The moment the little girl heard Shen Dan say that she was not well, she anxiously said: "Miss, are you alright? If you are not well, I will go and get a doctor for you now. You have been unconscious for a long time, if you were to wake up now, you might not be able to get used to it."

Shen Dan started to panic when she heard this, this was not what she wanted to know, if she went out to call some strangers, wouldn't she be exposing her identity? Deep down, they wouldn't let it go out like this. They just called over so many people, even though they didn't know what was going on, to let them know their current situation. That would definitely not be a good thing for Shen Dan. Shen Dan was a little regretful, if she had known earlier, he would not have said that. However, Shen Dan was not very afraid, because she was sure that the little girl in front of her was not a bad person, and if she called herself Young Miss, then she was her master.

Since she was her master, then Shen Dan could naturally exercise her rights as her master. Thinking about it beautifully, she no longer felt too afraid, but instead calmed down a little.

"I'm fine. It's just that I'm not feeling well. I'll be fine after a short rest. Right now, my mind is in a mess and I can't remember a lot of things. Since you are my servant girl, you have to listen to me. Do you know? " Shen Dan intentionally pretended to be evil, but in truth, she was not afraid at all.

"So that's how it is, miss. I'll tell you anything you want to know!" The young maid spoke honestly, thinking that what Shen Dan said was the truth, and did not suspect anything else.

"Mm, very good. "Then you have to say whatever I ask, and there are no questions that you can answer about my question. Just answer them, and don't say anything else." Shen Dan wanted to reduce the trouble she got from the little girl, so she did not want her to say anything else.

Shen Dan had considered things thoroughly. After all, she did not want to get into any unnecessary trouble at the moment, and currently, Shen Dan did not even know where she was. Therefore, she didn't want to alarm a lot of people right now.

Shen Dan could tell that the little girl in front of her was someone easy to fool. After all, she wasn't doing anything bad, so Shen Dan didn't feel any guilt about it. She only wanted to know what to do after the ambush. Looking at the current situation, Shen Dan had a rough idea of what was going on. She just needed a clear answer. Or perhaps it was an answer for her own selfishness, so that she would know her own direction later on, instead of being a headless fly. She was a person who treasured her life. She did not want to live her life in such a muddled manner. I believe that every person with an ideal will not allow their life to go by without doing anything. Not to mention Shen Dan, a highly educated person, she would never allow herself to live a normal life like this. After all, a person's life was really very short.

Only when a person has had enough will he not think about all that nonsense and have a more beautiful life." For Shen Dan, she already had a positive mindset. Thus, Shen Dan still needed an opportunity. Shen Dan was never a negative person. On the contrary, she was a person who enjoyed life very much. In the past, Shen Dan was someone who could sleep easily. As long as she didn't have anything to do, it wouldn't be a problem for him to spend an entire day on the water. As for food, they were experts in the depth. As long as you smelled it and asked, you would know what it was good for. Of course, these were all related to family factors. Shen Dan's parents were also very good at educating her, which was why they were able to train a girl like her in the beginning.

Therefore, Shen Dan felt that no matter what the situation was, she had to maintain a good attitude. This would be beneficial to her life. Although she was at a loss regarding her future path, Shen Dan knew that she would never give up. No matter how many difficulties awaited her, she would do her best to overcome them. Shen Dan's determination had always been firm! She knew very well what she wanted, so she was filled with confidence towards the future path that Shen Dan would take. However, the biggest problem had yet to be solved. The thought of the Deep Sea had finally come back.

"What's my name? "Why do I feel like I can't remember right after I think about it? Aiya, it really is annoying." Shen Dan purposely thought that it was a headache, and didn't seem to want to fake it. One must know that Shen Dan was a very talented actor. Moreover, weren't the ancient people all simple people? Deep in her thoughts, she didn't even think if she would be exposed. After all, this lie was too much ?

"Miss, you are really pitiful! I can't remember anything, but it's okay, don't worry, I'll tell you everything I know, you'll remember everything. "Don't be impatient ?" Deep in her heart, she had thought that she would soon find out. Who knew that this little girl was so kind-hearted? She had thought that she was acting like this because she was sad.

Hearing these words that had no nutrition, Shen Dan was truly speechless! 'This little girl is really something. I didn't want to hear her comfort me. Besides, how could she tell that I was worried or in a bad mood? ' Seeing that the little girl looked like she was about to cry, Shen Dan felt that it was pitiful. Looking at the little girl, Shen Dan felt that he couldn't bear to see her like this. She almost said the truth out of impulse. But fortunately, she still managed to say something in the end, and the little girl said: "Miss, your name is Shen Haoyue, and you are eighteen years old this year, you are the daughter of the prime minister!"

The young maid told him everything she knew, all of them were naturally related to Shen Haoyue, her background and her family background. Shen Dan felt it was strange, because this young miss, who was also herself, not only had the same surname as him, her appearance was also the same. Although the names weren't all the same, Shen Dan felt that there must be a connection between them. How could there be such a coincidence in this world? It looked exactly the same, and it was even from ancient times. Shen Dan was wondering if it was because this young lady was his previous life.

Otherwise, why would Shen Dan come here for no reason? In the modern world, when she was in a car accident, she would have definitely died. Shen Dan was absolutely unfamiliar with this place. She would never imagine that she would one day be like the female pig's feet from a novel, arriving in the Ancient Era. Originally, she thought that it was just a fabrication. However, how could Shen Dan have thought that such a thing would happen to him all of a sudden?

For some reason, Shen Dan actually felt a sense of excitement in her heart, and it was a completely new start for him. This was something she didn't even dare to think about before, but it had happened just like that. Furthermore, it wasn't her imagination at all, because just then, deep down, she had pinched her own injured flesh. It really hurt. She did not use very light strength, but used a lot of strength, just to prove that she was not dreaming. The facts proved that everything that happened to Shen Dan was true. Then, the only thing that Shen Dan could do now was to accept reality.

Shen Dan always felt that there was a connection between them, and it was impossible for all of this to not have some sort of related factor. Therefore, she wanted to find the source of all of this. Shen Dan was someone who would take peace with the situation. As a result, she did not display deep sorrow, or any sort of anxious scheming, but instead a very calm expression. Shen Dan knew that she could not go back now. Although she did not know what would happen in the future, she was living here well for a while.

In such a regular life, from 9 to 5 in the modern world, Shen Dan had long since become impatient. Right now, she could experience the legendary life of a girl from another world. This was because she would have a lot of things to do in the future. She had to do all of those things that she had done through the female pig's feet before she would be satisfied. Shen Dan was undoubtedly very excited, because she had always been very interested in the Ancient Realm. Right now, this was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. How could she give up on this opportunity?

However, when she thought of his parents and Zhang Tian, Shen Dan felt pain in her heart. Because she didn't know if they would meet again in the future. If they never saw each other again, her parents would be very sad. They only had one daughter, so how could they not feel heartache? Shen Dan calmed her emotions. She felt that self-love could not change anything, so sadness and heartache were useless. She had decided to live a good life here.

Shen Dan was a very open-minded girl, even if she was sad, it would only be a matter of time. As long as she understood everything, she wouldn't be too sad. Shen Dan was determined to live a better life now, but she was also determined to think about the future. It was just that those things could be done later. She had her own plans, and she just hid them in her heart.

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