Trapped by the CEO/C9 The interview
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Trapped by the CEO/C9 The interview
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C9 The interview

Sydney -

"All the best for your interview," Mike said as he dropped me near Reiner towers.

"Thanks, but I am nervous," I answered looking at the imposing building.

"Don't be nervous, you will do well. " Mike patted my head.

The Reiner tower was like those typical high rise skyscrapers composed of metal and glass. I crossed the road and entered a huge foyer. It was crowded with people coming and going.

I proceeded towards the reception and the elegantly dressed women gave me a visitor pass and told me to go to the 30th floor.

I took the lift and reached the 30th floor. My eyes widened. It opened into a tastefully decorated foyer, plush green carpet gave it a grass life feel and on the right side, the entire wall was made of glass. I could see the skyline of the entire city.

"How may I help you?" The lady at the smaller reception asked, breaking my reverie.

"I am here for the interview, for the intern positions," I answered.

"Please, give me your name and ID. Mr Rainer would call you soon. " The lady said.

"Mr Reiner would be the CEO?" I asked.

"That's right," the lady smiled.

I wondered why would the CEO of such a huge corporation interview interns. But I shrugged it off.

I was told to wait on one of the couches and that's what I did.



"Jennifer, please get me some coffee."

I cut the call and hurried to my cabin. I hated being late. I rushed into my cabin, sank into my chair and looked down at the resume files. I flipped through them, finally, my eyes settled on what I was looking for.

I studied the file well and was quite impressed by the works of the women waiting outside my cabin. Jennifer arrived with my coffee, and I told her to send me that particular candidate.

Sydney Rosbak.

The door knocked and, before me stood the object of my lustful dreams. As I had the slight advantage of knowing whom I was meeting, I settled for the coldest look I could muster, as she gaped at me in a stunning surprise.

She looked incredible. She wore a navy blue dress with a white cardigan and very soft pumps. Her beautiful tresses were pinned into a chic bun. I would do anything to pull out those pins and let them lose over me. Apart from slight mascara and eyeliner, her face was devoid of any makeup. She was drawing me to her even as we stayed yards apart.

Varied emotions reflected in her eyes, from surprise to the slightest bit of nervousness to disbelief to, anger. I controlled my emotions with all of my efforts and I watched as she tried to control hers. I watched as she willed her hammering heart to calm down, her heaving breasts to soothe down and bring her breathing to normal. She stood there for a long silent moment and we watched each other.

I was pleased inside, I finally had her, before my eyes and for now, I could ask her any question and she would have to answer them. "You may sit down," I said.

She stared at me, and I almost thought she would leave but then she moved towards me, eyeing me warily, trying hard to judge me. She slowly pulled out the chair and sank into it.

"Your name, please?" I asked her. I smiled slightly as I thought about how she had eluded me before.

"Sydney Lilliana Rosbak," she said.

"How long have you been in this field Miss Rosbak?" I asked her.

"I would prefer if you call me by the name Sydney, sir," she said stiffly, her last words were spoken in a venomous tone. But how I loved the ring of it. Still feisty, I thought.

I smiled and said, "How long have you been in this field Miss Sydney," I dragged the end part slightly and watched as she inwardly cursed me for making her name sound so sensual.

"Almost two years," she said.

I frowned and looked down at her file. It had numerous projects on it. "There are quite a several projects in your file - too many for that short period."

She shrugged her shoulders the slightest and said, "I do a lot of freelancing. And I like taking up challenges."

"Interesting," I said, with a slight smile.

"I hope you understand that the job you are applying for is going to be much more difficult than your previous one, are you sure you can do it?" I challenged her.

She was silent for a long period and then she said.

"I am sure I can do it. It is a challenge - quite a huge jump, but I am sure I can take it. If I had had any doubts on myself, I would not have applied here."

"So why did you want to apply at Reiner?" I asked her my personal favourite question.

"Because it is a good opportunity and I need the job," she said.

I slightly tilted my head at that. I wasn't expecting such blatant honesty. People usually went on and on about Reiner's greatness, its reputation, to define why they wanted to work here but she had been very honest about it.

"You would be hired as an intern, and have to go through rigorous training, sometimes the work would not just be challenging. It would also be quick. Will you be able to handle it ?" I asked.

"I can handle it," she said firmly.

"I don't think that's right, Miss Sydney," I said, getting up from my seat. I leaned over the table and said,

"You didn't particularly handle our first meeting very well miss Sydney."

She stood up from her seat. "I think, I will have to decline this opportunity, sir. I do not handle things like that, at all." Her eyes burned with anger, I watched as she collected herself from the chair and turned around to leave. I rushed and reached ahead before she left.

I stopped her, blocking her way and watched as she looked at me with the most hateful expression I had ever received. She made a move to get away and I let her. At the door, I finally stopped her, "What happened in the alley was between two strangers, what happens here is not going to be the same Miss Rosbak. I was just testing you if you are interested in this job. Plus I don't mix my personal and professional lives. But you are an exception."

We stared at each other for a long time till she finally lowered her eyes and nodded. I smiled and said, "So I hope you understand I intent to keep you around for both."

She jerked her head back in my direction. Her eyes locked with mine again and I watched the emotions in her eyes roll as an electric current passed between us. Her lips parted slightly as if she couldn't believe what I had just said.

Her eyes were mixed with disbelief and emotion that almost screamed she was scared of me. I waited for my words to sink in her and struggled with myself to leave her untouched. I was not going to touch her without permission. Not again.

I leaned and whispered to her, careful not to touch her and whispered, "I want you Sydney and I want you enough to keep chasing you until you agree."

Her eyes flashed before me. I watched as she stepped back from me. Even though I had promised myself I wouldn't touch her I took a step at par with her step. She took another one and so did I, till we ended up at my desk. She cleared her throat and said, "I guess, I should leave now."

I smiled and nodded, "I agree, you should but before you leave..." I took a business card and wrote on it, "Here are my contact details, call me when you need any help".

She slowly took the card for me and edged away from the desk. She moved to the door while she kept a hawk's eye on me. At the door, she turned to face me and I watched as she tore it into bits and threw it towards me. They fell. I arched my eyes at her in question.

"I don't need this, neither you nor your help. I think you need it much more than I do," She turned and walked out of my life again. I smiled. I was sure I would meet her again. I was damn sure of that.

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