worry about marriage! Okay? " Shen Dan's mother was amused by Shen Dan's words. Shen Dan was a very confident person.

"Mom, that's it. I'm very tired and I want to sleep." After Shen Dan hung up, he went into the bathroom to take a bath. After washing up, Shen Dan fell asleep on the bed. Today, Shen Dan was really a little tired. After working for the entire day, she hurriedly returned home. After eating, he even strolled around with Zhang Tian.

Shen Dan was normally very lazy, but today's amount of exercise, to Shen Dan, was really a bit too much. Fortunately it was Friday today, so she didn't have to go to work tomorrow. Otherwise, Shen Dan would think that she would definitely die from exhaustion.

The next day, Shen Dan slept until one in the afternoon before waking up. Shen Dan was woken up by the phone's ringing, so Shen Dan picked up his phone sleepily and looked, it was Zhang Tian. Yesterday, when they were leaving, Zhang Tian took the initiative to ask for Shen Dan's number.

Shen Dan never thought that Zhang Tian would invite him out today. She was stunned for a moment. However, Shen Dan still reacted very quickly, and there was still a little bit of excitement in his heart. Because in Shen Dan's heart, she was a little interested in Zhang Tian. He was a good guy, sunny and simple. His work was also very good. Anyone who didn't like this kind of person would be a fool!

"Hey, Shen Dan, are you awake?" Shen Dan's magnetic voice rang. Shen Dan was momentarily flustered, because she was still lying on the bed. She was truly embarrassed! Shen Dan started to think that she was being too lazy, but she quickly realised that she seemed to be distracted, and this was not the time to think about it.

Shen Dan even somewhat admired herself, to be able to slip into a trance at a time like this.

Just then, Shen Dan heard Zhang Tian calling him a few times.

"Shen Dan, are you still awake? Sorry for disturbing you! " Zhang Tian said a little embarrassedly, thinking that it was getting late. However, Zhang Tian did not mind. As long as she liked it, she could overcome all these. Moreover, Zhang Tian had a pretty good impression of Shen Dan.

Zhang Tian, I was really too tired yesterday. "So, I slept until now." Shen Dan sat on the bed and scratched her head in embarrassment, thinking that maybe Zhang Tian had a bad impression of him just like that. She still had a little feelings towards Zhang Tian, so he had already started to care about his image and image in Zhang Tian's heart.

"It's okay, I'm going to get up too. Wake me up!" Shen Dan said, but the truth was not like that, it was just that Shen Dan would not say it out loud, how embarrassing! She also wanted Zhang Tian's impression of her to be better, as this wouldn't do her any harm.

"That's good. I was worried that I would disturb you." Zhang Tian said very politely.

"I'm fine, I'm fine ?" Shen Dan said, but she was actually thinking about why Zhang Tian was looking for her.

"Is there anything you need from me?" Shen Dan asked.

"Do you have time this afternoon? I want to ask you out! " This was the first time he took the initiative to ask a girl out. Zhang Tian was originally a somewhat shy boy, so he was a bit embarrassed.

Zhang Tian had only talked about love twice, so he didn't have much experience in this area. In the past, Zhang Tian was busy with books, so he did not care about relationships, but now he had succeeded in his career. Hence, he was worried about his big life and wanted to find a suitable girl to live his life peacefully. Coincidentally, a relative had introduced Shen Dan to him, so he agreed to go on a blind date.

"Yes, we can come out for a walk, but we don't have much to do!" Shen Dan agreed without hesitation. She did not expect that Zhang Tian would take the initiative to ask her out. Since she had nothing to do, Shen Dan agreed to go with Zhang Tian. She also wanted to get along with Zhang Tian more and learn more, because Shen Dan seemed to have a pretty good impression of him.

Thus, the two of them agreed to meet at two in the afternoon at the Blue Mountain Coffee Shop. Zhang Tian was very attentive and knew that Shen Dan had not woken up yet. Therefore, he gave Shen Dan ample time. Zhang Tian was also a very considerate boy. On this point, Shen Dan was very satisfied. There were very few boys who were as considerate as Zhang Tian now.

Shen Dan spent more than an hour to shower and dress before leaving. What she did not know was that a disaster was coming, which would break her plans.

Shen Dan dressed up beautifully and left the house. She even intentionally wore the new dress she bought a few days ago. Thinking about it, even Shen Dan felt that it was a pity that it was used now. Shen Dan dressed up beautifully, and walked happily all the way to the agreed Blue Mountain Cafe.

Shen Dan who was still crossing the road had already seen Zhang Tian, and at this time, Zhang Tian also saw Shen Dan. Zhang Tian smiled at Shen Dan. After seeing him, Shen Dan hurriedly went over to meet Zhang Tian. However, at this moment, a sudden accident occurred ?

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