Treason and Temptation/C2 Dead But Still Breathing
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Treason and Temptation/C2 Dead But Still Breathing
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C2 Dead But Still Breathing


I paused, looking out the dreary window to the grey skies.

It was about to pour soon, and much like my heart it was heavy and in need of relief.

Never had I felt more scorned in my life.

Kelia, that traitor, was soon to marry Prince Gevin.

Of all the people she could have wounded me for, she chose my arch rival.

My finger recoils, and I force myself not to ruin the invite in my had.

I can hear the whispers through the wall.

Since word spread yesterday the palace has been ablaze with eager ears at the news.

That should've been me.

I did her well, loved her right, yet that wasn't enough.

Not even the whole Kingdom of Phylin could satisfy her.

Still I knew if I had the chance, I would relish the scent of lavender from her hair as I held her one last time.

And that thought enraged me the most of all.

Wide mahogany doors to my room opened, and a palace maid bowed low.

Her face was pale, and something about her form trembled like a leaf.

"Your Highness the King wishes to speak to you. He says it is an urgent matter and you should come to his chambers right away." she said all too fluidly, and the words collided with each other as I tried to make sense of them.

"Thank you, you may go now." I say turning from the now pouring skies.

Carrying the pain along with me, I rose to my father's bedside.

Deep down I know he's dying, and I'll be left to attend the cursed wedding alone.

In more ways than not I felt just like him; torn, disposed and a shell of a former glory.

Yet he would soon leave behind memories of my adulterous mother, while I would have each day of my sage health to remember Kelia.

A dark door stands before me, and I barge in before he draws his final breath.

"My son...come here child." he says, voice jagged and worn out.

What is left of my strength seeps out as I drag my feet near his silken drapes.

"You are leaving me too, aren't you Father?" I say, a faltering smile on my lips.

My chest tightened as I took in his deathly pallor -he wouldn't make it past the hour.

I'd miss him, I loved my father more than life itself. And to me life had been the woman I treasured.

He slowly cracked a grin of his own, but then burst into a wheezing fit.

I dashed for the cup by his bedside and gave him a drink of warm water.

Some of it drizzled down his chin, and he struggled yet managed to wipe his mouth with a feeble hand before talking.

"Son I know present circumstances have caused you grief, but it is clear you must take the throne now. Marry Ephene, and do all to see Phylin reign as Kingdom supreme. Our forces may merge with Niarciss but know there can be only one supreme ruler on this earth and that man is you. Dominate the world son, it is the one thing that will allow you to control what is out of the hands of many," then his face went devoid of the determination that coated it.

My trembling hands barely managed to close his eyes before a cry tore from my lips.

How I wish it were a mere dagger that pierced me in the chest.

But I bled from hidden places I didn't know where to block.

So I kneel there and sob, weeping like every bit of the broken man I was.

Then I rose from my knees and promised my father I would make him proud.

My name will go down in history as the monarch to be reckoned with.

Even if it's the last thing I do.

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