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C14 Imperial Jade Seal

[Because master you upgraded, the system also upgraded] Qin Kin explained.

"Then where should I find the Imperial Jade Seal?" Jian Bai felt that there was no GPS tracking system like in the modern world. Where should he go to find the Imperial Jade Seal in the Great Tang? If the Imperial Jade Seal fell into a corner, how long would it take him to find it?

"Master, activate the quest tracking system. The system will notify you of the distance from the Imperial Ruler's Seal." Qin Kin felt that the warm reminder did not exist for Jian Bai.

"Did the warm reminder say that?" Jian Bai asked back.

Well, it still existed. However, Jian Bai didn't mind. "Yes!" Qin Kin nodded and pulled out a panel. It displayed the function of the tracking system and the way to open it. Without saying anything, Jian Bai opened the system. He felt as if something had appeared on his body.

"Master, that is a clone of the system. It's just a sachet. It won't take up any space. He will give you a hint." After saying that, Qin Kin disappeared.

Jian Bai looked at the sachet that had appeared out of thin air on his waist. It was small, exquisite, and very suitable for men to wear. This way, Jian Bai wouldn't worry about being laughed at.

"Ding! A cold mechanical sound was heard. Jian Bai subconsciously looked at Hua Shang and found that he was still leisurely drinking tea by himself. There was no reaction at all. Jian Bai knew that only he could hear this sound.

"Ding! Checking completed. Host distance. Three thousand meters! " Another cold notification sounded. Jian Bai did not care about the voice anymore. He just wanted to find the Imperial Jade Seal as soon as possible.

"I have a new mission. I'll be leaving first." After saying that, Jian Bai flew out of the window, leaving Hua Shang alone in the wind. Why didn't he go through the back door? Why didn't he close the window when he went through the back door?

Jian Bai was paying attention to the system notification as he ran.

"Ding! Host's distance "Imperial Jade Seal... 1000 meters!"

"Ding! Host's distance! "500 meters away from the Imperial Jade Seal!"

'Ding! ' Host's distance! 'Imperial Jade Seal... 200 meters away!'

'Ding! ' Host's distance! "50 meters away from the Imperial Jade Seal!"

Jian Bai suddenly stopped. His current mood could no longer be described with words. It was as if ten thousand horses were galloping across the sky, waving their sleeves and not taking a single cloud with them.

Looking at the familiar mansion, the familiar door, and the familiar... Prince Lee's bedchamber... Jian Bai wanted to curse. But no one listened...

"System, are you sure the Imperial Jade Seal is here?" Jian Bai wanted to confirm it again with uncertainty.

"Ding! Host's distance "50 meters away from the Imperial Jade Seal!" Jian Bai felt that the level of this system was definitely not high, or else why would it only know how to test! But now he was sure that the Imperial Jade Seal was in this room!

Jian Bai flew up to the roof and gently lifted a tile. There was no one inside. Furthermore, when they had first met, he had said that the secret guards would follow Xiao Yun. This made Jian Bai even more fearless.

It wasn't his first time entering the bedchamber swaggeringly. Jian Bai walked skillfully and listened to the system's notification.

"Ding! Host's distance "20 meters away from the Imperial Jade Seal!"

Jian Bai walked to the bookshelf and heard the system prompt. However, there was no road in front of him anymore. Jian Bai tried to walk to the side, "Ding! Host distance "25 meters!"

"Is it really in the bookshelf? But why is there a distance of 20 meters between such a small bookshelf? Jian Bai observed the bookshelf as he pondered. It had been a while since anyone had read the books during the summer vacation. There was a thin layer of dust.

However, Jian Bai's sharp eyes saw a book that was spotless. Jian Bai immediately thought of one thing: a mechanism.

He walked forward to pick up the book and found that it was nothing special. Maybe it was because Xiao Yun had read this book recently. Jian Bai carefully looked for the mechanism. Suddenly, he saw a hole in the wall behind the bookshelf. Jian Bai moved the bookshelf away and found a cubic indentation.

Jian Bai immediately turned around and picked up the book and placed it in the indentation. He waited for the mechanism to open, but...

