Just as Shen Dan was crossing the road, a large truck came over quickly, as if it had planned all this in advance, catching them unawares. That kind of speed was outrageously fast. No one could dodge, let alone Shen Dan who had already left earlier! This was the first time Shen Dan had seen something like this. By the time Shen Dan reacted, she had already fainted.

Just like that, Shen Dan was knocked down by a big truck, causing her surroundings to become a mess. Shen Dan felt as if the sky was spinning and the earth spinning. She only knew that she was surrounded by frightened screams. In her daze, she seemed to see Zhang Tian's anxious face. However, Shen Dan fell into a coma later on and didn't know anything else ?

Zhang Tian had personally witnessed Shen Dan's car accident, and he didn't know how to describe her feelings. It was a kind of heart-tearing and lung-splitting feeling. Shen Dan, who was previously alive and kicking in front of him, suddenly laid there. Zhang Tian's heart seemed to have been ruthlessly torn, it was a kind of pain that was hard to describe. He completely did not know why the girl he met yesterday would occupy his heart so quickly. Zhang Tian couldn't figure out his own emotions, and he couldn't see through his own heart ?

When Shen Dan woke up, she found herself lying on a bed. However, why was this bed so strange? It was different from his own bed, and also very different. Shen Dan looked around, and was stunned! This was because the bed she was lying on was no ordinary bed. It was a very classical bed that gave off an ancient aura. It had to be known that Shen Dan normally watched quite a few TV sets, especially the antiques, which she loved the most. She had seen a lot of schemes and tricks up her sleeve.

Moreover, Shen Dan really liked the ancient palaces and those historical places. Hence, she understood a lot about the ancient things. Although she was not an archaeologist, Shen Dan knew a lot! Shen Dan realized that this was a real ancient bed, she thought carefully, didn't she just experienced an extremely terrifying car accident? Shen Dan clearly remembered that the truck had directly pressed down on her and logically speaking, it was definitely a death trap. She was currently very confused and did not know why she had appeared here.

Shen Dan thought about it carefully. She really got into a car accident just now. Moreover, she should have already died, but for some reason, she just lied here after waking up. Shen Dan began to look around him. She realized that this should be a girl's room, because the room seemed to be filled with anger, and there was even an exquisite dressing table and mirror. One could tell with one glance that it was a girl's room.

The most important thing was that Shen Dan realized that this room was extremely exquisite. Although it wasn't very big, it was very well decorated. Giving Shen Dan a very comfortable feeling, Shen Dan stretched out his hand to check if it was still her own finger, which was slender and fair. This did not change anything, but Shen Dan also noticed that something was wrong with her body, because her hair seemed to have grown very long. Shen Dan's hair used to be long and wavy, but now she felt that she seemed to have a very long and straight black hair that went all the way to her waist.

Suddenly, Shen Dan thought of a very important problem, and that was his appearance. She didn't know if her appearance had changed, but if it had, then it would be troublesome! Shen Dan suddenly wanted to see what she looked like now. Coincidentally, she saw a mirror on the dressing table, and it was very big. Therefore, Shen Dan hurriedly ran towards the bed. However, she suddenly felt weak, and almost fell to the ground.

Not knowing why, Shen Dan felt that something was off. She seemed to faintly feel that something was happening to her, but Shen Dan still did not know what was going on. The most important thing for her to do now was to find out where she loved herself first, and to know if her appearance was the same as before. Thus, Shen Dan stabilized her body and slowly stood up. She had to see if it was her previous appearance or not. Actually, Shen Dan was still a little fearful in her heart, as she did not know what exactly had happened to her. Shen Dan secretly swore that she would definitely clear up the matter regarding the certificate, so she headed in that direction again.

Shen Dan walked over to the dressing table with difficulty. Some of her hands were trembling as she picked up the mirror on the table. However, Shen Dan knew that she definitely could not retreat right now. Otherwise, she would not be able to understand some things.

