Treason and Temptation/C7 Nights With the King
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Treason and Temptation/C7 Nights With the King
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C7 Nights With the King


I take a moment to run my hands through my hair. Now free of pins, and silken from another round of silken oils.

The attendants all around me had been giggling as they helped me undress, and I did not miss the look they gave each other when I slipped into a nightgown.

Pearl blue with cream trimmings, it had been a frilly gift from Lady Caterine, Hugo's aunt.

The woman always has something to say.

Birds, fashion, balls.

But each time I bore it with smiles, for she never spoke out of malice, rather it was her desire to include everyone that made her so overbearing at times.

"I suppose you will find it pleasing for a special occasion." she had said as she gave me the purple box containing the gown.

What special occasion would nightwear warrant?

Sighing, I slip under the new linen.

I have grown accustomed to my guest room, and now surveying my marital chambers it felt like I was in another land once again.

My lids closed in the well lit room, not that I was truly tired but in need of solitary recharge -and distraction.

Many childhood fantasies had consisted of a certain Prince in white hair to live happily ever after.

And I had heard whispers of many wonderful things that happened on the night that followed.

Whatever that was, as blissful ignorance that hung over 6 year olds, I looked to it with great joy.

Now laying above white sheets at 22 my stomach churned in drunken movements.

I am expected to be a wife tonight.

To a beautiful stranger -albeit stranger nonetheless.

I roll to the side facing the massive window that characterized Phylin's palace; as though it were some royal aid, to survey the world with a hawk's eye.

Backing the door Hugo will not know whether I am asleep or not, and I can perhaps stall my fate a bit longer.

Yet the morning breeze betrays me this evening, and I tiptoe to put an end to the night chills.

At the very moment I draw back the curtains, Hugo walks in and I can already picture the provocative display.

Hands spread apart as I held onto each end, while my back arched inwards in my thin night gown.


Heat floods my ears and I pull the curtains closed before turning to face the situation.

A robe covers what I'm sure is sparse to little covering, and I look above his head -for I had no courage to see either his eyes or other parts.

The job of seduction is harder than it looks.

"I was on the drawing curtains I assure you."

He moves closer, and I am forced to observe his dampened ringlets, and imposing physique.

Broad shoulders, muscled arms, and a whole head-length of height quickly made a midget out of my usually tall frame.

"No one said otherwise."

I breathe in, hoping I will make any sense of fore-boding undetectable.

"Forgive me, I am merely-"

"Nervous? Yes, I am not far from that state as well."

I lift my head to see him already staring down at me.

"We hardly know each other and I do not expect anything of you -contrary to other's opinion of what tonight should be."

"So you do not want to proceed either." I ask watching closely as conflicting emotions arose within him, and his eyes gave me a front row seat to this thought process.

"The honest truth?" he murmurs, since I am close enough to hear every beat of his heart.

I nod.

"I do not know. But I am sure I will not force you against your will."

Putting aside all emotions his words tug from dark places, I creep my hand slowly up his chest.

"I am not against it, only nervous. But say you do not want me and I will sleep without another word." I say, letting the words run like honey from my lips.

Maybe the strongest of men, do find their one weakness in warm bosoms.

Or it was ritual as old as humanity, but in that moment his disposition overturned in favor of a more powerful emotion.

Desire morphs his eye from coal to the look of fire burning against brown earth, and I line my shields for what is to come. "It shall be hard to find with working eyes, able to reject you. And I am not so prideful to deny your graces."

I smile, daring my hands to travel higher so his robe falls to his wrists.

Rather than a nightshirt a bare chest greets me, and I find an odd sense of pleasure in the solid muscles of his torso.

I will not love him now, or ever.

Waiting for what won't come will be futile.

But sooner we start, the faster I can wrap him around my little fingers -preferably against my signet ring.

Yet he holds the garment in one hand and fishes through a hidden pocket.

"I wanted to give this to you first." he says holding out a silver necklace.

A royal blue pouch lay within the coin shaped ornament, and I admire the delicate carvings that interlace across the circle.

Is that?

I bring my nose to the pendant and the overwhelming scent of lavender fills my nose.

"An aromatherapy necklace. My father claimed it was as healing as it is beautiful. It once belonged to my grandmother, and I cannot imagine a woman more fit to wear it than you."

I clutch the strange ornament, touched by the sentimental gesture.

"If only I knew we would be exchanging more wedding gifts. I would have come prepared." I tease.

Laughter escapes from him, and he finally discards his robe by the floor.

I watch as he shifts to my back, and reaches his hand forward. "Allow me."

Hugo's hands unclasps the hook, and the metal slides against my neck as he wears the necklace for me.

"Thank you, for both. It's truly lovely."

Like someone accustomed to giving lavish guests I expect him to say, 'think nothing of it.'

'It is my pleasure', or even a common 'you are welcome.'

Instead his hands slide from my neck to the blade above my collarbones, and my body responds in an anything but neutral way.

A chill races down my shoulders, and through my spine, while excitement of the unknown bubbles within my belly.

"Thank me no more." he whispers, fanning warm air tinged with sweet berries and cream against my cheek.

First a kiss against my jawline, then one on my neck, and another on my shoulder.

I waited, enjoying each touch more than the last.

Then his arms snake around my waist and he pulls me flush to himself.

In that moment I knew things were about to escalate.

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