TRAPPED-by-mo-jo/C5 Chapter 5
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TRAPPED-by-mo-jo/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

The ride to where ever he was taking me was long or maybe the fact that I was scared made it feel like hours. I did not even move, I was still because I did not want to make him angry at me. The car was suddenly pulled to a stop and I hit my head on the car due to the sudden stop. I remained still not knowing what do. I knew he was my mate but since he hasn't said anything yet I did not want to push it. If he didn't want me he would have rejected me by now so, I did not want to get him angry so he won't reject me.

"Get down" he said and I clumsily opened the door and followed him. As we walked inside everybody bowed as a sign of respect . I expected this, he was Don Richard after all, he was feared by all for his power.

"Claire" he said and a young girl I guess my age came running as she bowed her head. "Yes master", "make her look presentable as my mate" he said and left without giving me a glance. I didn't mind though as long as he wasn't going to reject me, I'm fine with whatever treatment I get. Claire took me to a huge room and I looked at it in awe. It was so big and beautiful.

"Please sit" Claire said and I obeyed and sat on a big chair in front of the huge mirror facing the dressing table.

"I'm Claire and you are?" she said smiling at me

"Nala" I said returning her smile

"I'm so happy he found his mate at least he will be nicer"

"What makes you say so?" I asked

"Well you see master always waited for his mate but he didn't find her, this made him cruel but now that you're here you will help tame him" claire said and I gave a a reassuring smile wishing I could actually tame him. Who was I kidding, who can tame Don Richardo?

"Let's be friends" I said and she looked really happy

"I feel so honored of course" she said and I laughed and she joined me. We were laughing when I smelt him close. I could almost feel my heart out of my chest.

"Has he ever hit anyone?" I asked in fear

"You're his mate, he won't lay a finger on you" she said

"You did not answer my question"

"Fine. He does but trust me, he would never hit you. At least not intentionally" she said

"It's time to go" Don said and I stood up quickly and I bowed my head but he just pulled me and he walked quickly to a room. Looking at the room it was his bedroom.

"Listen to me carefully Nala, you are mine" he leaning close to me making his lips really close to neck. It sent shivers to my body.

"OK sir"

"I am Don to you little mate" he said and I nodded quickly not wanting to be too slow. He walked towards the bed and I just stood stilll.

"And little mate don't be scared. I will never hurt you" he said . I wish I could believe him but he looks so scary. I nodded and he smiled at me. I sat quietly on the bed not wanting to make him angry.

"Come closer you belong here" he said tapping his lap. I stood up and sat on his lap. I was really scared of his next move. I wasn't expecting what happened after that, Don kissed me I didn't waste time in returning his kiss this was the only thing I had done without fear I gripped his hair tighter and he suddenly dropped me on the bed and left.

I did not stop the tears that came after. I felt so used. I wasn't expecting him to just accept me. Who was I anyway. I was his object he could use any time he wanted to. I could never be more than a toy to him. what type of life do I have

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