Shen Dan slowly opened her eyes. She was surprised to find that a mini version of herself had appeared in front of her, because such a young appearance was really a beauty. When she was eighteen years old, the Shen Dan at that time was much younger than the current her. Shen Dan looked at her reflection in the mirror in shock. There were too many questions in her heart, but she didn't know what was going on. Although the mirror wasn't very clear, she could still make out a rough outline. Wasn't this him? Although she wasn't feeling very well, she would never be wrong about herself.

Shen Dan clearly felt that her current body was much smaller than her previous self, and she started to think about what was going on. However, Shen Dan really couldn't understand why she would be here. Logically speaking, she should have died long ago in that car accident. However, what was going on now? Why was she still alive and well? Furthermore, she had also become younger.

Suddenly, Shen Dan realized in shock that this thing seemed to be something that only existed in the ancient times. This was because the surrounding buildings and decorations were all ancient. It was just that she didn't know which dynasty they were from, much less where she was now ? She felt like she was in the top two. She had no idea what was going on.

At this moment, the door to his room was suddenly pushed open ?

Shen Dan saw a little girl about ten years old who opened the door and entered the room. She did not know who this little girl was and what she did not know. Shen Dan carefully observed the little girl in front of him. She was dressed in the attire of the ancient times, with an obvious bun that belonged to an ancient woman. She was also wearing ancient clothes and embroidered shoes. Shen Dan was now truly dumbfounded, could it be that her guess was so unfortunate?

Just as Shen Dan was thinking about the authenticity of this matter, the little girl suddenly cried out in surprise. With such a voice, and even a hint of surprise, Shen Dan was able to hear it clearly. She thought that maybe this little girl knew something that could help her solve her confusion. Therefore, Shen Dan decided to ask her some things about herself. Shen Dan seemed to have seen hope, because she did not want to live in a place that she was completely unfamiliar with. Not knowing why, Shen Dan felt a kind of faint unease in her heart. She didn't want to stay here, but she didn't know what she should do. Of course, Shen Dan knew that the most important thing for him to do right now was to figure out her current situation.

Thus, Shen Dan forced herself to calm down, to understand her own background before making her plans. Furthermore, Shen Dan could tell that the little girl in front of him was not bad. She should be a very pure and kind girl.

"Ah?" Miss, you've awoken, it's really great! " Before Shen Dan could react, the little girl in front of him suddenly cried out in surprise. Hearing the little girl call him young miss, Shen Dan knew that there was hope, because this little girl definitely knew who he was, and could even tell him what she wanted to know. Seeing her pleasantly surprised expression, Shen Dan felt that the relationship between the two of them should be pretty good.

That's right, but my head still hurt. I can't remember everything that happened, so I feel dizzy!" Shen Dan purposely said so. Furthermore, she even did an exaggerated action. She used her hands to support her forehead, feigning dizziness. However, Shen Dan's acting was extremely realistic, and it was impossible to tell that she was lying. As a modern man, and a naughty girl at that, it was a piece of cake for Shen Dan to get his hands on. This small matter wasn't difficult for Shen Dan. In fact, Shen Dan was really weak. She felt that this body of hers was a little fragile, as if it couldn't withstand the wind.

For some reason, Shen Dan had a bad premonition that this wasn't even her own body. Even when she was eighteen years old, she wasn't as weak as she was now! At that time, Shen Dan would frequently train her body, so her body was always good and she had a good foundation. However, Shen Dan didn't know how to explain the identity of this girl who looked exactly like him, and why had she come to this place in such a baffling manner? Shen Dan's heart was filled with too many questions, she needed someone to answer them for her. However, Shen Dan did not know that the person in front of him was someone she could trust. Based on the current situation, the only one who could do so was this innocent little girl in front of him.

Therefore, Shen Dan placed all of her hope on the little girl before him. She had to know who she was, because Shen Dan's determination was very firm, as if there was nothing else that could stop her. She saw that this little girl was very simple, and should be able to help her. Shen Dan decided to use this little girl's kind heart to answer the questions in her heart. Right now, she had no one that she could rely on. Shen Dan was very uneasy in her heart, but her determination to live a good life was very strong. Everyone had a longing for survival, Shen Dan was definitely a person who loved life. Now that she finally had a chance to live, she definitely wouldn't give up.

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