Jian Bai was a little curious. Why was there no reaction from the mechanism? The size of this book was exactly the same as the size of the groove. It was just right for him to place it in.

Jian Bai poked the book in the groove and suddenly realized that the book had moved. Jian Bai finally understood. He pressed the book into the groove. As expected, the moment Jian Bai withdrew his hand, the mechanism opened.

The stone door slowly moved to the sides, and what entered his eyes was a dark corridor. Jian Bai walked in without hesitation, and discovered that the corridor wasn't too far away. After making a few turns, he arrived at the center of the secret chamber.

Jian Bai looked at the secret chamber filled with gold and silver treasures and was dumbfounded. These treasures combined could be said to be as rich as an entire country. This Prince Lee was indeed not simple.

"Ding! Host is 5 meters away from the Imperial Jade Seal. ' The system notification sounded again. Jian Bai walked to the shelf and carefully observed each box. Finally, when Jian Bai passed by a shelf, the system notification indicated that the Imperial Jade Seal was right in front of him.

Jian Bai was puzzled. There was nothing on this shelf that looked like the Imperial Jade Seal. Jian Bai's eyes wandered around. Suddenly, he saw an inconspicuous tattered cloth bag in the corner of the shelf.

This raggedy cloth bag was particularly eye-catching in this splendid secret room. Jian Bai picked up the cloth bag. This cloth bag was not stably placed. It was more like someone had left it behind in a hurry.

Jian Bai opened the cloth bag. Inside was the Imperial Jade Seal that Jian Bai was looking for.

"Ding! Host has completed the first three-star mission, the reward is doubled!

Obtained: Experience Points x400

Great Recovery Pill x2 Hibiscus Frost Pill x2 Hibiscus Pill x2 Great Recovery Pill x2 Blood Replenishing Pill x2

"The reward has been announced. Host, continue to work hard."

Jian Bai felt that the system had suddenly become much more advanced. He felt very gratified. Jian Bai, who was still immersed in the system upgrade and reward, did not realize that there was another person behind him.

"Does it look good?" A voice suddenly sounded in the secret room. Jian Bai, who was still in a daze a second ago, was shocked. He turned around and saw Xiao Yun standing behind him, smiling at him.

Jian Bai shivered for some reason. "Don't misunderstand. I want to tell you something." Jian Bai quickly explained. According to his deduction, this jade seal was obviously not brought in by Xiao Yun himself. Then there was only one possibility... Framing!

"Oh? What is it?" Xiao Yun sat at the table and looked at Jian Bai, signaling him to continue.

"Do you know about the Imperial Ruler's Seal?" Jian Bai went straight to the point.

"What? Are you thinking about the Imperial Ruler's Seal? " It's better to give up as soon as possible. " Xiao Yun shook his head and smiled as he said indifferently.

"What about this one?" Jian Bai took out the Imperial Jade Seal and placed it in front of Xiao Yun. He admired Xiao Yun's sudden change in expression with satisfaction.

"How did you do it?" Xiao Yun looked at Jian Bai in disbelief. The Imperial Jade Seal had always been sealed in the secret chamber of the royal family. Except for the heir apparent and the current emperor, no one else had the right to touch it.

Then how did Jian Bai get it? This Imperial Ruler's Seal... is real...

"Are you thinking about how I got it?" Jian Bai sat in front of Xiao Yun, picked up the Imperial Jade Seal and shook it, "This Imperial Jade Seal was found here."

"Impossible!" Xiao Yun suddenly stood up and retorted loudly, "Other than you, only my two trusted aides and myself can enter this secret chamber. I haven't taken the jade seal, and I believe my subordinates didn't take it!" Xiao Yun was a little excited, but it was abnormal for him to not be excited at this moment.

After all, it was the Imperial Jade Seal. Obtaining the Imperial Jade Seal was equivalent to half of the country being his.

"Ah... Then you have to investigate carefully..." Jian Bai smiled. It felt like he was reminding and also like a warning.

"I will. This jade seal..." Xiao Yun was at a loss. He felt very restrained. This Imperial Jade Seal could not be put in his hands. The consequences would be unimaginable.

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